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Society, Relationships, Communication – Summary

Society, Relationships, Communication – Summary

Individual and Group Interactions

Purpose of Unifying — Purpose of Community — Purpose of Life. We are unifying and physically living the values of harmony that we say we believe in is so we will physically experience that reality.

  • The Purpose of Unifying and Taking Action
  • The Purpose of Community • The Purpose of Life
  • By Unifying With Others You Can Change the World
  • Working Together to Provide Basic Needs

Happy GroupDoing What Works Best For Yourself and For the Group. Acting holistically and harmoniously takes into account what is most exciting for the individual and also what works best for all concerned. This creates joyous and productive individuals and a strong cohesive society.

  • The Benefit of the One and the All
  • Validation of Every Individual
  • The Groups Excitement is My Excitement

Being Fully Expressed and Sharing Your Gifts and Talents. Each individual knows he is an essential and unique piece in the group puzzle picture and by being his (or her) true self he supports the whole.

  • Qualities of Individuals Living Harmoniously
  • Being Fully Expressed and Sharing Your Gift
  • What Happens When You Don’t Share Your Gift
  • Finding Your Innate Gift by Letting Go of the Comforts That Cover It
  • Personal Practice


Unconditional LoveUnconditional Love. Everything you do is an act of love. Ascension is merely remembering how to be in love with All That Is, remembering how to be in love with yourself. To be unconditionally loving is to love without putting any conditions or limitations on others.

  • What is Love?
  • The True Meaning of Unconditional Love
  • Sacrificing in Exchange For Love Is Learned At An Early Age
  • Experience More Love By Becoming An Expert at Working With Energetic Frequency
  • Do What You Love To Do

“Unconditionally loving healthy relationships are achieved by living your highest joy and being excited for all others to live their highest joy.”

RelationshipsRelationships. Allow the natural law of attraction and repulsion to do its job without encumbering it with limiting definitions and enjoy the flow of relationships naturally coming and going to and from you. Marriage, Parents and Children. On a Harmonious Earth everyone treats everyone as family with unconditional love. Everyone is father, mother, son, daughter, husband and wife, and is treated with support, love and respect.

  • The Purpose of Relationships
  • Difference Between 3D and 4D Relationships
  • Monogamy and Other Forms Of Relationships
  • Purpose of Being “In A Relationship As A Couple”
  • What You Are Seeking In Relationships is Actually the Reconnection With Your Higher Self
  • No Need To Place Conditions On Others
  • All Relationships Are With Yourself
  • You Are Not Responsible “For” Others — You Are Responsible “To” Others
  • Family—Marriage, Parents and Children

SexualitySexuality. Sex and sensuality are healthy natural parts of life, a way of connecting to more of who you are through an energetic exchange with another person, thereby completing a circuit. Sex is beautiful, expansive and ecstatic when entered into for the purpose of upliftment and joy, with honesty and full transparency between those who are involved and those who will be affected.

  • Purpose of Sex
  • Transform Limiting Definitions Attached To Sex
  • More Holistic Sex As We Expand

Physical Appearance and Beauty. As you awaken you become more integrated and limiting definitions about physical appearance and beauty are transformed as you experience yourself as the holistic being that you are.

  • Expanding Your Definitions of What is Beautiful
  • Personal Chemistry
  • Acceptance of Extraterrestrials’ Appearance

Hybrid Children CommunityOur Extraterrestrial Connection. A Harmonious Earth is part of a greater system, it is part of a family of civilizations. You are not only connected to everyone on Earth, but you are connected to beings beyond Earth. They are our galactic family and speaking of family… hybrid children have been created by combining the genetic material of the Greys and Humans. They will be joining us soon and for us to be able to receive them we will need to raise our energetic frequency and have a place for them to live. This  is one of the main reasons we created Harmonious Earth. Read more about them on the Hybrid Children Community website.


images-1Healthy Living – Eating and Exercise. We are becoming more conscious, which requires us to operate at higher frequencies. To keep our antennas-bodies-minds tuned up and clean we need to increasingly eat lighter healthier organic fresh plant-based foods, continually detoxify our systems, and stay physically active. What we eat, drink, think, and do create the energetic vibration that we are.

  • We Are Becoming Lighter and Less Dense
  • Listen To Your Body
  • Eat Healthy Fresh Food and Exercise

Communication. Communication creates a reflection that shows you what needs to be understood to be more of who you are.

  • The Purpose of Communication
  • Keys For Effective and Uplifting Communication
  • The Art of Conscious Conversation
  • Possible Techniques, Topics, and Questions to Use in Conversation
  • Dealing With Communication Issues
  • Other Communication Resources

In Hand with NatureSustainability, Nature, and The Environment. Sustainability is being in harmony with the system you are a part of and doing what is beneficial for the whole system as well as each individual part of that system. Sustainable Organic Clothing is healthy for the body, good for the planet and part of a Harmonious Earth.

  • Sustainability and the Environment
  • Efficiency and Recycling
  • Leave No Trail — Pollution
  • Can the Earth Sustainably Support 7 Billion People Living Like You?
  • The Future and Personal Action You Can Take

Energy, Technology, Media. Energy – Use free sustainable energy as much as possible. Limit consumption of fossil fuels. Get off the grid. Use clean electric vehicles. Technology – Utilize and develop the most advanced technologies, such as free unlimited energy, and remember that technology is a reflection of the evolution of our consciousness.  Media and Entertainment – is used for upliftment, expansion, education and communication.

Education – Life is our school where education happens naturally. The structure of the society “is” the education system for everyone in the society.

  • A Properly Structured Society Naturally Provides Education
  • Experts Share Their Skill with Hands On Training
  • Trust in Synchronicity to Teach Us What We Need
  • Children Know the Way

Those living harmoniously are very busy, very inquisitive, and engaged with their lives, interacting with other members of our society in joyous and playful new ways.

By: Kirk Nielsen

Purpose of Unifying — Purpose of Community — Purpose of Life

Purpose of Unifying — Purpose of Community — Purpose of Life

Unifying Aligns Us with the Structure of Existence

The purpose of unifying is to bring the energy/belief that you are individual and segregated back into to balance with the idea that you are also one and joined together with everything else. It may appear to be paradoxical, but when you are at paradox you are at the core and essence of your being.

The actual structure of existence is that the One is the All and the All are the One. This is the second law of Creation. Acknowledging this and behaving as if you believe it, is essential if you are to experience a Harmonious Earth. You are already joined and unified out of the shear fact that you and everyone else are aspects of All That Is and come from the same One thing, but if you don’t believe it, and don’t behave as if you believe it, you won’t experience it.

Spiral of people and animals represent All Is OneBelieving you are separate creates the experience that you are separate and not joined as one, but that experience is an illusion. You really are made of the same one thing as everything else, but you have to believe it before you will be able to experience it. Believing is seeing. There is only one thing and that one thing is experiencing itself as infinite perspectives and you and everything else is one of those perspectives. You are the One and at the same time an aspect of the One and it is your perspective that determines the aspect you experience yourself to be.

As a collective we are now swinging the pendulum from being heavily focused on the benefit of the self back to the center where the focus is equally on the benefit of the collective and the whole as well as the self, so that both are equally considered in all endeavors. You and everyone else is waking up to the fact that you are not only your individual self, but every other living thing.

The key to moving towards harmony and away from conflict is dropping the judgements and projections of something being wrong. In order to live a harmonious life you cannot have a definition that there is anything wrong with anything. You know there are differences and they are all equal. You may prefer one experience over another, but you do so knowing that any other choice by anyone else is just as valid. There is no you with something outside of you. Everything is just experience.

To be able to do this you have to let go of the belief or need to fit in or be like other people, because everyone is very different. This is a new paradigm where non-conformity is celebrated.

Ants working as a teamThe Purpose of Unifying and Working Together as a Team

Unification is agreeing and acting in accordance with a set of values and a common goals. You might call a unified group a team or a family.

What we are agreeing to is a whole system, not just a few aspects of a system. It is a complete paradigm based on the laws of existence and not on individual preferences. The system is open ended and has change built into it.

You do not lose your individuality when you unify with others. Harmony and unity are not the products of homogenization… Unity is the product of the validation and appreciation of every single difference; it is seeing all differences as equal.

If we don’t come together as a team, we may be able to experience harmony individually, but by definition if we remain individually oriented we will not experience harmony collectively as a unified Earth. We are part of a human civilization and we need to transform our whole reality including the collective part of ourselves if we are to experience a harmonious Earth. Remember, you don’t change the world you are on, it will never change, you just change your vibration and shift to a world that is more in alignment with who you really are.

It only takes a few positive oriented individuals to outway a large number of negative oriented individuals, because positive energy is integrative, geometrically expansive, and accelerative; whereas negative energy is segregative, disconnected, and discordant. With just a few individuals unifying, and agreeing to the Harmonious Earth values, and taking action on them, the world will entirely change and become harmonious. We invite you to join us.

Positive Limitation represented as a Blue Spiral Limitations Are Positive When Used For a Positive Purpose

There is nothing inherently negative about limitation. It is only when you define limitation as negative that you will experience it as negative. If we didn’t have limitations, boundaries and structures our consciousness would not have any experience at all. The only way the One could experience itself was to separate itself into All That Is. From that perspective it could then experience itself in infinite different ways. In that sense limitations are essential and positive.

The reason we, as group at Harmonious Earth, have laid out what we call values, but you could also say are limitations, is so we could have a certain experience that is positive and expansive. We are letting go of what does not work for us and letting in what does work for us through the positive use of limitations/beliefs.

