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Create A New Network Inside of the Existing Network

The plan is to shift to a Harmonious Earth by creating a new unified network of people, communities, and industries, around the world with the same common values of living in harmony with each other, with nature, sharing all Earth’s resources, doing what is in the best interest of society as a whole and each individual’s highest joy. The new network will work along side of the old network and expand to include a larger and larger network, until the old network collapses and new network takes its place.

Not about fixing the Old SytemCreating a New System Rather Than Fixing the Old One

The new network is based on new ideas and systems that are representative of harmonious values such as the new ownershipeconomic, and governing ideas found on this Harmonious Earth website.

For a while the new system will function inside of the existing system like a world inside of the world, or a network inside of the network. It will continue alongside the old system until the old system fails and the new system replaces it. It is not about changing the old system, because you cannot solve a problem from the same energy that it was created. You create by matching that frequency of what you want, not by focusing on the problems of what you do not want. What you put out you get back.

Shifting to the Reality You Prefer by Matching the Frequency of That Reality

To manifest a Harmonious Earth you use same technique you would use for manifesting anything…“You simply shift to the reality you prefer by matching the frequency of that reality.”

This idea of not fixing the old system and just focusing on a new system is set in the context of a world collective, but it also is applicable in a personal context. It is personally knowing what you prefer and only focusing on that without looking around at all the things you don’t prefer. Sure, you may be able to still observe some of the same old reflections, but you do it without judgement, with neutral energy, and without becoming the frequency of that energy.

As a society, we have often used the strategy of learning what we do prefer by experiencing what we don’t prefer. This is a valid way to learn, but we can be more efficient by simply choosing what we do prefer in the first place without having to experience all the things we don’t prefer. We are just now becoming conscious of our ability to do this. We are realizing we no longer need to be victims and we can actually choose to experience only what we prefer without all of the baggage that used to come with it.

matrix-numbersWe are not saying to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Of course the preferences that work from our old system will naturally be built into the new system. The point is to not get bogged down in focusing on the problem with endless debates attempting to accommodate every special interest. That is what created the need to fix the system in the first place. Focus on the solution. Focus on the kind of Earth we wish to live in.

You cannot perceive what you are not the frequency of, so you must become the frequency of what you prefer first and then you will be able to perceive the  necessary solutions and experience that reality. If you focus on fixing the old system you will continue to experience it, because you are functioning on the same frequency that created the old system. As Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.”

This is a tricky one for humans because we have been taught to believe that everything is outside of us and that we fix things by focusing on them “out there,” but that is not the case. You must drop the old belief of struggling against the illusion, believing that something is out there, and giving it power and learn the way the laws of existence truly operate in regards to manifestation and utilize the power of knowing that the illusion is inside of you and that to experience your prefered reality you shift to that energetic frequency and then you will see that reflection “out there” in the mirror of physical reality.

You must smile first to see a smile reflected back to you in a mirror. Physical reality is a mirror. It is just a reflection of what you put out. If you don’t prefer the movie that’s playing, you don’t run up onto the stage and attempt to “fix” the movie on the screen, you go back to the projector room and change the the movie.

Approach the shift to a Harmonious Earth as though it is a game and to win the game you need to use the techniques of a martial artist. Martial artists are taught to not to resist, but to match and utilize the energy of their opponent, so that with the lightest touch they can move their opponent into the position they prefer. In the game of shifting from the old system of competition to the new system of harmony flow with the energy that is coming at you and do not resist it. Allow it to take itself out. It will collapse under its weight and force. Focus on balancing yourself and having everything in place for your own sustenance.

Take Advantage of This Unique Window of Opportunity To Shift To 4th Density

You are not just a person, you are your own complete reality and make up everything in it. You are constantly shifting through infinite different parallel realities and by increasing your frequency those shifts are experienced as ascension and expansion. The people that appear to surround you are your own made up versions of what you believe them to be. This does not mean that there are not other beings. There are other beings and they are making up their own realities just same as you are. Everyone is their own holographic universe, an aspect of All That Is taking their own unique perspective.

Silhouette of a Girl with light coming from her heart Shifting To 5th Dimension / 4th DensityThe reason you have a common experience with other beings is because you are agreeing with them to have a common experience. If you or they shift beyond the reality you have both agreed to, then you will no longer experience them. You cannot experience what you are not the vibration of.

When you shift to a new reality, only the beings that have versions that fit into your new reality will be there. They will not be there if they are not the frequency of the new reality you have shifted to. It is important to understand this because as you uplift and enlighten yourself you will need to let go of ideas that limit you, like all your family and friends needing to ascend with you. Everyone is free to choose their own path and if you truly unconditionally love them and yourself, you will allow them to choose their path and you to choose yours, even though theirs may be different than yours. It is essential to let go of the idea that everyone that was in your reality before will be in your new reality.

Not only will certain people not be in your reality, but numerous other things that do not have representations in your new realities will no longer be either, because they are not commensurate with the vibration of those realities.

Some examples of things that will change and may even cease to exist are certain physical objects, circumstances, histories, governments, economies, certain principles of physics, scientific understandings, limiting behaviors such as blame, complaining, and justification, and any number of other ideas that only fit in a denser 3rd density reality and not in a higher frequency 4th density reality.

Being flexible, malleable, and flowing are qualities of those riding the ascension wave. If you insist on holding on to things from the past that not in alignment with the higher frequencies you are shifting to, you will not be able to exist in those frequencies. You will be limited to the frequency of those things and beliefs that you are holding on to and not be able to expand beyond the perspective that goes with them. You will not be able to exist in higher frequency dimensions, and interact with higher dimensional beings like ET’s.

