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The Need to Move to a Moneyless System

On a Harmonious Earth everything belongs to everyone. There is no private ownership and so there is no need for an arbitrary symbol of value such as money to be placed in the middle of exchange. Synchronicity aligns what is produced from people’s highest joy with those whose joy it is to use the products. Knowing there is enough for all and that everyone agrees to share creates a smooth flow from providers to receivers and back again.

Weakness of the Monetary System and Its Eventual Collapse 

In nature everything is in harmony and realizes its interdependence on each other. The belief that we are separate and not part of a unified whole produces the idea of individual ownership and symbols like money to represent the value of what is owned.

The concept of an arbitrary paper symbol such as the “dollar” being tied to all goods and services puts all the power of valuing those goods and services into the hands of the few people who control the creation of money. It begins with good intentions and is tied to a standard like gold, but the temptation to manipulate the system for personal gain of those in power eventually wins out and the money system loses its ability to represent true value and eventually collapses.

We are realizing that we are all joined and the idea of individual ownership is giving way to sharing all resources with all who need it. This reawakened unification will ultimately lead to the discontinuation of the monetary system. Read more about a moneyless system from Michael Tellinger and Ubuntu.

“It is now time in our evolution where we are moving to a system of sharing and letting go of the idea of ownership and money as a symbol of value.” 

Money Is Only One Form of Abundance

Allow abundance to come in what ever form it needs to. Money is only one form of abundance and is used only when it is necessary. Using imagination to come up with creative ways to get needs met is essential. Examples of this are to work with companies to promote their products in exchange for their donating products to us or getting a discounted price. We can promote products on our website that are in alignment with Harmonious Earth values.

The point is to utilize our creativity to imagine all the ways possible to acquire what we need rather than just defaulting to using money. It will get us off the old money system of a few having all the power and move us to the new Harmonious Earth economic system of sharing everything with all.

How We Utilize Money in Harmonious Earth Communities Until We Transition to a Moneyless System

Until the new system is fully implemented we’ll need to use the existing money system to varying degrees. In Harmonious Earth Communities all money is group money and is used for whatever is best for the group and best for each individual’s specific needs in the group. Any money produced by the group is group money. After an individual joins the group, then the money they make is group money. Any money donated to the group is the group’s money. If money is “loaned” to the group then the group would be responsible to pay it back.

basket-of-vegetables2The group does its utmost to accommodate each individual’s highest excitement and if the only way that can happen is through the expenditure of money then the group will work together to provide it. Basic personal needs are provided for with group money.

In regard to the money, assets and recurring income an individual has accumulated before coming into the group, a new member may donate any part of or all of it to the group, or set it aside in personal accounts. It is up to each individual whether to donate their pre-existing money, income or assets, but he or she agrees not use it for their own personal benefit while being associated with the group which is functioning in a unified way.

We realize that individuals keeping money in personal accounts perpetuates the idea of individual ownership and creates a separation of harmonious frequencies among the group members, but allowing group members to keep separate money until they are ready to donate it will serve as a bridge that will allow people to acclimatize before they choose to go all in. Everyone expands at their own rate and it may take some time being with the group for them to feel comfortable with the concept of donating their money, which would be a symbol of unifying and de-compartmentalizing. It is for each individual to decide when the timing is right. Keeping personal money in savings when the group is in need of money may prove to be challenging in their own expansion process, and also to some other group members who have not yet integrated their beliefs about it, but it’s all perfect and serves as lessons to aid in expansion. Withholding anything perpetuates compartmentalized consciousness which is the very thing we are moving away from, but we are all working on this to greater or lesser degrees and we need to accommodate everyone’s personal process.

By: Kirk Nielsen

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