We’ve brought together a collection of values that provide for the most optimal positive experience possible. It’s not for everyone and many will choose other beliefs that will create other experiences, but these values work for us now and we will change them and improve them as we go. Once you understand how physical reality works and that beliefs/limitations create your reality you can use them very creatively and positively.

When you take limitation into certain negative directions, like manipulation and control, you can create very negative experiences such as we have been experiencing for thousands of years on our planet. As a collective we have finally come to this realization and are now in the process relaxing the severe limitations we have imposed on ourselves. We are not letting go of limitation entirely, we are just adjusting the limitations/beliefs and bringing them into balance and alignment with what we prefer and still utilizing them for their positive benefit.

As a human civilization we are in the process of transforming individualized and compartmentalized energy into harmonized and integrated energy. Our civilization is made up of about 400,000 oversouls, expressed as about 7,000,000,000 individualized incarnations. The number of incarnations right now is high because we wanted to experience the transformation in every way possible. As we integrate and move through the transformation the number of incarnations will decline.

Earthship style community

Earthship style community

Athgoa – Earthship Style Community

The Need for Building Physical Communities

If you don’t take physical action and physically unify, and you continue to live your segregated life in your separate house and separate relationships, harmony will just be an intellectual understanding, and you will not experience the unity that you actually are. In this physical paradigm you are mind, body, and spirit and you must physicalize what you believe and know in order to complete the circuit and have the full experience that you came here for.

“If you want to see change in the world, you must be that change.”

To shift to a different reality you must change your belief and then behave as if you really believe it. If your actions do not match your thoughts and words, then you have not really changed. The reason we are physically unifying and physically living the values of harmony that we say we believe in is so we will physically experience that reality.

There is nothing stopping you from experiencing a harmonious Earth but your own self-imposed limitations. If you move from your compartmentalized life and separate houses that isolate you, to integrated lives and communities that bring you together with others, you will transform the reality you only dream of into a reality you actually experience.

A Harmonious Earth is unified, shares common values, shares resources, works together, lives in communities and networks that include all people, is set up for its inhabitants to live their highest joy, play together, have fun, love each other unconditionally and much more.

The Purpose of CommunityThe Purpose of Community

The purpose of unifying and joining together in community is to reflect to each other what needs to be understood to be more of ourselves as a collective.

As a society we are moving away from being mostly focused on individualism to having a balanced relationship between our individual selves and our group selves. The new perspective contains the realization that you are the reality that you previously thought you existed in. It is understood that both your individual self and your collective self make up who you are. The two parts are no longer seen as separated and it is realized that you are consciousness and everything in your reality is taking place inside of your consciousness. In this new paradigm what benefits your community is as important as what benefits you, because your community is in you and just an expanded perspective of you.

We have reached the limits of our expansion acting as separate individuals. We have played out all the scenarios in many lives and come to the point where we will grow more by unifying as a community than maintaining segregated lives. We realize that working together with each other is not only essential to our survival as humans, but the survival of the entire planet.

The Purpose of Life

Your purpose and mission is to be you as fully as you can, and the way to be the most you that you can be is to act on your highest excitement each moment to the best of your ability without any insistence of the outcome. You are unique. This is the only time you will ever be this you, so take advantage of this moment and be the most you that you can be. Trust that “life works” naturally on its own and have fun living it. A Harmonious Earth is you being your truest self. It is living your highest joy, excitement and love. This is of utmost importance because the energy of excitement is your physical body’s representation of your true natural self. Following your excitement is the path to being more of who you naturally are, a path to the new world of the love you desire, and a path of ascension.

One person makes all the differenceBy Unifying With Others You Can Change the World

We have chosen the name Harmonious “Earth” because we desire to experience the entire Earth as Harmonious. We are not calling it harmonious me, harmonious city, or harmonious special interest group. It is about the entire Earth living in harmony.

The belief that you are just one person on a planet of billions of people and that what you do does not make a difference to the overall collective of mankind or the environment is what is creating the experience of a world that is falling apart and being destroyed. This is one of the first beliefs that must be changed to make real progress towards a healthy planet and a harmonious Society.

The way you change the world is by changing yourself. You will never change the world you are on, you change yourself and then shift to a world that is more representative of the world you prefer. The world is not outside of you, it is in you. You are the experience you are having itself.

You make a difference. You are the only one who can make a difference, because you are your own universe. Everything that you are experiencing in your reality is made of your own energy and the same is true for everyone else.

You have all the impact you will ever have. You cannot have more impact, because you are holographic in nature and All That Is is contained in you and expressed through you. The change that seems to occur is becoming more aware of the impact you already have.

You are more than just a person in your reality, you are the entire reality itself. Everything you experience is you. What you are is the experience you are having itself. When you finally realize this you will take full responsibility for everything in your universe and all that you experience. From these statements you can see that believing that you are “a person in a world” is what is causing the disempowerment and feeling that you can’t make a difference. To become empowered and feel truly motivated to change the world you will have to shift your perspective to believing you are not only a person in the world, but that “you are the world and everything you experience in that world.”

Responsibility is the ability to respond. If you put the responsibility onto other people then you have given away your power and can’t respond. If you desire a Harmonious Earth then you must take responsibility for all the parts of it and create the world you prefer. The world experience and society you are experiencing is not outside you, it is in you. It is your Earth and you populate it with the type of people that you believe are in it. The people, the environment, and the Earth around you, are all a reflection of your strongest beliefs. You give everything its meaning.

Define everything in your reality as positive regardless of what you’ve been taught or programmed it is. Stop judging and projecting that things are good and bad and see everything as wonderful and beautiful and beneficial even though in the past you were taught that much of it was wrong and horrible. Nothing has any meaning until you give it meaning, so give everything a positive meaning and you will experience a positive Earth and by doing that you will shift yourself to a parallel reality Earth that reflects that positivity perspective more fully. Everything in physical reality is a mirror. You have the power to define it as positive or negative. You have to smile first for the reflection in the mirror to smile back.

If you are reading this then the game you are playing is the same as many others who are unifying. The game is to put the puzzle pieces back together that you have broken apart and you do that by literally coming together in community with all your different parts – and of course all the others you are joining with are doing the same.

Underground hobbit home Eco Village in switzerlandWorking Together to Provide Basic Needs

To prosper and live abundantly we need a place to sleep, food to eat, fellow beings that love us, and the opportunity to share our passion and joy. It’s simple. It’s been done for thousands of years in the indigenous cultures. Fear of not being able to pay the rent, buy food, or provide the basics of life leads to working at jobs that makes us feel like slaves. There is no reason anyone has to live in any kind of pain or suffering. We can work together to provide for the needs of everyone in a joyous way. We have the resources and can do it if we simply shift from a segregative perspective to an integrative perspective.

Providing for our needs can be done very efficiently with minimum effort by working together as an integrated group and utilizing the best ideas and technologies such as high efficiency sustainable modular living quarters, aeroponic gardening, and free energy. There is no lack in an abundant perspective. Nothing is left out of the complete package of excitement.

Highest Quality ProductsLiving your joy and following your excitement by definition include everything it takes to provide for your basic needs such as shelter, food, water and power. These things are part of the excitement package. If we do not have them we are not living our joy and it would become our top excitement to produce them.

When we say we are excited to provide for the basic needs of humanity, we are not saying that anyone is limited to just having their basic needs met. On the contrary, everyone is encouraged to be fully expressed in all the ways they can possibly be. Working together as a group to make sure basic needs are met provides society with a foundation that allows the focus to be on everyone living their highest joy rather that a place to sleep and food to eat. Everyone is born with this right and we can do by simply shifting our perspective.

By: Kirk Nielsen

Doing What Works Best For Yourself and For the Group

Doing What Works Best For Yourself and For the Group

The Benefit of the One and the All

Acting holistically and harmoniously takes into account what is most exciting for the individual and also what works best for all concerned, because we know the One is the All and the All are the One and that the consequences of our choices serve both the whole and ourselves. Though minds may be different, though body forms may be different, it is through the heart that we recognize our spirits are one. The One is the All and the All are the One.

Being the most you that you can be is your life purpose and the way you be the most you is to follow your excitement. Following your excitement is the way you offer the most to the group, but you do it with a holistic approach that takes into account what is exciting not only for you, but for what is exciting for all involved.

We are all essential and unique pieces in a puzzle picture and by being our true selves we support the whole. Each individual is as creative and fully expressed as he can be without having to hurt or take away from anyone else in the process. This creates joyous and productive individuals and a strong cohesive society. Everyone unconditionally loves each other and his or herself.


Validation of Every Individual

Harmony and unity are not the products of homogenization… Unity is the product of the validation of every single difference; it is seeing all differences as equal. Everything in our society will be automatically syncroness when we allow the creation of unity to come from validating every individual being themselves.

“The agreement to the common value that each individual perspective is valid will create the unity we seek.”

Each individual experiences what he defines himself to be. Agreements between individuals to certain definitions or common values create a collective world experience. Our definitions create a collective experience as well as an individual experience. The idea is to be aware of this and act like we know that we are not “in” a reality, but that we “are” our reality, so we take responsibility for the whole thing individually and collectively and every other being does the same. The people who end up in our reality are the ones who naturally belong there based on our frequency, which is derived from our strongest beliefs or common values.

We realize that each person is a unique individual part of the whole and at the same time each person is the whole. Again, the One is the All and All are the One. There is no “outside.” Each of us is All That Is experiencing itself as a unique aspect. Everyone experiences himself or herself as the whole, just as in a holograph where each of the parts contains the whole.