Shifting from 3rd to 4th DensityThe ascension agenda of Earth’s collective consciousness transitioning from 3rd to 4th density is accelerating. The opportunity to catch this wave and ride it has been available for the last several years. The leading edge of the wave has passed and many have chosen in and are riding the wave and many are not. Realities have split and the distance between them is widening. As the wave progresses it will become increasingly more difficult to move between them. There are those that will never jump in and those that are doing their work, but holding out until the last moment to go all in.

Those that are holding onto positions back in the wake, further down the line, will soon be so vibrationally different that they will not even be able to perceive that there is, or ever was, an opportunity to ascend and interact in higher dimensional ways with higher dimensional beings. It just won’t occur to them.

Higher dimensional Extraterrestrial beings have an agreement with our collective consciousness to ride the wave with us and assist in our ascension. They are also ascending and the window of opportunity to interact with them will close for those that did not choose to catch the wave as it came by. The idea of interacting with higher dimensional beings and all such information will have disappeared from their reality. It is still there, but they will not perceive it.

It is all your choice. No one else has any power to control this but you. You are choosing your path. No one is getting left behind. You are always invited to ride the wave, but that means you must change, because the you that you have been cannot exist where you are ascending to. Harmonious Earth reflects the nature of the changes you need to make to ride the wave. You may perceive that some of necessary changes are uncomfortable and challenging, but the reality you are shifting to is very different and requires a complete letting go of what is not aligned with that vibration. The pace of letting go of lower frequency beliefs and behaviors will increase as you go along, but you will get better and better at letting go and will not be taken beyond what you are able to do. As  you awaken you learn new ways of behaving, new definitions of what you are, and what the universe is and this knowing will allow you to handle everything that is put before you on your journey.

The physical mind with its own rationale may say that I want it this way or that way, but that may not be conducive to riding the wave, letting go of what you need to, and behaving in the new ways you need to. In its insistence to be in charge the physical mind will remain where it is and it will receive the consequences of that vibrational frequency.

You can always choose at anytime to ascend, but it will be in a different way, because you will not have available to you the same opportunities that are open for this length of time with this extraterrestrial assistance in this particular way. This is a unique window of opportunity in the collective consciousness of Earth. Take advantage of it. Come with us and experience the joy of being your whole self with your physical self and higher self connected as one. It is always in your best interest to do so.

man jumping for joy showing that following our excitement shows us the pathFollowing Our Excitement Shows Us the Path

The means to grow the network, acquire the properties, build the structures, and procure the necessary goods and services come in the same way this whole idea has come, and everything comes, through our higher selves synchronistically guiding us to them. The way our higher selves guide us is by what is exciting to each of us. Excitement is the path the higher self lays out for us to follow. Our imagination is the conduit the higher self uses to give us the ideas.

Our higher self sees the big picture and “conceives” how it is going to happen. Our physical self only “perceives” what is happening and has no ability to conceive how anything happens. By transferring control of our lives from the physical self to the higher self we are completely abundant and have what we need when we need it.

The people and circumstances necessary to make this plan physically happen are in place and we will be synchronistically led to them in perfect timing. Life works! It’s a matter of allowing it to work naturally by getting our limiting beliefs out of the way and following our higher self which is guides us through our imagination and excitement.

We have been led by our excitement to how a Harmonious Earth will function, to the exact locations of the first group of properties, and will continue to be led to what needs to happen next. The people who will populate the communities are doing their personal work and are ready with the necessary high vibration to live in the communities.

People in Bubble RealitiesUsing Bubble Realities to Expand

Each individual is a bubble reality and agreements between individuals create different bubble realities that include the definitions of all the individuals experiencing that particular bubble. When we create new bubble realities, only the people that belong there will be there by definition.

We burst the bubble, so to speak, by expanding the bubble to include every single being in our civilization. And then when we burst that bubble it will include all the beings we interact with throughout the idea of our galaxy. The bubbles are constantly bursting to expand us individually and collectively to new bubbles.

We are creating a new bubble reality. The network we are talking about is a bubble that will burst to include a larger network, and a larger network, and a larger network until it includes the whole world in a parallel reality that is representative of a Harmonious Earth.

A Harmonious Earth is the physicalization of the new race that we are becoming. We are the seeds of this new reality and another seeding will occur when our extraterrestrial family joins us and become yet again something different in order to truly be the race we truly are.

People UnifiedOnly a Small Number of Positive People Is Needed to Change the World

As a planet, we have crossed the threshold from being slightly more negative to being slightly more positive, so that now more things are possible more quickly, in a more expansive way.

It doesn’t take as many positively oriented people to outweigh all the negatively oriented ones.  It only actually takes about one hundred and forty-four thousand [144,000] individuals operating at a frequency rate of about one hundred and eighty thousand [180,000] cycles per second on average to outweigh the other six billion people on the planet in terms of negative energy (now that there are seven billion on the planet the number is slightly higher) because positive energy is integrative, geometrically expansive and accelerative; whereas negative energy is segregative, disconnected and discordant, and spirals downward into compartmentalization and isolation. If you divide 6,000,000,000 by 144,000 you get 0.0024% or 1 in 41,667.

As of 2010 the population of southern California and Nevada from the border of Mexico to Santa Barbara and east to and including Las Vegas was 24,361,642, which is 8% percent of U.S. population. Based on this idea, it only takes 584 positively oriented people to actually outweigh all the negatively oriented people in that area.

The first communities we have planned near there will have at least that number and more. As we continue to expand the network, the positive energy will expand until it includes the whole world in a reality that is representative of a Harmonious earth.

By working together we can accomplish far more than working individually. Imagine a hundred people showing up when we need to construct a new dwelling, plant the garden, send out an email blast, or gather the resources for  a new community. How much could we accomplish if we join together and utilize all our talent and energy? Great things can be accomplished very quickly when we all work together to make it happen.

By: Kirk Nielsen

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