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Beliefs Create Your Reality

Your beliefs and definitions create your reality. New beliefs are necessary to create new and different realities or experiences. Believing is seeing, not seeing is believing. There is no reality except your definition of it. Your reality is manifested from what you believe. You only experience what you believe you experience.

Mans head filled with colored images demonstrating that Beliefs Create Your RealityYou cannot have an emotion without first having a belief and then a thought to trigger it. Beliefs, emotions, and behaviors are the triad that make up your personality structure. You literally are what they are, but it is your beliefs that generate your reality and so your beliefs are where all the work is needed if you want to change your reality. Everything flows through your “belief filters.” What you put out is what you get back and your strongest beliefs are what you are putting out, so you will have to restructure your beliefs so they are harmonious in order to experience a Harmonious Earth.

The point of incarnating is to expand your knowledge of who you are and the way to do that is to bring your hidden definitions to light from your unconscious to your conscious. By utilizing the power to perceive, choose, act, experience, reflect, learn, grow, transcend, and forget… you move from being an apprentice, to an adept, to an alchemist.

You cannot experience what you are not the vibration of and what you vibrate comes from your strongest definitions. There is no reality aside from your definitions of it. What you put out you get back. To change your experience you have to change your definitions.

Eye looking at colors showing that Believing is SeeingBelieving Is Seeing

Believing is seeing, not seeing is believing. We know that our reality is manifested from our state of being and definitions, so when we align ourselves with the ideas of a unified holistic world, it must work. We are supported by our higher guidance, our extraterrestrial families, spiritual guides, angels, and Creation itself.

A regular personal practice aided by living in community provides the kind of supportive environment that is essential to transform fear-based beliefs into positive ones.

Finger touching bubble showing how to transform Beliefs InstantlyTransform Beliefs Instantly

The moment you identify a belief, it is gone. When you bring a belief from your unconscious mind into your conscious mind you are at the end of the process and it will instantly disappear (unless you believe it won’t), because it will no longer make sense to you. You will realize the belief is not yours, that you’ve been carrying around someone else’s belief, and you are free to just let it go.

Negative emotions are your signal that you have beliefs that are out of alignment with your natural self. To change from one belief to another you simply become aware of the hidden belief, let it go, and start believing a new one. This process is instantaneous and 100% complete the moment you become conscious of it. It can be that easy, if you believe it is. You are that flexible, but many people don’t believe they are, so believing that change is easy and joyful would be a good belief to start with if you want to really accelerate your ability to transform.

As soon as you believe that what you say you want will really serve you and bring you more pleasure than what you are experiencing now, then there will be nothing that will stop it from happening. When you decide to change you will change instantly. All the trying in the world does not change anything. The processes and “trying” are just the amount of time you believe you need before you are ready to make an instant change, but you could change at any moment. Process itself does not bring about the change. This is not just a nice sounding philosophy; this is physics, because what you put out you get back.

Seeing is BelievingBeliefs Swept Under The Rug Will Still Be Experienced

You do not get rid of beliefs, you transform them. If you try to get rid of a belief and push it away, not only will it not go away, it will persist and strengthen and you will have to create a compartment to hold it and keep it away from you. You still have the belief, but now you have put it away out of sight. You buried it in your subconscious. It is still operating with full power, only now you do not know how or where it is operating from and you think it is outside you in other people and circumstances. This is how a scary negative world is created.

To create a harmonious world you have to bring up all that has been buried in the unconscious and subconscious and transform the beliefs so they are neutralized and aligned with your preferences. If you allow the compartmentalization of negative beliefs to continue and grow they will become heavy and eventually the weight will be too much and collapse will occur in the form of stress, negative circumstances, and disease. An integrated approach of facing issues head on by identifying negative hidden beliefs when they come up in the form of negative emotions and not sweeping them under the rug is the way to true freedom from fear and the realization of full self-empowerment.

Hands creating new firey Earth demostrating that New Definitions Are Needed To Create a New WorldNew Definitions Are Needed To Create a New World

Our civilization is moving towards living in a new connected and integrated way with one another. The collective definitions that have created the experience of separation and segregation are falling away. Consciously establishing new definitions will accelerate the experience of living in a connected, integrated, positive way. This is the mission of Harmonious Earth, to present a clear set of definitions that we can use as a template for a new way of living that is more aligned with what we prefer.