Follow Your ExcitementThe Groups Excitement is My Excitement 

When you  live in harmonious community you take part not only in following your own personal excitement, but also providing for the needs of the community, because you realize you are the community and the welfare of the community is as exciting as your own personal interests.

You begin to see, think, and behave as “the whole” and not just as an individual. You see everyones interests as yours even when they may not be your preference at the moment. On some level what those around you are expressing is a part of you, because you can only experience your own energy. Everything in existence belongs where it is or it would not exist. It is all a part of All that Is and All that Is is You, so you love it, accept it, knowing it belongs and is essential. If it is not your preference in the “now” your are experiencing you can choose to neutrally observe it without having to becoming the frequency of it.

If things are not happening the way you prefer, it may be because you are taking to much of an individual perspective and shifting to more of a group perspective will get things back on track. The realization that what you prefer to happen may not be a broad enough perspective to benefit of the whole and that you may need to widen that perspective may resolve the issue. The situation is telling you that an adjustment needs to be made. You know and trust that what is happening is exactly what needs to happen for your good and the good of all involved and so you are open to learn what the situation is teaching you and you happily make any needed adjustments. The whole experience is completely positive because you have adopted the definition that you give everything in life a positive meaning and your higher self always has not only your own personal best interest at heart but the whole group as well.

Living harmoniously is not new to us. As indigenous people and native tribes we have been doing it for millennia. It’s time to combine what we have learned from living as individuals with what we know of living together as a group and experience the joy of balancing the two.

By: Kirk Nielsen

Being Fully Expressed and Sharing Your Gifts and Talents

Being Fully Expressed and Sharing Your Gifts and Talents

Being Fully Expressed and Sharing Your Gift 

You are a unique puzzle piece and essential to the whole puzzle picture. There is no one like you and without you All That Is would not be All That Is. You exist and if you were not an essential part of Creation you would not exist.

It is very important that you be fully expressed, so those around you can know who you are, where you fit, how to interact with you, and so that they can be all they can be in relation to you. You being an example of your fully expressed self is the best way to assist everyone else in being the most they can be.

Women with arms open realizing Your Purpose is Achieved By Following Your ExcitementDo not try to be like anyone else and do not compare yourself to anyone else, because you are just too different. Attempting to be like others will cause both you and them pain. What works for others may work for you or not and neither you nor they know what that is. Just be who you are excited to be for its own sake, forget about what anyone else thinks, and allow others to do the same.

Being your most fully expressed self and sharing your innate gifts and talents is a core value of each member of a Harmonious Earth and essential for the group to successfully be all it can be. The group is the sum of its individuals and the more each individual adds, the more the group is. To be united is not about making everyone the same, it is about encouraging everyone’s differences to be expressed, so that the group is enhanced as a whole and it comes with the understanding that personal self expression does not infringe on anothers self expression. Each expression lifts the other up rather than putting them down.

Adults playing in snow with snowmanLet the Child in You Come Out

When we incarnate to Earth we set up a theme to play out in life. Part of the set up was to receive negative limiting programing that we work through as our lives progress. The programming is like layers of an onion that we peel off as we expand and become more aware. When we get to the center we arrive where we began, but wiser and with true understanding from the experience. We never lose who we were before incarnating, we expand the knowledge of who we are by experiencing ourselves in the circumstances we set up for ourselves. We show ourselves how strong, wise and courageous we really are. We are amazing beyond our wildest dreams.

When we arrive at the core of who we are, our childlike inquisitive and enthusiastic nature is released once again. We believe that everything is possible and fun. We dance and sing and play and love life.

Unleashing this childlike nature does not mean we forget what we learned along the way. We balance adult responsibility and childlike freedom. We know it is part of being conscious and mature to take care of ourselves and everyone and everything in our environment. We are responsible for our actions and do our best not to harm anyone or anything else. We do not leave a trail, physically or energetically, for others to clean up. We create and build up rather the destroy and tear down and we do it in a way that is sustainable and for the good of all involved including the animals, plants and the Earth itself.

We live without expectation knowing that “life works” perfectly on its own without us needing to figure everything out. We go through the doors into the circumstances that open to us and leave when the doors close. We are caught up in having so Woman with friends having funmuch fun in the moment, we don’t even think about the future. We understand that worrying is fruitless. Our job, as the physical self, is to perceive what is happening and let our higher self do the conceiving of “how” it is going to happen. We don’t know how anything is going to happen. We trust that everything that is happening is meant to happen and that it is working out perfectly. We have let go and we are free. Free to be the child and the adult that we truly are.

What Happens When You Don’t Share Your Gift

By being a part of a Harmonious Earth you are supported and free to share your gift and speak without fear of retribution or being ostracized for your honesty. Individual differences and non-conformity are celebrated.

“The way to really fit in is to find your gift and fully express it.”

If you don’t express yourself and give your gift, you will not be of the same frequency as those who do and it will likely become uncomfortable to the point where you choose to attract yourself to others with whom your frequency is more aligned. Remember, the very foundation of community is the agreement to its common values which are a certain frequency. If it is not your preference to live the values then synchronicities will occur that attract you to those that are more aligned with your vibration.

Qualities of Individuals Living Harmoniously

Harmonious Earth is an Earth of joy, excitement, unconditional love, full expression, living together in holistic unity and each individual sharing his or her unique gifts.  You are just as excited for others to follow their excitement as you are about following yours. Taking part means you are excited to detach from limiting definitions that do not serve you, to love unconditionally, and to live life as guided by your higher self. You are excited to let go of not being enough, filling the lack inside you with things outside of you, living in fear, and being under the illusion of polarity.

You are excited to shift from this 3rd density reality to 4th density reality which is a very different paradigm. The qualities necessary to make the shift are: Strong Desire and willingness, Dedication to let go of and Detach from Definitions and beliefs that are not in alignment with a 4th density reality and integrate new beliefs that are in alignment with it. We call these the four D’s…

The Four D’s

Desire (Willingness, Openness, Passion) to be the most you that you can be.
Definitions (Beliefs that do not serve you) of limitation replaced with empowering integrated definitions.
Dedication (Determination, Conviction) to be the most you that you can be.
Detachment (Let go, Shift, Transform) from limiting definitions.

An easy way to remember the four D’s is to memorize this mantra, “I’m desirous and dedicated to detach from definitions that do not serve me.”

Finding Your Innate Gift by Letting Go of the Comforts That Cover It 

The Harmonious Earth idea of individuals sharing their gifts and talents is similar to the way it is done in many indigenous and native cultures, where each individual is celebrated for his or her innate talents and he or she is excited to share them for the benefit of the whole group.

Going to the Hill - Vision QuestTo access and share your innate gifts, your chakras must be open and you need to know who you truly are. When an individual is not connected to Source and his chakras are blocked, he may not know what his place is in the group, or what his contribution, gift, or talent is. There are ways to uncover an individual’s core gifts. One way is removing the comforts that numb the senses and exposing oneself to nature. It has proven to be a very effective tool in waking a person up to his connection to Source. Indigenous tribes would do this as initiations when a young man or woman came of age to take his or her place as an adult member of the tribe.

In the Native American cultures an individual would “go to the hill” with no food or water and just a blanket to protect himself and stay for four days encircled in his (or her) prayers and the prayers of his tribe to receive his medicine. If the individual is humble and sincere about offering his gifts for the benefit of the community and carries this attitude over into his daily life, if he takes action in this way, and expresses gratitude and love in the sacred way that is his own, then he will eventually receive the great reward in some form of medicine power (innate gift).

In the new economy that we are moving to, the value of a person are their talents and gifts rather than the assets they own, positions of power they have, or what they control.

Personal Practice

Silhouette of hiking man jumping over the mountainsA regular personal practice is essential to transform fear-based beliefs into positive ones. We have to be very diligent if we are to shift our embedded beliefs.

The past is created from the present. A strong resistance to change comes from believing in linear time. We experience ourselves as having a past that makes things appear unchangeable because we think the past is who we are. We must learn that we are not our past and are a new reality every moment.

It is not enough to have information in your brain about a way you’d like to be. You have to live it to be it. When you learn something new or expand your consciousness and experience yourself as a different frequency, you then know that frequency, but if you continue to go about your life in the same manner as you had been without integrating and becoming the new frequency, then you haven’t adopted it and it has become irrelevant to you. Only if you take a new idea, apply it in your life, and make it who you define yourself to be does it have value to you. It’s not about getting information into your physical mind; it’s about becoming and living the vibration of the information. Information in and of itself has no value if not applied.

A regular personal practice is greatly aided by living in community with other people who are of a similar vibration, because their example constantly reminds you of the vibration that your preferred reality is.

By: Kirk Nielsen

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

What is Love?

Love is what you are. Love exists. Love is not outside of you. Love is a state of being. Love is complete self-worth and creativity. Love is unconditional.

You can’t get love from another person. Another person can reflect love to you, but in that case it is still your own love that you are experiencing. After all, nothing is outside of you and you can only experience yourself. Everything you do is an act of love. Expansion and ascension are merely remembering how to be in love with All That Is, remembering how to be in love with you. Choose love. Choose to be “in” love with yourself, your other selves, the entire world, the multiverse, and everything that is.

The Meaning of Unconditional Love

To be unconditionally loving is to love without putting Any conditions or limitations on others. When people use the phrase “unconditional love” they sometimes assume that it means that a person is willing to do “anything” for another. Doing something for another that is not your excitement is not what unconditional love means.

Unconditional love is about doing what would be most loving for all involved, which includes you. It may seem loving to do what others prefer at the exclusion of what you prefer, but it really is not, because you are leaving your own self love out of the equation. If the scenario includes a larger group then it is about what would be most loving for the entire group. True love is holistic, inclusive, and not compartmentalized. It does not leave out one individual’s excitement in favor of another. True unconditional love takes into account the good of all involved as well as the good of the individual.

