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The Purpose of Communication

“To commune is to converse intimately or to be in a state of heightened sensitivity and receptivity with others.”

The purpose of communication is to create a reflection that shows you what needs to be understood to be more of who you are. Communing with and relating to others mirrors back to you what you are putting out. The higher the frequency you put out the clearer and more harmonious the reflection coming back will be. The more aware you are of what you are putting out and what is coming back the more you and the others involved will benefit. If the other person is also aware, then it will increase the benefit and increase the frequency even more.

Conscious ConnectingA mutual agreement for conscious clear heart-centered communion with each other produces optimal results. Being a proficient conscious communicator is a core value of Harmonious Earth and what we strive for in all our communications with each other. “Circumstances don’t matter, state of being matters,” is a mantra that reminds us of what we value. We do our best to consistently be of as high an energetic frequency as possible. Being in community, being in relationships, and communicating have basically the same purpose, which is to be more of who we are.

“The purpose of relationships is to reflect to all those involved in the relationship what they need to understand to become more of themselves.”

The  Sanskrit salutation “Namaste” is a quick high-energetic way to commune. It encapsulates the idea of coming together energetically to a place of connection and timelessness, free from the bonds of ego-connection where a deep union of spirits can blossom and the truth of the heart – that we are all one and a part of the One – can flow.

Being proficient in communication is an essential trait when living in community where group members share common values, work together, live in close proximity, fully express themselves, and share their gifts.

Full and open expression, along with the points made in this article, serves as a common value of Harmonious Earth and is one of the values an individual agrees to when becoming a part of it. For the frequency to remain high, it is essential for everyone to communicate without holding anything back. It is easy to do this when all the others in the group have the group’s and your best interests at heart and have agreed to unconditionally love you and treat you as family.

For communication to be truly effective it is important for the parties involved to know and understand to the best of their ability the laws of existence. These laws of existence are core values of Harmonious Earth: That you exist, are infinite, and your reality is not outside you, but in you and created by what you define it to be. That the One is the All and the All are the One, what you put out you get back, everything is here and now and everything changes except the first four laws of existence.

Keys For Effective and Uplifting Communication

  1. Open-Positive-Communication-LogoCommunicate Positively and Clearly. Communicate in heart-felt and empowering ways. Be positive, loving, kind, fun, playful. Be precise, clear, transparent, honest, and use empowering words. Tuning in and using your telempathic abilities will be a great aid to all involved. Remove your own filters and judgments about others and yourself as much as possible. Have your and their best interest at heart as though you are facilitating a healing session. If there are times when you are not feeling so positive then, at the least, do your best to be neutral. If there are issues, then set an intention for resolution and peace and always intend for the conversation to end with joy, love, and on an uplifting note. State of being is what is important, not who is right.
  2. Communicate Openly and Fully From Your Heart. Opening up the throat chakra and heart chakra is essential for free flowing transparent communication. It is the beginning of telempathic communication. Say what you are moved to say from the deepest part of your heart and do not hold back for fear of retribution. Be bold and say what you have to say, so all may hear. One of the benefits of living in community is that you are loved and safe enough to be open about who you truly are – and you can freely express it. Treat others as infinite beings and know that they have the ability to change, adapt and be their true selves if they’re made aware of it and given the choice.
  3. Focus On Solutions Rather Than Problems. Focus on positive ideas, what you can do, and not on what you cannot do. Use positive rather than negative language. You can’t solve a problem from the same energy it was created. Move yourself to the new energy of being the solution. Remember that your experience is being created from your strongest beliefs, so set the intention to “utilize the power of the illusion rather than being under the illusion of power.”
  4. Communicate From the Present—Use “The Pitch” For Stories From the Past. Communicate as though everything is new. If you tell a story from the past keep it short (less than 3 minutes) and make it purposeful by delivering it in the form of a 3-part pitch as follows: (1) The call to adventure. (2) Challenges along the way. (3) How you transformed it. Everything changes every instant. Approach everyone as fresh, new, empowered beings with each new meeting. You are interacting with a completely new version of a person every time you interact with them. Allow yourself and them to be different. There is only now. There is no past, except what you make up in each new now moment. Remember that you create the past from the present. When you tell your old stories you re-solidify them in the new moment and lock yourself into the old idea. This is a new moment and a new you, so remember that person was you, but you were never that person The old physical persona likes to tell stories to create continuity and build self worth in order to fill the lack it believes about itself, but you now operate from a perspective that you are whole, lack nothing, and like to talk about what excites you. Stories of the past are not who you are now and no longer have a place in your new world.
  5. Communicate Utilizing Core Common Values as a Basis. When you live in community your individual core values are aligned with the collective community core values and so your individual and collective values are reflected in all your communications.

