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The One Is Made Up From All the Pieces

The One (or Creation/God) knows itself as the One and simultaneously as all the pieces. All of the pieces together form the One. Creation is made of the Creator. There is no outside to Creation. Every discrete part and piece is part of the same whole and just like in a hologram, every part is the whole.

”You are a holographic representation of Creation.”

You are Creation expressed as an individual part and the same is true of every other individual and every other thing. Each seemingly different individual is “the One” and “All That Is” experiencing itself from a different point of view. You and everyone and everything are not only all connected, but actually the same one thing.

Everything is Made Of One Thing 

The One is the AllCreation is simple. It is as simple as it possibly can be. It is just made of one thing. Out of all that simpleness comes very rich complexity, but that does not mean the the Universe is complicated, it just means that the simpleness in interacting with itself in a very rich reflective manner.

The prime radiant is a concept that explains how everything is made from one thing. Imagine that there is just one particle and it has no mass and it can move at infinite speeds. If it moved at infinite speed, it can be everywhere at the same time appearing as if it is a multitude of particles when infact it is all the same particle moving back and forth in an intricate geometric pattern. It makes the Universe appear as though it is full of different galaxies, stars, planets and particles, but everything is actually made out of the same one particle. This not only applies spiritually, but also physically.

As the particle crosses its own path it becomes denser and denser. Gravity is created at the places where it crosses itself. This interaction with itself on different paths form different states of reality. Everything is really just one thing. It is All That Is. It is the One experiencing itself as everything.

Realizing Your Oneness with Everyone and Everything

When you realize that you are literally connected with everything, that it is really you, that you are just interacting with yourself, and that nothing and no one is outside of you, it is easy to fall in love with everyone and everything, because you are just loving yourself. This awakening to the idea that is all really just you and that you can simply love it all, occurs inside of you and is then reflected outside in your physical reality as you seeing everything as joyous, kind, and compassionate.

There is no one out there attempting to harm you, there never has been. It has always been just you imagining that you were separated into different parts, completely convinced by this ingenious sleight of hand of this particular structure of physical reality that you have have designed for yourself to to play out, but now the game is at an end and you are putting the pieces you broke apart back together again and are now realizing it has always been just you interacting with yourself in giant holographic mirror you call physical reality. Now you can stop the shadow play in this house of mirrors and take control of your life, because you now know how it works and you realize that it is you that is one, the OZ, who is behind the curtain making it all happen.

For those of us that choose to live together on a “Harmonious Earth,” we all must understand how we are connected with everything and everyone. We must understand what appears to be “other” outside of us is really just ourselves, but continue to play out the game of physical reality with this new understanding in an awakened way where we respect others and at the sametime fully express our own individuality. Unity is not the product of homogenization… Unity is the product of the validation of every single difference as equal. We are all essential and unique pieces in a puzzle picture and by being our true selves we enhance the whole.

By: Kirk Nielsen

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