Unconditional love is the harmonization of what is most loving for yourself, all other individuals, and all factors affected. Unconditional love is allowing others to be what they choose to be while you are what you choose to be. Unconditional love is being the most fully express version of yourself that you can be and being excited for others to be and do what is the most exciting for them. It’s about the free will and consideration of all involved. It is not giving up your own excitement to please another. Sacrifice and abnegation is not love.

The most loving thing you can do for someone is to be your true self.  Truly behaving like you love yourself and are fully empowered gives others the permission to love themselves and be self empowered.

Sacrificing in Exchange For Love Is Learned At An Early Age

The belief that love comes from doing things for others at the expense of what you truly prefer for yourself is often learned in early childhood. A child forms this belief of “self-sacrifice for love” when he sees that the only way to get love from the parent is to do what what the parent wants him to do even though it is against what he would choose to do. This becomes an ingrained belief and is experienced throughout an entire life if it is not addressed and transformed.

When played out in adult relationships it begins with two people being so in love that they are willing to “sacrifice” parts of themselves and do anything for each other, but after a while the resentment of not being their fully expressed, true authentic selves grows and they end up despising each other and projecting onto the other their own disappointment and ending the relationship, or continuing to suppress it and living in denial and pain.

All pain is resistance to the natural self. Love is your natural state. All you have to do to experience love is to let go of all your programmed filters about lacking love and just love yourself, because you are love.

Every act is an act of love. It’s just that sometimes the person has not been taught how to express love in a healthy way. On the surface the person may appear to be expressing him or herself in an unloving way, but at the depth of his or her heart the person really wants to be loving, but just has no tools to do it with.

You deserve all the unconditional love in existence. If you didn’t deserve it you wouldn’t exist. The fact that you exists tells you that you deserve unconditional love. Your very existence guarantees unconditional love.

Experience More Love By Becoming An Expert at Working With Energetic Frequency

Being excited about the frequencies other people choose to be does not mean you have to be that frequency yourself. This is an important distinction to understand. It is essential to be able to neutrally observe something without agreeing to become the energetic frequency of it. The only way you can experience anything is by agreeing to match that frequency. You will be invisible to frequencies that are not your preference even if someone has negative intentions towards you. If you are still experiencing reflections that are not your preference, it is because you are not yet fully aligned with your preference and those experiences are giving you the opportunity to do so.

“Unconditional love is acceptance and neutrality about what others choose to be without any judgment that what they are doing is wrong.”

You are made of energy. What you put out you get back. Having the life you prefer is all about becoming proficient at working with energetic frequencies. Allow yourself to match the frequencies you prefer and neutrally observe the ones you don’t, and allow others to do the same. Choosing to be with others that are of a similar energetic vibration is the most loving thing you can do for yourself and others. If they are not your frequency, they do not want to be around you any more than you want to be around them. If you stop resisting and go with the flow of who you really are you will attract those who are your vibrational match and your life will be filled with joy!

The trick to being unconditional is to “trust” that everything that is happening in your reality is meant to happen, that it is positive, and that it is happening for your benefit and everyone else that is involved. One of the your attributes, as an aspect of Creation that you are, is that you get to place the meaning onto everything in your reality. Nothing means anything until you say so. This freedom to choose cannot be taken from you. It is built into your existence. What you put out you get back.

When you define everything as positive it is easy to be unconditional about everything that is happening.

Do What You Love To Do

Do what you love and follow your joy. The feeling of excitement and joy is your true nature. When you live your joy you are loving yourself. Play, be happy, and have fun. Set yourself free to live your joy, be excited, be inspired, experience your bliss, and pursue your passion. Set the child in you free!

By: Kirk Nielsen




The Purpose of Relationships

The purpose of all relationships is to reflect to all those involved in the relationship what they need to understand to become more of themselves. To accomplish this each individual in the relationship lives their highest joy and is the most fully expressed version of themselves that he or she can be and is completely excited for all others in the relationship to do the same. Living your highest joy and being excited for everyone else to live their highest joy is the way to have unconditionally loving healthy relationships. This means that you would never place any restrictions or conditions on another individual’s joy or self-expression.

Difference Between 3rd Density and 4th Density Relationships. 

As a civilization we are shifting from our present 3rd Density (4th dimension) reality to 4th Density (5th dimension – click link to see more on densities vs dimensions). 4th Density relationships are not better than 3rd Density relationships, they are just different and each one is just as valid as the other. They provide very different experiences and if you choose 4th Density then it will be essential for you to integrate and transform your 3rd Density beliefs, because they will not work in 4th Density. You will not be able operate successfully in 4th Density if you attempt to hold onto 3rd Density beliefs.

4th Density is a very different paradigm and you have to really desire to experience it and be ready to let go of and integrate anything that is not in alignment with it in order to have it. Placing any conditions on others is not in alignment with 4th Density energy. Tying your love, your happiness, your identity, or self worth to another person or anything outside of you is 3rd Density energy based on separation.

If it is your desire and excitement to have traditional 3rd Density energetic relationships, it is of the utmost importance that you do so, because there must be something there that you need to learn from them. You have not played out what you set out to experience when you incarnated in this life. There is no hurry. Take a thousand lives if you need to. When you are complete and have experienced what you needed to experience then the desire to change will come up in you and you will seek out other types of relationships.

In the end all relationships lead to the realization that what you are looking for is found in reconnecting with your higher self. What you long for is to be whole again. That longing for love is the longing to be your whole true self. “You” are what you are looking for. Love is not in another person, it is in you. It always has been and always will be.

Qualities of 3rd Density Relationships

3rd Density is a reality based on separation from Source (All That Is, God), segregation from other people, and compartmentalization of yourself into different aspects.

  • Communication is closed and keeping secrets from yourself and others is justified by the belief that it might hurt them.
  • Compartmentalizing different parts of yourself and your relationships so one does not know what the other is doing is acceptable.
  • You extend your love only if others meet your conditions.
  • You demand that your expectations get met, exert control, manipulate situations, and prevent others from having outside relationships so you will feel safe, secure and not have to deal with your fears that you are worth less if they are with someone else.
  • There is a lack of trust in synchronicity, and you do not believe that what is happening is meant to happen for the good of yourself and the whole.

Qualities of 4th Density Relationships

4th Density is based on connection to Source, integration with others, and reintegration of your personal identity that you have broken into different parts.

  • Relationships are based on integration and expansion.
  • Communication is fully open and completely honest with yourself and with others, because you know that all parties in the relationship are fully self empowered and excited to hear about and integrate any issues that are out of alignment and may be causing pain.
  • Love is unconditional and not withheld to meet needs and conceal fears.
  • Non-conformity, differences, and full self expression are celebrated. You are excited to discover who others truly are and want to experience their desires, gifts, and talents and see them being shared with others.
  • Everyone in the relationship encourages each other to follow their highest excitement with no expectations, control, manipulation, or needs placed on them.
  • You realize each moment is entirely new and you are open to what it brings, whatever that may be, including sexual expression when entered in a healthy way and by agreement with all involved. Have sex when it is your excitement and is for the purpose of upliftment, expansion, and there is full transparency, and no manipulation. See the section on sex for a full discussion.

Monogamy and Other Forms Of Relationships

ngs0_8147The premise of Harmonious Earth, which also applies to relationships, is to be open to whatever shows up in each moment, trust that what is happening is meant to happen, and take action based on your highest excitement in that moment, and then do the same in every moment after that for the rest of  your life.

If what happens in each new moment is the same person continues to show up and you continue to be attracted to be with that person over and over again until the end of your life, then you can say that you were “monogamous” with that person, but you would not know that until the end, because you would have been open to whatever happens with whoever shows up all along the way.

All forms of relationship are completely valid expressions and one form is in no way any better or worse than any other form of relationship. They are all just different expressions that produce different experiences. Resistance to the form of relationship that you are most attracted to would only cause pain. If you desire to be monogamous, polyamorous, or whatever, then it is important that you live out your beliefs about it and fully express that energy. You must honor the beliefs that you already have. Playing out the energy will teach you what you need to learn from it and if it is really what you prefer. The trick is to be honest about it and never suppress any emotions that come up for fear of losing the relationship. If discomfort or negative emotions arise, use the signals as alerts to find limiting beliefs and transform them into beliefs that are more aligned with who you truly are.

Purpose of Being “In A Relationship As A Couple” 

The purpose of coupling is similar to the purpose of other relationships, with the addition of providing a more focused, intimate, and intense reflection that shows you in no uncertain terms the beliefs that are in alignment with your natural self and the beliefs that are not. Your emotions are the indicators that will let you know the difference. All pain is resistance to the natural self and when you feel it you know you are out of alignment.

Getting “into” a relationship creates a compartment with a specific focus that can bring out intense joy and love, and it can also bring out emotions that are painful, especially surrounding self-worth and jealousy, which are tied to core beliefs of separation. The purpose of relationships is to not only to reflect the positive, but also the negative beliefs that are the cause of pain. Once exposed, the beliefs that are out of alignment can be integrated and transformed resulting in more joy filled relationships.

What You Are Seeking In Relationships is Actually the Reconnection With Your Higher Self

3rd Density is a reality based on separation of self. Because lack and not being whole is the nature of the reality an intense drive arrises to fill the void and this void of not feeling whole is often filled by coupling with another individual. The attraction to find a mate is actually the desire to reconnect with the higher self which got cut off through the process of incarnating into a very densely focused reality. Coupling may ease the pull for a while, but it will never fully remove it, because it can’t. Nothing you will ever surround yourself with on the outside will fulfill you, because what you are looking for is found inside of you.