People talking using the Art of Conscious ConversationThe Art of Conscious Conversation

A conscious conversation is where you are fully present, really connect, feel heard, and you hear. Conscious conversation is an art form. It is communicating with heart, mind and soul. It is the beginning of telempathic communication. Here are some tips for conscious conversation.

  1. Agree To the Conversation. Begin by setting up an agreement for the conversation. Ask if they would like to converse, if they are available now or later, and how much time they have for the conversation.
  2. Tune In. Move your attention from your mind to your heart. Let go of your thoughts, become present, feel with your heart, use your intuition.Turn the focus away from what is coming through your physical senses into your brain and tune into what is coming in through your sixth sense. Become aware of what is around you as energy. Use your whole body as a receiver. Notice the different energetic fields and really tune into them, especially the person you are having the conversation with.
  3. Speak as Higher Guidance Directs. Get into the “Flow” of sending and receiving. Say what you are “directed” to say by your higher guidance.
  4. Allot For Even Amounts of Sharing. Be aware of how much you are focused on you and how much you are tuned into the other person. Communicate “with” the other person rather than “to” them. Be fully aware of how much you are talking and how much they are talking. Allow it to be an even exchange of maybe 50/50 for two people and smaller percentages in a group. In open group conversations include all that want to speak. If it is a private conversation, then politely say so.
  5. Remember You Are Mirrors For Each Other. Mirror to others their beautiful infinite nature by being aware of your own. Remember that the purpose of relationships is to act as reflections for each other so all involved can be more of who they are.

Possible Techniques, Topics, and Questions to Use in Conversation

  1. Be Present. What are you experiencing right now? What emotion are you feeling? What is your honest truth right now at this moment?
  2. Become More Aware. What was the most profound experience, epiphany, breakthrough, or idea that came up in the last week? How did it come up? Who will you be, how are you different now that you are aware of this new idea? How much difference are you creating in your life?
  3. Follow Your Excitement. What is the most exciting thing you can think to do right now, in this very moment? Tomorrow? For the rest of your life? Why? To the best of your ability, what action can you take now to experience your excitement, passion, joy, bliss?
  4. Let Go of What Limits You…Judgments. What issue are you facing? What emotion comes up, what happens, what is your reaction when you think about it? What would you have to believe is true to have that emotion? How does the judgment serve you? Who would you be if you let it go?
  5. Silence and Love. Be silent and look into their eyes and imagine that they are you. Send them love and receive love from them. You are interacting with yourself. They are what you make them up to be. Notice any judgments and what comes up for you. Continue to see them as love and allow them to be love. Everything you experience is a reflection of you. You experience your state of being. You are what you experience. You are co-creating, because they are having the same experience as you. You are “All That Is” experiencing itself as you. The One is the All and the All are the One.
  6. Share Wisdom. Teach when you are asked and it is appropriate. Deliver it as your experience. For example, if you have a deep understanding about nature and trees then share it.
  7. Co-creation. Share in co-creating a project. Build on each other’s excitement.
  8. Levity. There is no quicker way to enlightenment than to lighten up. Have fun and tell jokes that are uplifting and non-judgmental.
  9. Telempathy. Practice being telempathic. We are all completely capable of telempathy and will be doing it more and more as we expand.

Dealing With Communication Issues

conflict-idealpublicityRather than running away from challenging situations dive into them and be grateful for the opportunity to uncover another part of you that has been hidden. When you define negative emotions that come up as exciting, it makes it easy and fun to transform them. Knowing that all pain is resistance to the natural self is reason enough to get to the bottom of the cause and turn the pain that is not you into joy that is.

