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Use free sustainable energy as much as possible. Limit consumption of fossil fuels. Get off the grid. Use clean electric vehicles.


Utilize and develop the most advanced technologies, such as free unlimited energy, and remember that technology is a reflection of the evolution of our consciousness.

Media and Entertainment

Media and entertainment are used for upliftment, expansion, education and communication. We are living our highest joy and do not need media to escape from our lives or use media to cover up a sense of lack from not being connected to our Source. We know who we are and do not need to convince anyone of anything or sell anything to anyone. We are a new paradigm and the creation and use of media and entertainment reflect that new paradigm.

We are very busy, very inquisitive, and engaged with our new lives, interacting with other members of our society in new ways and with other beings in the galaxy that are assisting us and others with their expansion.

By: Kirk Nielsen

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