If you are open to it, relationships will eventually lead you to the realization that what you are really seeking is to couple with your higher self. Realizing that the void you feel is the disconnection from your higher self is one of the most joyous awakenings you can have, because you finally become aware that you have always had the love you desire right inside of you and you can stop looking for it in others outside of you. After having this realization you can be a whole person in your relationships and set them up to serve theirs and your highest joy with no restrictions or compartmentalization.

No Need To Place Conditions On Others 

The purpose of relationships is to create reflections that expand you and help you be more of your true self. There is no need to put conditions or restraints on other people.  The need for placing a condition on another person comes from a lack or limiting belief in you and has nothing to do with them. Controlling what another person does is a defence mechanism that used to cover up beliefs in you that you don’t want to look at, that are out of alignment with your true nature. The true infinite you is excited about everything others do and doesn’t need to control them. There is complete trust that what is happening needs to happen.

If you are working from an unhealthy set of relationship beliefs and your partner leaves you or acts out of accordance with your wishes, you may believe that they did it because you’re not enough. Everyone who is self-aware knows they are enough and does not need anyone to be or do anything for them to be all that they are. Allowing the law of attraction and repulsion to do its job without encumbering it with limiting definitions and it will create a natural flow of beautiful relationships that are perfectly tailored for you.

All Relationships Are With Yourself

The relationships you are having are with yourself. What appears to be interaction with others is actually the reflection of your own projected energy. From the perspective that you are consciousness, you understand that everything is happening within you, within your consciousness. All relationships that appear to be outside of you are actually all taking place within you. You are “all” the players on the stage. Understanding this is essential to having healthy relationships.

“Unconditionally loving healthy relationships are achieved by living your highest joy and being excited for everyone else to live their highest joy.”

What you put out you get back. What wants to come to you is doing its utmost to come to you and what wants to get away from you is doing its utmost to leave you. All you have to do is let come what wants to come and let go what wants to leave. Trust in this one simple law alleviates all issues with relationships. Being clear about not needing a relationship to be more than what it is and allowing it to come and go naturally will attract in perfect timing who needs to be in relationship with you and repel who doesn’t. Your job is to express yourself as fully as you can so your energy will be clearly put out and understood, and will attract you to whom you need to be in relationship with for the length of time it needs to last.

You Are Not Responsible “For” Others — You Are Responsible “To” Others

People LovingYou are not responsible “for” anyone else. Each person is responsible for themselves. You are responsible “to” everyone else. Being responsible to others means that you are the most fully expressed version of you that you can be and this is also your purpose in life as well. Being your authentic self is the way to offer the most “help” that you could offer. You are leading by example, while at the same time allowing them to be free to choose their own path.

Every being is their own complete reality creating their own holographic universe. They are completely sovereign, free, and self empowered to be whatever they choose to be. They exist, they are the One and the All, what they put out they get back, and they constantly change. They would not be able to have the experience they are having if this was not true.

You might ask, “How are victimized children creating there own reality?” The answer is that they have chosen to have that experience from a higher dimension of themselves, which is the same answer for, “How is alien abduction justified?” From our Earthly perspective it appears there is no choice, which is true from that particular perspective, but a higher part of their consciousness, which you could call their oversoul, has orchestrated the experience and clearly knows what it is doing. It knew what was going to happen and the choice it made serves its overall purpose and plan or it would not be happening.

logoFamily—Marriage, Parents and Children

We are all one human family. On a Harmonious Earth the distinction of only certain people being your family is expanded to the entire human race being your family. As individuals of one family you move about and interacting with other family members with the awareness that everyone is really you… and you do for them what you would do for yourself or your dearest loved one. Everyone treats everyone with unconditional love.

Everyone is your friend, your son, your daughter, your brother, your sister, your mother, your father, your wife, and your husband. All are treated with kindness, gentleness, loving support, and respect. Everyone lives their joy and has fun doing it.

What makes you a part of a Harmonious Earth family is your energetic frequency being in alignment with the other individuals of the group and the values that everyone in the group holds in common. If you are not in alignment with the frequency of the group then you are not a part of it. If you are tuned into another channel you will not be able to see the channel the group is on. It is all about frequency and being tuned into the same channel as the group. The group is not about everyone being the same, but everyone expressing their individuality in unity which creates a beautiful symphony. It’s a perfect balance of unification and individuality.

Even though individuals are born male or female there is no need to limit oneself to the masculine or feminine energies connected to that body type. Allow yourself to embody and utilize masculine and feminine energies in whatever way you choose in the moment and that goes for all archetypal energies. All archetypal categories are just different perspectives or energies that every person embodies and can use at anytime.

The idea is to realize that not only are you all archetypes, you are all the people and everything else in your reality…  You are your reality. There is no reality except what you define it to be. So let go, expand and define yourself to be what you prefer in that moment and whatever is relevant in the next.

By: Kirk Nielsen



Purpose of Sex

Sex and sensuality are healthy natural parts of life, a way of connecting to more of who you are through an energetic exchange with another person, thereby completing a circuit. Sex is beautiful, expansive and ecstatic when entered into for the purpose of upliftment and joy, with honesty and full transparency between those who are involved and those who will be affected.

Have sex for the purpose of enlightenment, expansion, and becoming more of your true self. Have sex when you choose to, when it synchronistically comes up, with who it synchronistically comes up with.

Transform Limiting Definitions Attached To Sex

Become as conscious and aware as you possibly can about the belief systems you have attached to sex. Our collective consciousness has been deeply engrained with limitations regarding sex. Beliefs that limit and distort natural and free sexual expression are unnecessarily attached to unrelated beliefs such as self worthmoney, and physical appearance. As you awaken to who you truly are these beliefs will surface and need to be transformed.

Sex is often used to feel wanted or “loved.” Love is a state of being that comes from within you and not from another person. Negative energy arises when conditions, expectations, control, manipulation, or coercion are attached to sex. Many of the restrictions and judgments surrounding sex come from fears generated by lack of self-worth, not being enough, and being disconnected from Source rather than from anything to do with sex, and yet these fears get unnecessarily attached to sex in the form of limiting definitions.

The Law of One – RA Material talks of the limiting definitions often attached to sex such as master and slave, desiring possession and desiring to be possessed, dominator and dominated, owner and wanting to be owned, plunderer and object and how these have a polarizing effect towards the negative. As we move away from polarity and towards oneness it becomes more and more obvious that it is essential to release these definitional blockages, usually found in the lower chakras, by letting go of any arbitrary restrictions or judgments about sex, and transforming negative definitions into new positive and expansive definitions.

More Holistic Sex As We Expand

As we evolve into higher realms of consciousness by transforming our limiting beliefs we will experience sexual intercourse in a more holistic, expansive and energetic way that is the complete melding mind, body and spirit rather than just body. It may be described as feeling like a constant orgasm of joy and delight in each other’s beingness.

By: Kirk Nielsen

Physical Appearance and Beauty

Physical Appearance and Beauty

Expanding Your Definitions of What is Beautiful

As you awaken you begin to experience your physical world through different eyes… of spirit – positivity – energetic vibration.  As a part of that shifting, your limiting beliefs become more integrated and limiting definitions about physical appearance and beauty become conscious. You realize that these limiting definitions are creating separation from other parts of yourself and need to be transformed if you are to experience yourself as the holistic being that you are. You cannot fulfill your natural instinct to love unconditionally if you believe the person in front of you is odd, ugly, or unattractive, and that includes your own physical appearance.

interracial_relationships_attitudesThe belief of basing whom you associate with on what he or she looks like will need to be transformed if you want to expand and become truly integrated. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. It is simply a definition or a frequency that you are adhering to. Its only reality is what you give it. It is one of the key mechanisms used to keep the 3D idea of separation intact and these are the very definitions that you need to identify and transform as you awaken. When you start seeing the beauty in everything for its own sake you will set yourself free and experience an explosion of conscious expansion.

Personal Chemistry

Applying this idea of redefining what is beautiful at a personal level provides the ultimate release from physical attraction’s rigid walls. What we call having physical “chemistry” with another person is just your set of definitions aligning with other person’s set of definitions. You are the same energetic frequency. Everything is an energetic frequency and what you put out is what you get back. You are always attracting a reflection that is a perfect match to the frequency that you put out, or put another way, you always experience the frequency that you are.

Dove-Real-Beauty-CampaignWho you are physically or sexually attracted to is not fixed. It is based on your definitions/frequency and most of them come from social programming and the media. It is not really who you are, even though you may believe it is. Your definitions of beauty may seem fixed, but they’re not. You can change them. You might ask, “Why it is important to do so?” Because what people really want is to feel loved and valued. If that love and value comes from what you and others look like then it will quickly fade with familiarity and time. When you limit the love coming to you to only a very select set of individuals that look a certain way, then you will always struggle to get the love you desire and you won’t be able to hold onto it. If your definitions of attraction are based on the  love, light, and joy that a person emanates, then you experience more love, light and joy when you are with that person and it will not end because that is who they truly are at their core.

Men in UnderwareRemember that everything changes. People’s looks will change and so will yours. When you tie your identity, your relationships, and what turns you on sexually to a rigid set of physical appearance definitions, you limit yourself, your love, and your joy unnecessarily. I know it is what we have done as a culture for a very long time, but if you want to experience the transformation to higher consciousness that you say you want to have, then you will have to let go of your limiting beliefs surrounding physical appearance.