  1. Take Accountability For Issues That Are Yours. If you are angry, triggered, or emotionally charged in any way about a situation, or if another person offends you, then it is likely that it is your own issue and you are experiencing your own reflected projection.
  2. What To Do When You Are Upset With Another Person. As stated above, if you are upset then it is likely that it is your own issue. The other person is only reflecting back to you what you put out. The emotional issue has come up to show you that you have a belief that is out of alignment with your higher self and is teaching you something about yourself. It will continue to come up wherever you run, until you shift the belief. Remember that circumstances do not matter; state of being matters. Trust that synchronicity is perfectly orchestrating everything at all times. If it’s happening it is meant to happen. You can’t solve a problem from same energy it is created. Move yourself to the new energy of being the solution. Remember that it is all your own projection. Utilize the power of the illusion rather than being under the illusion of power.
  3. Projections By Others That Are Not Your Issue. If someone projects onto you that you have an issue, like “I hate your orange socks,” and you are not even wearing orange socks, then you can move on with your own business and know that it does not have anything to do with you. If you continue in a high loving vibration with no emotional charge and you can neutrally observe a situation where others are challenged, then there is a good chance it is not your issue.
  4. Bringing Up An Issue You Have With Someone Else. If you feel that someone else is misaligned or out of integrity, first check in with yourself and make sure it is not your own issue. This “observation” needs to be delivered without any hint of animosity, judgment or attack in as loving a way as possible. If you sincerely feel you are neutrally observing something that is not aligned with the other person’s communication or behavior, then gently ask their permission for giving feedback with something like, “Would your be interested in something I picked up on as I was listening to you talk?” If it is a person you know well, you can bypass this step by having a standing agreement to always be open to observations that are objective and for the purpose of upliftment and expansion. Once permission has been established, using kind and loving energy and ending in the form of a question, say something like, “About that statement that you just made, I didn’t feel it in my heart. How did it feel to you when you said it?” or “That didn’t land with me,” or “That didn’t resonate with me,” or “That felt a little off to me. How do you feel about that?” or “When you check in, did that resonate with you?”
  5. What To Do When Someone Brings Up An Issue They Have With You. If someone brings up an issue with you (and this also works if you have an issue with them) it is important to immediately move into your heart space and let go of any defensiveness or judgment. Surrender and listen to their issue with your heart. Neutrally observe how what is happening in the situation is enriching their life or not. Let them know you heard them. Repeat back to them in as loving and balanced energy as possible what you heard the issue is with no evaluation. Then ask them what emotions come up about the situation, listen, and repeat what you heard back to them. Next ask them what they feel needs to happen to rectify the situation, enhance their life, and enhance the lives of all involved. Listen, and repeat what you heard back to them. Listening and repeating back to them what you sense they are really communicating creates a flow of communication that will naturally manifest solutions. When you do this over and over again it creates trust, love and understanding. Remember the trick is to stay in control of your own emotions. If you or they cannot maintain your emotions, ask a third party to facilitate the conversation. A helpful aid in controlling your emotions is to realize there is also something for you to gain from this or synchronicity would not have chosen you to work through this issue with them. When resolution has been reached gracefully, thank the person for their gift of being a reflection that has allowed you to expand and be more of who you are.
  6. Communicate Directly With Anyone You Have an Issue With. No one needs to hide anything. Stand up and be bold so all may hear what you have to say. If you have an issue with someone then lovingly communicate directly with that person regardless of what may come up. Talking behind someone’s back leads to assumptions and usually involves your own projections. If you are emotionally charged about the issue then it is likely your issue and it would be beneficial to ask a 3rd party to facilitate the conversation. If someone talks with you about someone else in a judgmental way, advise them to go directly to that person and discontinue the conversation about the other person that is not present. After you have moved to a light state of being, re-engage with all those involved utilizing positive and loving energy.
  7. Ask For Assistance. If you can’t work through an issue with another individual ask for assistance from someone who you feel is qualified to facilitate. A neutral third party facilitator with a working knowledge of Harmonious Earth values can be of great assistance in resolving issues, representing the best interests of all involved, helping to eliminate any threat or fear of attack, and eliminating any personal judgments about right and wrong. Most members of the community will be qualified to act as a mediator to work through issues, adjust your state of being, and transform the out-of-alignment definitions.

Other Communication Resources

Our discussion about communication in this article is presented from the perspective that you understand the laws of existence and your own infinite nature.

The Nonviolent Communication (NVC) model is well respected in communication circles and begins with the perspective of removing violence from communication and moving into heart-based communication. For more information about Nonviolent Communication (NVC) check out their website, a book titled Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, and read this link to Chapter One on their website which gives you a good introduction to the principles of nonviolent communication and how to use the four components of NVC:  1. observation  2. feeling  3. needs  4. request.

By: Kirk Nielsen

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