Woman soaring with arms thrown back demonstrating self empowermentThe Key to Self Empowerment is Transforming Beliefs in Lack and Separation

The major issues we face as a society stem from the mistaken belief (definition) that we are disconnected from Source, that we are separate from each other, and are not part of one whole. This one core definition creates the experience of not being enough, being empty and lacking. It drives us in a multitude of different ways, including the desire to constantly accumulate possessions and to own and control people and things.

These things will may temporally provide comfort and solace, but they will never fill the void until we change that cause, which is the core belief that we are separate, finite, and not whole. When we redefine ourselves as infinite beings, completely abundant, part of the whole, and know that joy already resides within us and is experienced by simply being who we naturally are in our own unique way, then we will experience a new world community based on love.

In order to experience the unity, integration and love we say we want we need to transform our limiting definitions into positive expansive ones and then live them in our everyday lives. It’s not enough to talk about it and then go back to living in the same definitions, in the same houses, at the same jobs, eating the same food that makes us unhealthy. We will have a new experience when we adopt new definitions and live in connected ways, in community with each other, where we can influence each other in positive ways, like supporting each other in taking action on our true joy, eating healthily, being unconditionally loving, and sharing our resources.

Surrender BeliefsThe Surrender of Beliefs That Do Not Serve You

Define surrender as letting go of beliefs that do not serve you and that are not really yours. Surrender does not mean you give up or lose something that is a part of who you really are. It is actually the process of letting go what is not yours in the first place. You are more authentically you once you let go of what you now realize is not yours. You still do what is exciting to you, but you do it for a different reason. Rather than doing it to fill the hole or lack inside of you, you take action because it is your authentic joy and highest passion. You lose nothing and gain everything.

7 Steps To Transform Beliefs

The following seven step process is designed for those that are just getting started with changing beliefs and for those pesky fixed beliefs that may be difficult to change. Beliefs Create Your RealityAs you shift and become more flexible you will not need as lengthy of process and be able to change in an instant, but until then these steps will help you become more proficient and educate you in what is involved with transforming beliefs.