Approach beauty more like a child. A small child that hasn’t been around long enough to be programmed does not care how fat or what color a person is. He is more than happy to nestle himself into his fat grandmothers bosom. He feels her heart and knows that it is love. He is attuned to energy and does not negatively judge appearance. He might notice that his friend on the playground is a different color and even say so, but there is no judgment and he is excited to feel loved and receive all the joy and companionship that their playful relationship can offer.

You are making first contact with the parts of yourself that you have compartmentalized and separated off and labeled as not you. But everything is you, and now at this time of enlightenment we are waking up to that fact. If you are to be proficient at awakening you will need to drop any judgments of outer appearance and be open to what is in the hearts of other beings. At the core we really are all the same one thing.

urlAcceptance of Extraterrestrials’ Appearance

This idea of beings, human or alien, needing to look like you in order for you to love them has to be let go of if you want to awaken and shift to 4th density (5th dimension). You are going to have to start seeing with your heart rather than your eyes if you want to shift to a harmonious Earth and be ready for contact with your galactic family. To many extraterrestrial beings, we humans look very alien and exotic, yet that doesn’t stop them from completely showering their unconditional love on us and assisting in our awakening.

Higher conscious ETs obviously see the pure desire of our hearts and have no issues with what we look like. We come from them and are returning to them. We are family and they know it. Their motto is: “Though minds may be different, though body forms may be different, it is through the heart that we recognize our spirits are one.” We often talk of making “First Contact” with Extraterrestrials and if we are going to do that we have to become first contact specialists ourselves and open up to the physical differences of the beings on our own planet. As we become more loving to each other and all other life forms on Earth we can then expand that love to our extraterrestrial family and be open to them. It will truly be a wonder-filled family reunion.

By: Kirk Nielsen

Our Extraterrestrial Connection

Our Extraterrestrial Connection

A Harmonious Earth is part of a greater system, part of a family of civilizations. You are not only connected to everyone on Earth, but you are connected to everyone beyond Earth, the beings we call extraterrestrials. They are the galactic family that we have come from and are reconnecting with. We intuitively know this as we gaze out into space, which is really just looking inside ourselves, because space and time are inside our consciousness and there really is no “out there.” When you begin to awaken to the fact that you are not separate, and that the all are the one and the one is the all, then it stands to reason that there are many other civilizations like us and infinitely more that are nothing like us. Expansion or ascension is an integrative processes of including more and more of ourselves, which naturally leads to the parts of ourselves that are beyond this Earth, which are our extraterrestrial family.

The story we have told ourselves about how we came to be can now be retold. It is time for a different story. You create the past from the present, so you can shift to the parallel reality that is in more alignment with the expanded being you choose to be and have a history that includes your extraterrestrial heritage. Remember that believing is seeing, not seeing is believing, which is the same as to say, what you put out you get back. You’re making this stuff up! There is no reality, aside from what you define it to be. Physicists are finding that empirically, inherently, there is no reality. That nothing is “out there” is the foundation of many of their theories of reality. Your view of what you think your reality can be is what reality is. You are responsible for its creation.

As a society we are accepting each other more and more. Nations, religions and cultures are joining together and now we are very close to openly joining with our extraterrestrial family. Our need to have our governments protect us from our fears has diminished and we are ready to disclose to ourselves that there is more to us than just what is here on Earth.

Extraterrestrials understand oneness and live harmoniously and are ready to join with us, but we must meet them halfway. We need to raise our frequency and become more harmonious, so we can be in their presence without going into psychic shock. Meeting them would instantly cause all that we have kept hidden to rush to the surface before we are ready, so for our sake they hold off until we have done our personal work and integrated enough of our compartmentalized beliefs that we can meet them in an uplifting joyous way without fear.

Creating a network of high vibrational communities not only serves the purpose of providing us with sanctuaries that are more aligned with who we truly are so we can raise our vibration high enough to interact with extraterrestrials, but also the communities will be first contact locations where extraterrestrials, and in particular our hybrid children who have been created from the “Grey” and Human hybridization (abduction) program, can join with us, live amongst us, safely interact, and acclimatize to us, and we can acclimatize to them. The hybrid children will act as step-up transformers to raise our frequency. Read more about the hybrid program and about hybrid children on the Hybrid Children Community website.

See Kirk’s story of how he met his hybrid kids.

Hybrid Children Community

 By: Kirk Nielsen

Healthy Living – Eating and Exercise

Healthy Living – Eating and Exercise

We Are Becoming Lighter and Less Dense

We are awakening to our infinite nature and becoming lighter and less dense. Our bodies are like antennas that receive and emit energy. We are becoming more conscious which requires us to operate at higher frequencies. To keep our antennas-bodies-minds tuned up and clean we need to increasingly eat lighter healthier foods, continually detoxify our systems, and stay physically active. What we eat, drink, think, and do create the energetic vibration that we are.

Beings in a line each eating less dense food and absorbing more light and free energy demostrating the importance of listening to your bodyListen To Your Body, Eat Less Dense Food, and Get Free Energy

If you listen to your body it will talk to you and tell you what you need to do to be healthy and raise your frequency. Each person is different and will have a different process. In our present society many people have become hyper-focused on the physical body, food, and exercise. It is important to be holistic and natural in your approach to health and give attention to the mind and spirit as well as the body. What you think and what you believe can make you sick just as easily as what you eat.

Eat Healthy Fresh Food and Exercise

Eat living organic fresh healthy plant-based foods in smaller quantities and in more frequent intervals throughout the day as much as possible. Exercise regularly. Take in plenty of fresh air and sunlight. Sleep according to your body’s natural cycles. Detox regularly. As an example you may find it helpful to fast or cleanse 1 day each month and also do an extended 3 to 6 day fast or cleanse every 6 months. It is natural for a person to need less food and less sleep as his or her energetic vibration increases and you become less dense and more light.

Limit or eliminate consumption of products that are heavily processed, dead/cooked, animal-based, contain alcohol or drugs as much as possible. When possible turn off and move away from electronic devices that emit electromagnetic radiation like cell phones, computers, Wifi’s and even credit cards with magnetic strips. Eliminate the use of microwave ovens.

By following these simple steps disease and sickness will be greatly reduced or eliminated and we will live healthy lives full of energy and vitality.

By: Kirk Nielsen



The Purpose of Communication

“To commune is to converse intimately or to be in a state of heightened sensitivity and receptivity with others.”

The purpose of communication is to create a reflection that shows you what needs to be understood to be more of who you are. Communing with and relating to others mirrors back to you what you are putting out. The higher the frequency you put out the clearer and more harmonious the reflection coming back will be. The more aware you are of what you are putting out and what is coming back the more you and the others involved will benefit. If the other person is also aware, then it will increase the benefit and increase the frequency even more.

Conscious ConnectingA mutual agreement for conscious clear heart-centered communion with each other produces optimal results. Being a proficient conscious communicator is a core value of Harmonious Earth and what we strive for in all our communications with each other. “Circumstances don’t matter, state of being matters,” is a mantra that reminds us of what we value. We do our best to consistently be of as high an energetic frequency as possible. Being in community, being in relationships, and communicating have basically the same purpose, which is to be more of who we are.

“The purpose of relationships is to reflect to all those involved in the relationship what they need to understand to become more of themselves.”

The  Sanskrit salutation “Namaste” is a quick high-energetic way to commune. It encapsulates the idea of coming together energetically to a place of connection and timelessness, free from the bonds of ego-connection where a deep union of spirits can blossom and the truth of the heart – that we are all one and a part of the One – can flow.

Being proficient in communication is an essential trait when living in community where group members share common values, work together, live in close proximity, fully express themselves, and share their gifts.

Full and open expression, along with the points made in this article, serves as a common value of Harmonious Earth and is one of the values an individual agrees to when becoming a part of it. For the frequency to remain high, it is essential for everyone to communicate without holding anything back. It is easy to do this when all the others in the group have the group’s and your best interests at heart and have agreed to unconditionally love you and treat you as family.

For communication to be truly effective it is important for the parties involved to know and understand to the best of their ability the laws of existence. These laws of existence are core values of Harmonious Earth: That you exist, are infinite, and your reality is not outside you, but in you and created by what you define it to be. That the One is the All and the All are the One, what you put out you get back, everything is here and now and everything changes except the first four laws of existence.

