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What is Love?

Love is what you are. Love exists. Love is not outside of you. Love is a state of being. Love is complete self-worth and creativity. Love is unconditional.

You can’t get love from another person. Another person can reflect love to you, but in that case it is still your own love that you are experiencing. After all, nothing is outside of you and you can only experience yourself. Everything you do is an act of love. Expansion and ascension are merely remembering how to be in love with All That Is, remembering how to be in love with you. Choose love. Choose to be “in” love with yourself, your other selves, the entire world, the multiverse, and everything that is.

The Meaning of Unconditional Love

To be unconditionally loving is to love without putting Any conditions or limitations on others. When people use the phrase “unconditional love” they sometimes assume that it means that a person is willing to do “anything” for another. Doing something for another that is not your excitement is not what unconditional love means.

Unconditional love is about doing what would be most loving for all involved, which includes you. It may seem loving to do what others prefer at the exclusion of what you prefer, but it really is not, because you are leaving your own self love out of the equation. If the scenario includes a larger group then it is about what would be most loving for the entire group. True love is holistic, inclusive, and not compartmentalized. It does not leave out one individual’s excitement in favor of another. True unconditional love takes into account the good of all involved as well as the good of the individual.

Unconditional love is the harmonization of what is most loving for yourself, all other individuals, and all factors affected. Unconditional love is allowing others to be what they choose to be while you are what you choose to be. Unconditional love is being the most fully express version of yourself that you can be and being excited for others to be and do what is the most exciting for them. It’s about the free will and consideration of all involved. It is not giving up your own excitement to please another. Sacrifice and abnegation is not love.

The most loving thing you can do for someone is to be your true self.  Truly behaving like you love yourself and are fully empowered gives others the permission to love themselves and be self empowered.

Sacrificing in Exchange For Love Is Learned At An Early Age

The belief that love comes from doing things for others at the expense of what you truly prefer for yourself is often learned in early childhood. A child forms this belief of “self-sacrifice for love” when he sees that the only way to get love from the parent is to do what what the parent wants him to do even though it is against what he would choose to do. This becomes an ingrained belief and is experienced throughout an entire life if it is not addressed and transformed.

When played out in adult relationships it begins with two people being so in love that they are willing to “sacrifice” parts of themselves and do anything for each other, but after a while the resentment of not being their fully expressed, true authentic selves grows and they end up despising each other and projecting onto the other their own disappointment and ending the relationship, or continuing to suppress it and living in denial and pain.

All pain is resistance to the natural self. Love is your natural state. All you have to do to experience love is to let go of all your programmed filters about lacking love and just love yourself, because you are love.

Every act is an act of love. It’s just that sometimes the person has not been taught how to express love in a healthy way. On the surface the person may appear to be expressing him or herself in an unloving way, but at the depth of his or her heart the person really wants to be loving, but just has no tools to do it with.

You deserve all the unconditional love in existence. If you didn’t deserve it you wouldn’t exist. The fact that you exists tells you that you deserve unconditional love. Your very existence guarantees unconditional love.

Experience More Love By Becoming An Expert at Working With Energetic Frequency

Being excited about the frequencies other people choose to be does not mean you have to be that frequency yourself. This is an important distinction to understand. It is essential to be able to neutrally observe something without agreeing to become the energetic frequency of it. The only way you can experience anything is by agreeing to match that frequency. You will be invisible to frequencies that are not your preference even if someone has negative intentions towards you. If you are still experiencing reflections that are not your preference, it is because you are not yet fully aligned with your preference and those experiences are giving you the opportunity to do so.

“Unconditional love is acceptance and neutrality about what others choose to be without any judgment that what they are doing is wrong.”

You are made of energy. What you put out you get back. Having the life you prefer is all about becoming proficient at working with energetic frequencies. Allow yourself to match the frequencies you prefer and neutrally observe the ones you don’t, and allow others to do the same. Choosing to be with others that are of a similar energetic vibration is the most loving thing you can do for yourself and others. If they are not your frequency, they do not want to be around you any more than you want to be around them. If you stop resisting and go with the flow of who you really are you will attract those who are your vibrational match and your life will be filled with joy!

The trick to being unconditional is to “trust” that everything that is happening in your reality is meant to happen, that it is positive, and that it is happening for your benefit and everyone else that is involved. One of the your attributes, as an aspect of Creation that you are, is that you get to place the meaning onto everything in your reality. Nothing means anything until you say so. This freedom to choose cannot be taken from you. It is built into your existence. What you put out you get back.

When you define everything as positive it is easy to be unconditional about everything that is happening.

Do What You Love To Do

Do what you love and follow your joy. The feeling of excitement and joy is your true nature. When you live your joy you are loving yourself. Play, be happy, and have fun. Set yourself free to live your joy, be excited, be inspired, experience your bliss, and pursue your passion. Set the child in you free!

By: Kirk Nielsen

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