  1. Tell your story about a behavior you do not like, or an upsetting situation that has occurred, or an negative issue you are facing that you want to change. Repeating behaviors make great candidates because you can test your new beliefs, and see your progress.
    • Write yours thoughts about it. Go into detail about the situation as you see it.
    • Write how you felt. Ask questions from the list below to elicit emotions.
    • Capture the exact words. Hidden beliefs are contained in the words “you” use and the way you phrase them. It is your definition of what the words means that is holds your beliefs. If possible record the story and transcribe it verbatim.
  1. Native American Chief transforming himself by transforming his beliefsExtract all beliefs and definitions by going through your story.
    • Ask this: What would I have to believe is true in order to have felt that way or thought that? or… What are my definitions/fears about acting on my highest joy that would make me hesitate to do so? Look for the ways that “not” having what you say you want has served you, because you are always motivated to go in the direction of what you believe will bring you the most pleasure and the least pain. Doing this process will uncover the hidden beliefs.
    • Make a complete list of Beliefs. Beliefs are subjective and not factual, and lie beneath emotions and feelings. Beliefs are found in statements containing words like I am, should, wrong. Look beneath these words and you will find beliefs.
    • Group similar beliefs.  Go through the list and group beliefs that are similar. Put a number one by the top belief and then go through the list and put number ones next to all beliefs that are similar. Put a number two by the next belief and go through the list and put number twos next to all beliefs that are similar. Repeat until every belief has a number by it.
    • Condense the list by restating them in a sentence or two capturing the essence of all the beliefs in that group. Don’t go so far that you lose the meaning, but go far enough so that it is manageable. Reduce the list to less than seven if possible, but no more than ten. The brain works best with groups Smaller than about seven. If you have more than ten then, break the group into additional groups.
    • This list represents what you believe to be true and it creates what you experience as your reality. Now that you know “how” what is happening in your life is occurring, you can change it.
  1. Asian landscape with koi pond is an Inspired setting to receive new beliefsArrange an inspired setting to receive your new beliefs.
    • Find a location that is quiet conducive to inspiration, set aside a time when you will not be interrupted, and position your body in a way that is open to receive information. When you are waking up in the morning is a good time and place to visualize your new beliefs because your mind is fresh and clear.
    • Open yourself up to your higher guidance and ask for your spiritual guides assistance and that any unbalancing energies be transmuted into love.
    • Neutralize any egoic intentions and energetic charges and reach beyond the limitations you believe this life imposes on you.
    • Quiet yourself and lift your consciousness to areas of peace and harmony. Surround yourself with light and loving energy. Tap into your own infinite knowledge and wisdom and ask for assistance in replacing your existing list of beliefs with beliefs will serve your highest purpose.
    • When finished, thank yourself and your guides for the honor of their presence, the help with this process and time you get to share with them.
  1. Kitten running and jumping Create New beliefs that it can flyCreate new beliefs to replace the existing beliefs from the list.
    • Read each old belief from your list and acknowledge how they have served you, but now needs to be changed for you to be your fullest. Write it out if you feel it would help. They are parts of you that you have rejected for a reason, find that reason. There is a lesson hidden inside of them. Let go of your resistance, forgive yourself, bring back that wounded part of you, and create a new definition that mirrors the new you, who is loving and strong.
    • Make a list of new beliefs that you “do” prefer. Above each summary of your existing beliefs, write down your new beliefs. Compose new beliefs that are positive and innately aligned with who you know your highest and truest self to be. Reach into your well of higher knowing, rather than into what you have been taught to believe in this world. Come up with beliefs that would create the kind of reality you would like to experience. Have the open attitude of, “what else is possible?” Imagine who you would really like to be if you could design yourself just the way you choose. What would your beliefs be in order to experience your new world?
    • Ask this: What would I have to believe is true to feel positive in the same circumstance rather than the negative emotion I have been experiencing?
    • Use positive expressions that are expansive and unlimited when stating your new beliefs. Let the words flow. Be free, creative and uncensored. Write as much as you need to get your new belief to where you feel good about it.
    • Condense your new beliefs into a sentence or two capturing the essence of each belief.
    • Name each belief using one or two key words extrapolated from each belief. These titles are a convenient way to remind yourself of your new beliefs.
  1. Flower with bridging statementCreate bridging statements to help remind you why your new belief is true in times when you might question it.
    • Create a list of statements that will bolster you when doubts arise. List the reasons and evidence of how and why your New Beliefs are true.  They are the bridge that gets you from the old belief to the new belief.
    • Get into the proper state of mind. Imagine you have already incorporated the new belief and you are explaining it to someone else. Remember, your old self does not believe your new belief is true and does not have the resources to make up these bridging statements.
    • For example: Old Belief: I’m stupid. New Belief:  I’m intelligent and resourceful. Bridging Statements:  I graduated high school.  People come to me for advice on difficult matters.  I can take care of myself.  I know how to prepare my own taxes.  I take part and hold my own in intelligent conversations.  I got into college.  I speak three languages.  My memory is fantastic.  I understand legal jargon, etc…
    • Be playful. Have fun. Lighten up. Don’t take it so serious. To take the charge off the old belief, be silly and say it in baby talk or like you are a goof. Bridging is anything that helps you let go of your past limits.
  1. Man and woman jumping and taking actionPut into action. This is the important part. You want to Be your new beliefs. The most effective and efficient way to do this is…….. Practice.   Here’s how:
    • Apply your new beliefs immediately. Be, Act, and Speak your new beliefs. When situations occur where you used to behave your old way, apply your new belief and behave your new way.
    • Imagine yourself going through the same scenario and see yourself responding differently with the new beliefs. See yourself implementing your new beliefs and hear the phrases you will use when you state them. Listening to yourself as you speak and catch yourself if you start telling your old story and turn it around to the story of the new you.
    • Make a list of your reminder key words that represent your beliefs and write them on a card or sticky note. Post your reminder lists in several areas around the house, car, locker, wallet, etc., and anywhere you will see them on a regular basis.
    • Recite your new beliefs every day, multiple times. If you practice everyday, it usually takes about 30 to 90 days for the new belief to become solid. Read your full list of new beliefs & bridging statements out loud morning and night. Say them into a mirror. It’s important to verbalize them and get them out of your body and into the physical world where you can hear them and see them and experience them.
    • Share your new beliefs with others as you feel comfortable and inspired to. Ask for support when you need it from those who love you.
  1. Revise as necessary. Go back and make adjustments to your new beliefs as often as needed to remain excited about them.
    • Revise your new beliefs and add more supportive bridging statements as needed. This is important because you will actually notice yourself growing and changing and not relating to some of the original statements as you begin to embody the new you.
    • Combine any new beliefs that have morphed and evolved into the same belief.
    • If issues come up with you new beliefs, go back in and get more refined, more precise and use your imagination to find if there is a core belief underlying the belief you think is causing the behavior. Is there something under that, that is making me believe that, that if it didn’t exist, the other belief wouldn’t exist. Stay with it. It is all working out perfectly.

Enjoy your new life!  Congratulations!  You’re doing it!

By: Kirk Nielsen

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