Keys For Effective and Uplifting Communication

  1. Open-Positive-Communication-LogoCommunicate Positively and Clearly. Communicate in heart-felt and empowering ways. Be positive, loving, kind, fun, playful. Be precise, clear, transparent, honest, and use empowering words. Tuning in and using your telempathic abilities will be a great aid to all involved. Remove your own filters and judgments about others and yourself as much as possible. Have your and their best interest at heart as though you are facilitating a healing session. If there are times when you are not feeling so positive then, at the least, do your best to be neutral. If there are issues, then set an intention for resolution and peace and always intend for the conversation to end with joy, love, and on an uplifting note. State of being is what is important, not who is right.
  2. Communicate Openly and Fully From Your Heart. Opening up the throat chakra and heart chakra is essential for free flowing transparent communication. It is the beginning of telempathic communication. Say what you are moved to say from the deepest part of your heart and do not hold back for fear of retribution. Be bold and say what you have to say, so all may hear. One of the benefits of living in community is that you are loved and safe enough to be open about who you truly are – and you can freely express it. Treat others as infinite beings and know that they have the ability to change, adapt and be their true selves if they’re made aware of it and given the choice.
  3. Focus On Solutions Rather Than Problems. Focus on positive ideas, what you can do, and not on what you cannot do. Use positive rather than negative language. You can’t solve a problem from the same energy it was created. Move yourself to the new energy of being the solution. Remember that your experience is being created from your strongest beliefs, so set the intention to “utilize the power of the illusion rather than being under the illusion of power.”
  4. Communicate From the Present—Use “The Pitch” For Stories From the Past. Communicate as though everything is new. If you tell a story from the past keep it short (less than 3 minutes) and make it purposeful by delivering it in the form of a 3-part pitch as follows: (1) The call to adventure. (2) Challenges along the way. (3) How you transformed it. Everything changes every instant. Approach everyone as fresh, new, empowered beings with each new meeting. You are interacting with a completely new version of a person every time you interact with them. Allow yourself and them to be different. There is only now. There is no past, except what you make up in each new now moment. Remember that you create the past from the present. When you tell your old stories you re-solidify them in the new moment and lock yourself into the old idea. This is a new moment and a new you, so remember that person was you, but you were never that person The old physical persona likes to tell stories to create continuity and build self worth in order to fill the lack it believes about itself, but you now operate from a perspective that you are whole, lack nothing, and like to talk about what excites you. Stories of the past are not who you are now and no longer have a place in your new world.
  5. Communicate Utilizing Core Common Values as a Basis. When you live in community your individual core values are aligned with the collective community core values and so your individual and collective values are reflected in all your communications.

People talking using the Art of Conscious ConversationThe Art of Conscious Conversation

A conscious conversation is where you are fully present, really connect, feel heard, and you hear. Conscious conversation is an art form. It is communicating with heart, mind and soul. It is the beginning of telempathic communication. Here are some tips for conscious conversation.

  1. Agree To the Conversation. Begin by setting up an agreement for the conversation. Ask if they would like to converse, if they are available now or later, and how much time they have for the conversation.
  2. Tune In. Move your attention from your mind to your heart. Let go of your thoughts, become present, feel with your heart, use your intuition.Turn the focus away from what is coming through your physical senses into your brain and tune into what is coming in through your sixth sense. Become aware of what is around you as energy. Use your whole body as a receiver. Notice the different energetic fields and really tune into them, especially the person you are having the conversation with.
  3. Speak as Higher Guidance Directs. Get into the “Flow” of sending and receiving. Say what you are “directed” to say by your higher guidance.
  4. Allot For Even Amounts of Sharing. Be aware of how much you are focused on you and how much you are tuned into the other person. Communicate “with” the other person rather than “to” them. Be fully aware of how much you are talking and how much they are talking. Allow it to be an even exchange of maybe 50/50 for two people and smaller percentages in a group. In open group conversations include all that want to speak. If it is a private conversation, then politely say so.
  5. Remember You Are Mirrors For Each Other. Mirror to others their beautiful infinite nature by being aware of your own. Remember that the purpose of relationships is to act as reflections for each other so all involved can be more of who they are.

Possible Techniques, Topics, and Questions to Use in Conversation

  1. Be Present. What are you experiencing right now? What emotion are you feeling? What is your honest truth right now at this moment?
  2. Become More Aware. What was the most profound experience, epiphany, breakthrough, or idea that came up in the last week? How did it come up? Who will you be, how are you different now that you are aware of this new idea? How much difference are you creating in your life?
  3. Follow Your Excitement. What is the most exciting thing you can think to do right now, in this very moment? Tomorrow? For the rest of your life? Why? To the best of your ability, what action can you take now to experience your excitement, passion, joy, bliss?
  4. Let Go of What Limits You…Judgments. What issue are you facing? What emotion comes up, what happens, what is your reaction when you think about it? What would you have to believe is true to have that emotion? How does the judgment serve you? Who would you be if you let it go?
  5. Silence and Love. Be silent and look into their eyes and imagine that they are you. Send them love and receive love from them. You are interacting with yourself. They are what you make them up to be. Notice any judgments and what comes up for you. Continue to see them as love and allow them to be love. Everything you experience is a reflection of you. You experience your state of being. You are what you experience. You are co-creating, because they are having the same experience as you. You are “All That Is” experiencing itself as you. The One is the All and the All are the One.
  6. Share Wisdom. Teach when you are asked and it is appropriate. Deliver it as your experience. For example, if you have a deep understanding about nature and trees then share it.
  7. Co-creation. Share in co-creating a project. Build on each other’s excitement.
  8. Levity. There is no quicker way to enlightenment than to lighten up. Have fun and tell jokes that are uplifting and non-judgmental.
  9. Telempathy. Practice being telempathic. We are all completely capable of telempathy and will be doing it more and more as we expand.

Dealing With Communication Issues

conflict-idealpublicityRather than running away from challenging situations dive into them and be grateful for the opportunity to uncover another part of you that has been hidden. When you define negative emotions that come up as exciting, it makes it easy and fun to transform them. Knowing that all pain is resistance to the natural self is reason enough to get to the bottom of the cause and turn the pain that is not you into joy that is.

  1. Take Accountability For Issues That Are Yours. If you are angry, triggered, or emotionally charged in any way about a situation, or if another person offends you, then it is likely that it is your own issue and you are experiencing your own reflected projection.
  2. What To Do When You Are Upset With Another Person. As stated above, if you are upset then it is likely that it is your own issue. The other person is only reflecting back to you what you put out. The emotional issue has come up to show you that you have a belief that is out of alignment with your higher self and is teaching you something about yourself. It will continue to come up wherever you run, until you shift the belief. Remember that circumstances do not matter; state of being matters. Trust that synchronicity is perfectly orchestrating everything at all times. If it’s happening it is meant to happen. You can’t solve a problem from same energy it is created. Move yourself to the new energy of being the solution. Remember that it is all your own projection. Utilize the power of the illusion rather than being under the illusion of power.
  3. Projections By Others That Are Not Your Issue. If someone projects onto you that you have an issue, like “I hate your orange socks,” and you are not even wearing orange socks, then you can move on with your own business and know that it does not have anything to do with you. If you continue in a high loving vibration with no emotional charge and you can neutrally observe a situation where others are challenged, then there is a good chance it is not your issue.
  4. Bringing Up An Issue You Have With Someone Else. If you feel that someone else is misaligned or out of integrity, first check in with yourself and make sure it is not your own issue. This “observation” needs to be delivered without any hint of animosity, judgment or attack in as loving a way as possible. If you sincerely feel you are neutrally observing something that is not aligned with the other person’s communication or behavior, then gently ask their permission for giving feedback with something like, “Would your be interested in something I picked up on as I was listening to you talk?” If it is a person you know well, you can bypass this step by having a standing agreement to always be open to observations that are objective and for the purpose of upliftment and expansion. Once permission has been established, using kind and loving energy and ending in the form of a question, say something like, “About that statement that you just made, I didn’t feel it in my heart. How did it feel to you when you said it?” or “That didn’t land with me,” or “That didn’t resonate with me,” or “That felt a little off to me. How do you feel about that?” or “When you check in, did that resonate with you?”
  5. What To Do When Someone Brings Up An Issue They Have With You. If someone brings up an issue with you (and this also works if you have an issue with them) it is important to immediately move into your heart space and let go of any defensiveness or judgment. Surrender and listen to their issue with your heart. Neutrally observe how what is happening in the situation is enriching their life or not. Let them know you heard them. Repeat back to them in as loving and balanced energy as possible what you heard the issue is with no evaluation. Then ask them what emotions come up about the situation, listen, and repeat what you heard back to them. Next ask them what they feel needs to happen to rectify the situation, enhance their life, and enhance the lives of all involved. Listen, and repeat what you heard back to them. Listening and repeating back to them what you sense they are really communicating creates a flow of communication that will naturally manifest solutions. When you do this over and over again it creates trust, love and understanding. Remember the trick is to stay in control of your own emotions. If you or they cannot maintain your emotions, ask a third party to facilitate the conversation. A helpful aid in controlling your emotions is to realize there is also something for you to gain from this or synchronicity would not have chosen you to work through this issue with them. When resolution has been reached gracefully, thank the person for their gift of being a reflection that has allowed you to expand and be more of who you are.
  6. Communicate Directly With Anyone You Have an Issue With. No one needs to hide anything. Stand up and be bold so all may hear what you have to say. If you have an issue with someone then lovingly communicate directly with that person regardless of what may come up. Talking behind someone’s back leads to assumptions and usually involves your own projections. If you are emotionally charged about the issue then it is likely your issue and it would be beneficial to ask a 3rd party to facilitate the conversation. If someone talks with you about someone else in a judgmental way, advise them to go directly to that person and discontinue the conversation about the other person that is not present. After you have moved to a light state of being, re-engage with all those involved utilizing positive and loving energy.
  7. Ask For Assistance. If you can’t work through an issue with another individual ask for assistance from someone who you feel is qualified to facilitate. A neutral third party facilitator with a working knowledge of Harmonious Earth values can be of great assistance in resolving issues, representing the best interests of all involved, helping to eliminate any threat or fear of attack, and eliminating any personal judgments about right and wrong. Most members of the community will be qualified to act as a mediator to work through issues, adjust your state of being, and transform the out-of-alignment definitions.

Other Communication Resources

Our discussion about communication in this article is presented from the perspective that you understand the laws of existence and your own infinite nature.

The Nonviolent Communication (NVC) model is well respected in communication circles and begins with the perspective of removing violence from communication and moving into heart-based communication. For more information about Nonviolent Communication (NVC) check out their website, a book titled Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, and read this link to Chapter One on their website which gives you a good introduction to the principles of nonviolent communication and how to use the four components of NVC:  1. observation  2. feeling  3. needs  4. request.

