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You Are Already Abundant

“Abundance is the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.”

You are already completely abundant. You lack nothing. You always get back an abundance of what you put out. Abundance is a state of consciousness. Abundance is a perspective. It is knowing that you are Source energy and that you are enough.

A Harmonious Earth is an abundant Earth. The two go together. Being harmonious and abundant is realizing that you are an aspect of All That Is and have access to All That Is at all times. You know there is always enough and that you have what you need anytime you need it, and so you take only what you need when you need it and leave the rest.

The reason for using the word “need” rather than “want” in saying that “Abundance is the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it” is because the physical mind may lock itself into negative definitions of lack and “want” things to fill a hole in itself when it really doesn’t “need” those things. You’ll always have what you need when you need it, but it may not be what your physical mind thinks it wants.

Manifestation is Making the Invisible Visible 

You manifest what you believe is true. You already manifest perfectly. Manifestation is instantaneous. You do not have to learn to manifest, you just have to learn to manifest what you “prefer” and not manifest what you do not prefer. Manifestations that you do not prefer come from limiting beliefs that you may or may not be unaware of and that are often hidden in the unconscious and subconscious parts of yourself.

Manifestation is not the process of bringing into existence something that doesn’t exist; it is simply an alteration of perception, which is the alteration of beliefs. Everything already exists and is already manifest. Manifestation is the process of making the invisible visible. You make it visible by believing in it. If it is invisible to you, it is your strongest existing beliefs that are making it invisible. When you shift your beliefs you shift yourself to a parallel reality whose vibration is already reflective of a reality vibration you prefer and you will experience the reflections of those new beliefs.

Manifesting the reality you preferTo be proficient at manifesting what you prefer, you must be very clear that your strongest beliefs, whether conscious or unconscious, create your manifestations. Manifestation may not occur if you have any doubts attached to those beliefs. Once you’ve imagined what you prefer and adopted the new beliefs, allow yourself to trust and behave as though it is done. See it, think it, breathe it, act it, talk it, and walk it without any expectations. Know it is your new reality regardless of what exterior circumstances may look like.

Surrendering and accepting “what is” demonstrates it is who you truly are, you believe it, and are the vibration of it. Do not look to the reflection of physical reality for verification, because that just demonstrates doubt which will undermine the process. Know that you have changed because that is who you are and trust that when you need to see the reflections of your new beliefs in physical reality, you will.

When you learn to do more with less, you will be able to do less and get more. When you do the best you can with what you have you radiate an energy of conviction that increases what you have and attracts more.

You have changed your perspective and are looking through the eyes of a different world. You never really change the world you are on, it still exists, never changes and will always exist; you simply shift to a parallel reality Earth that reflects your new beliefs.

Manifesting by Visualizing and Behaving As If

In order to manifest and experience the reality you prefer, you must be the vibration of that reality first. You already are the person you want to become. You just have to know it, and then you will act like it, and then you will be it and experience it. You can shift to any reality instantly, but the catch is that it may take some practice to know that that is how it works.

A technique you can use to become more proficient at shifting realities is to visualize your preferred reality and then notice the differences between how you behave in that reality and how you behave in this one and then start acting in every way you can like that version of you in the preferred reality. The more you reflect and mimic that version of you, the more you will have that reality.

Learning To Do More With Less

One of the keys to abundance is learning how to do more with less, so you can do less and get more. When you are filled up by just sitting in the sun, walking through nature, or any number of other activities, then you really understand concept of abundance. This does not mean that anything is wrong with indulging in the luxuries of life, but it is important to expand your definitions of abundance to include all forms. Be aware that beliefs in lack and powerlessness are often the driving force behind acquiring unnecessary material possessions to make yourself feel full and the need to manipulate and control others to make yourself feel more powerful.

By: Kirk Nielsen

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