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Individual and Group Interactions

Purpose of Unifying — Purpose of Community — Purpose of Life. We are unifying and physically living the values of harmony that we say we believe in is so we will physically experience that reality.

  • The Purpose of Unifying and Taking Action
  • The Purpose of Community • The Purpose of Life
  • By Unifying With Others You Can Change the World
  • Working Together to Provide Basic Needs

Happy GroupDoing What Works Best For Yourself and For the Group. Acting holistically and harmoniously takes into account what is most exciting for the individual and also what works best for all concerned. This creates joyous and productive individuals and a strong cohesive society.

  • The Benefit of the One and the All
  • Validation of Every Individual
  • The Groups Excitement is My Excitement

Being Fully Expressed and Sharing Your Gifts and Talents. Each individual knows he is an essential and unique piece in the group puzzle picture and by being his (or her) true self he supports the whole.

  • Qualities of Individuals Living Harmoniously
  • Being Fully Expressed and Sharing Your Gift
  • What Happens When You Don’t Share Your Gift
  • Finding Your Innate Gift by Letting Go of the Comforts That Cover It
  • Personal Practice


Unconditional LoveUnconditional Love. Everything you do is an act of love. Ascension is merely remembering how to be in love with All That Is, remembering how to be in love with yourself. To be unconditionally loving is to love without putting any conditions or limitations on others.

  • What is Love?
  • The True Meaning of Unconditional Love
  • Sacrificing in Exchange For Love Is Learned At An Early Age
  • Experience More Love By Becoming An Expert at Working With Energetic Frequency
  • Do What You Love To Do

“Unconditionally loving healthy relationships are achieved by living your highest joy and being excited for all others to live their highest joy.”

RelationshipsRelationships. Allow the natural law of attraction and repulsion to do its job without encumbering it with limiting definitions and enjoy the flow of relationships naturally coming and going to and from you. Marriage, Parents and Children. On a Harmonious Earth everyone treats everyone as family with unconditional love. Everyone is father, mother, son, daughter, husband and wife, and is treated with support, love and respect.

  • The Purpose of Relationships
  • Difference Between 3D and 4D Relationships
  • Monogamy and Other Forms Of Relationships
  • Purpose of Being “In A Relationship As A Couple”
  • What You Are Seeking In Relationships is Actually the Reconnection With Your Higher Self
  • No Need To Place Conditions On Others
  • All Relationships Are With Yourself
  • You Are Not Responsible “For” Others — You Are Responsible “To” Others
  • Family—Marriage, Parents and Children

SexualitySexuality. Sex and sensuality are healthy natural parts of life, a way of connecting to more of who you are through an energetic exchange with another person, thereby completing a circuit. Sex is beautiful, expansive and ecstatic when entered into for the purpose of upliftment and joy, with honesty and full transparency between those who are involved and those who will be affected.

  • Purpose of Sex
  • Transform Limiting Definitions Attached To Sex
  • More Holistic Sex As We Expand

Physical Appearance and Beauty. As you awaken you become more integrated and limiting definitions about physical appearance and beauty are transformed as you experience yourself as the holistic being that you are.

  • Expanding Your Definitions of What is Beautiful
  • Personal Chemistry
  • Acceptance of Extraterrestrials’ Appearance

Hybrid Children CommunityOur Extraterrestrial Connection. A Harmonious Earth is part of a greater system, it is part of a family of civilizations. You are not only connected to everyone on Earth, but you are connected to beings beyond Earth. They are our galactic family and speaking of family… hybrid children have been created by combining the genetic material of the Greys and Humans. They will be joining us soon and for us to be able to receive them we will need to raise our energetic frequency and have a place for them to live. This  is one of the main reasons we created Harmonious Earth. Read more about them on the Hybrid Children Community website.


images-1Healthy Living – Eating and Exercise. We are becoming more conscious, which requires us to operate at higher frequencies. To keep our antennas-bodies-minds tuned up and clean we need to increasingly eat lighter healthier organic fresh plant-based foods, continually detoxify our systems, and stay physically active. What we eat, drink, think, and do create the energetic vibration that we are.

  • We Are Becoming Lighter and Less Dense
  • Listen To Your Body
  • Eat Healthy Fresh Food and Exercise

Communication. Communication creates a reflection that shows you what needs to be understood to be more of who you are.

  • The Purpose of Communication
  • Keys For Effective and Uplifting Communication
  • The Art of Conscious Conversation
  • Possible Techniques, Topics, and Questions to Use in Conversation
  • Dealing With Communication Issues
  • Other Communication Resources

In Hand with NatureSustainability, Nature, and The Environment. Sustainability is being in harmony with the system you are a part of and doing what is beneficial for the whole system as well as each individual part of that system. Sustainable Organic Clothing is healthy for the body, good for the planet and part of a Harmonious Earth.

  • Sustainability and the Environment
  • Efficiency and Recycling
  • Leave No Trail — Pollution
  • Can the Earth Sustainably Support 7 Billion People Living Like You?
  • The Future and Personal Action You Can Take

Energy, Technology, Media. Energy – Use free sustainable energy as much as possible. Limit consumption of fossil fuels. Get off the grid. Use clean electric vehicles. Technology – Utilize and develop the most advanced technologies, such as free unlimited energy, and remember that technology is a reflection of the evolution of our consciousness.  Media and Entertainment – is used for upliftment, expansion, education and communication.

Education – Life is our school where education happens naturally. The structure of the society “is” the education system for everyone in the society.

  • A Properly Structured Society Naturally Provides Education
  • Experts Share Their Skill with Hands On Training
  • Trust in Synchronicity to Teach Us What We Need
  • Children Know the Way

Those living harmoniously are very busy, very inquisitive, and engaged with their lives, interacting with other members of our society in joyous and playful new ways.

By: Kirk Nielsen

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