By: Kirk Nielsen

Sustainability, Nature, and The Environment

Sustainability, Nature, and The Environment


Sustainability is being in harmony with the system you are a part of and doing what is beneficial for the whole system as well as each individual part of that system. It is about taking a holistic approach rather than an individualistic approach.

We are all part of the Earth ecosystem which is a network of delicately balanced interactions among its organisms and environment. The air we breathe, the food we eat, and the structures that give us shelter and warmth all come from Mother Earth. To sustain the ecosystem that provides what we need to live, we must realize our place in the overall system and harmonize with it, having as low of a negative impact as possible, and as high of a positive impact as possible. We need to be thankful and take care of the Earth, so it can take care of us.

Everything constantly changes and we now realize that the way we have been living is no longer sustainable. Unconscious behaviors of consumption and waste are obsolete. New sustainable systems that are in harmony with the Earth ecosystem have been developed and are now being implemented around the planet. What a wonderful opportunity we all have to get on board and be a part of reversing the damage we have done and rehabilitating the Earth that gives us our lives.

To Be Sustainable We Need to Shift Away From Our Consumer Based Economic System

Placing financial profits as a higher priority than sustainability is what creates a situation where the environment continues to be depleted. Simply shifting our economic perspective to prioritizing the welfare of people and the environment over money and power will stop unsustainable behavior. It is just a matter of changing our definitions. The new definitions are laid out the section on Government and Economy.  

In Hand with NatureEfficiency and Recycling

Efficiency reduces impact and is a part of the sustainability equation. Not using more resources than you need in the first place is the easiest way to have a low impact and reduce pollution.

Recycling is a necessary part of the equation for those things you really need, but should not be seen as an excuse for overconsumption. Take what you need and leave the rest. If you do deplete resources then implement a plan to replenish them. Do not create anything without a plan for harmoniously recycling it back into the system.

“When you can learn to do more with less, then you can do less and get more.”

Nature is efficient and wastes nothing. Be like nature, become conscious of all your movements and make them as efficient as possible. It is the way to take your place in the flow of the overall system and be a harmonious part of it.


The Universe is built on laws of organization. Everything has a place and purpose and operates from some form of organization. Know and living in alignment with laws that organize nature help keep us aligned in ourselves, because we are nature.

Black ink blot looking symbol created from the Mandelbrot set Many of these laws are found in principles of sacred geometry. Science has given names to some of these laws that are found and used over and over again in nature like Phi (1.618 …) which is known as the “Divine Proportion,” or the Golden Ratio, or the Golden Mean. Fractals found throughout nature, exhibit a repeating pattern that displays at every scale. They are responsible for nature appearing to be random while having a definite consistency. The Mandelbrot set illustrates self-similarity and is the set of complex numbers for which the sequence does not approach infinity. Laws like these and others create the organized universe we live in.

Keeping our living environments organized and clean allow us to operate with efficiency and make it easier to keep and raise our frequency high. Organized environments have a higher frequency than chaotic environments.

Adhering to some form of organization can be beneficial to accelerate the ascension process. The form of organization you use may change as you evolve and the length of time you use it may vary, but utilizing some form of organization will assist in the process. 

Leave No Trail — Pollution

One of the first things you learn when you go camping in nature is to clean up after yourself and leave no trail. There is no garbage collection in the woods, there is not going to be anyone coming to clean up after you, and no one wants to camp at a site or hike on a trail where the last person left his (or her) trash. We are the only ones who can clean up our world. There is no one coming after us to do it for us.

Leave no trailHaving low or no impact is part of respecting and honoring the joy of others and being aware of how what you are doing impacts them. To the best of your ability leave things the way you find them and if possible leave them cleaner and more positive than the way you found them.

There are many forms of pollution in addition to physical pollution. Noise pollution, light pollution, and even negative emotional energy pollution. Be aware of hidden pollution that you are creating. Just because you cannot see it go into the trash does not mean you did not create it.

Your lifestyle creates pollution. The concrete you are walking on and the steel buildings you are walking in create tremendous amounts of pollution. When you eat at a restaurant, live in a house, or drive your car, you are creating pollution. Be aware of the footprints you are leaving and change your behavior to stop doing what is not in alignment with your values. You are the only one who makes a difference in your world.

Live life with less and less negative impact. Leave things more positive and better than you find them. Leave people and all living things fuller, healthier and happier.

Can the Earth Sustainably Support 7 Billion People Living Like You?

One way of gauging if you are sustainable is to ask, “Can all seven billion people on the planet do what I am doing without negatively impacting the Earth’s ecological system?” When you honestly look at it from this perspective, almost no one living a modern lifestyle is sustainable. Most of us are just sweeping the issue under the rug. We would have to drastically change most of our behaviors to be truly sustainable. It is becoming more and more apparent that drastic change is needed and the pain is increasing. The turnaround needed seems almost impossible, but we can do it.

7 billion people living like meThe Future and Personal Action You Can Take

We must change almost everything we do if we are to survive as a civilization. The path we are on as a collective is completely unsustainable. The solution is for each individual to do their part. Do everything in your personal life in a sustainable fashion as much as possible. Eat only organic, sustainably grown foods, live in a sustainable home, drive less and do it in an electric car, create your own power, stop buying and consuming products you do not need, and the list goes on and on. It may be challenging, but if we see it as an adventure it will be fun.

Everyone is their own universe and would be completely motivated to shift if they believed that living sustainably would bring more pleasure and less pain. It is time to start believing it, because the pain is going to keep increasing if we do not make a change. We have lost a lot already, but if we take action now it will be much easier and we can save most of our beautiful planet and have and live an even more joy-filled lifestyle.

Educate yourself and change your behavior. Dartmouth Sustainability and No Impact Man are just a couple of examples of the numerous websites that are full of information about how to be more sustainable and live in harmony with the environment.

In the end, do your best, be happy, and follow your heart. It will lead you where you need to go and it will be exciting!

Build A Green World Website

For a full explanation on building green sustainable buildings, using green building materials and Communities that use green techniques see my Build a Green World website.

By: Kirk Nielsen

Energy, Technology, Media

Energy, Technology, Media


Use free sustainable energy as much as possible. Limit consumption of fossil fuels. Get off the grid. Use clean electric vehicles.


Utilize and develop the most advanced technologies, such as free unlimited energy, and remember that technology is a reflection of the evolution of our consciousness.

Media and Entertainment

Media and entertainment are used for upliftment, expansion, education and communication. We are living our highest joy and do not need media to escape from our lives or use media to cover up a sense of lack from not being connected to our Source. We know who we are and do not need to convince anyone of anything or sell anything to anyone. We are a new paradigm and the creation and use of media and entertainment reflect that new paradigm.

We are very busy, very inquisitive, and engaged with our new lives, interacting with other members of our society in new ways and with other beings in the galaxy that are assisting us and others with their expansion.

By: Kirk Nielsen




Life is school. Education happens naturally.

A Properly Structured Society Naturally Provides Education

On a Harmonious Earth education is built into the social structure. The structure of the society is the education system for everyone in the society. It has all the tools necessary already built into it to teach everyone what they need to know. There is no need for a separate education system. That is why it is so important to have the society properly structured with common values that are expansive, integrative and supportive.

images-1Experts Share Their Skill with Hands On Training 

Education occurs when individuals attract themselves to what they are most naturally and innately inclined to learn about and participate in. Those who are already expert in those fields will allow those who are interested in what they do to learn from them “on the job” and learn by experience. They know that if synchronicity has brought the apprentice to them then they are now the mentor. Everyone is a teacher and everyone is a student. If someone shows up who is interested in what you are doing, you become his or her teacher and the same is done for you.

The best way to teach is by example and first-hand experience. The idea is to let people place themselves in environments where they experience others behaving in empowered and creative ways and where they are supported to do the same. Placing the priority on the natural inner gifts that people have is very different from the old paradigm which puts the focus on outer symbols (like money).

Young boy looking through magnifying glass trusting in synchronicity to teach what is needed  Trust in Synchronicity to Teach Us What We Need  

We trust that synchronicity brings to us the people and circumstances to teach us exactly what we need to learn next. We are very curious and inquisitive and if we allow ourselves follow our natural instincts they will lead us to what we need to know. This goes for children and adults. We are just beginning to awaken to our true infinite nature. We call this education, but we already know it. We’re just remembering what we already know. This is the game of life; to forget and then have the experience of remembering. We are coming out of a very limited paradigm. From this perspective our entire civilization is just seedlings or children, and all need to be awakened and educated.

We are letting go of limiting ideas and allowing in new expansive ideas. Thinking we already know is a major hindrance to our growth. We must let go of old forms of education. The new education will come from opening up our crown chakras and accessing knowledge from All That Is. We will know what we need to know when we need to know it.

Empowering people by teaching them that they have access to All That Is is the most import thing people can learn. With this knowledge they can transform the world and effectively utilize its resources to build systems and environments that are sustainable and in harmony with all living things.

imgresChildren Know the Way

When children come to Earth there are things that they need to learn in order to live in this world… how society works, crossing the street, reading, writing, mathematics and more. In regard to living harmoniously at a higher frequency they may know more than we do.

Rather than telling a child how to behave, it would be advantageous to ask the child the preferred way to behave and allow the child to learn by doing, discovery and experience. In this way the child would unveil to himself and the adult what he innately knows

The whole planet is being upgraded to a new higher frequency, and the children coming to Earth at this time are a different species. They are arriving with less forgetfulness of their true nature and therefore can teach themselves many things. If we’re willing to listen to them, they can also remind the rest of us of what we have forgotten.

By: Kirk Nielsen

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