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Life is school. Education happens naturally.

A Properly Structured Society Naturally Provides Education

On a Harmonious Earth education is built into the social structure. The structure of the society is the education system for everyone in the society. It has all the tools necessary already built into it to teach everyone what they need to know. There is no need for a separate education system. That is why it is so important to have the society properly structured with common values that are expansive, integrative and supportive.

images-1Experts Share Their Skill with Hands On Training 

Education occurs when individuals attract themselves to what they are most naturally and innately inclined to learn about and participate in. Those who are already expert in those fields will allow those who are interested in what they do to learn from them “on the job” and learn by experience. They know that if synchronicity has brought the apprentice to them then they are now the mentor. Everyone is a teacher and everyone is a student. If someone shows up who is interested in what you are doing, you become his or her teacher and the same is done for you.

The best way to teach is by example and first-hand experience. The idea is to let people place themselves in environments where they experience others behaving in empowered and creative ways and where they are supported to do the same. Placing the priority on the natural inner gifts that people have is very different from the old paradigm which puts the focus on outer symbols (like money).

Young boy looking through magnifying glass trusting in synchronicity to teach what is needed  Trust in Synchronicity to Teach Us What We Need  

We trust that synchronicity brings to us the people and circumstances to teach us exactly what we need to learn next. We are very curious and inquisitive and if we allow ourselves follow our natural instincts they will lead us to what we need to know. This goes for children and adults. We are just beginning to awaken to our true infinite nature. We call this education, but we already know it. We’re just remembering what we already know. This is the game of life; to forget and then have the experience of remembering. We are coming out of a very limited paradigm. From this perspective our entire civilization is just seedlings or children, and all need to be awakened and educated.

We are letting go of limiting ideas and allowing in new expansive ideas. Thinking we already know is a major hindrance to our growth. We must let go of old forms of education. The new education will come from opening up our crown chakras and accessing knowledge from All That Is. We will know what we need to know when we need to know it.

Empowering people by teaching them that they have access to All That Is is the most import thing people can learn. With this knowledge they can transform the world and effectively utilize its resources to build systems and environments that are sustainable and in harmony with all living things.

imgresChildren Know the Way

When children come to Earth there are things that they need to learn in order to live in this world… how society works, crossing the street, reading, writing, mathematics and more. In regard to living harmoniously at a higher frequency they may know more than we do.

Rather than telling a child how to behave, it would be advantageous to ask the child the preferred way to behave and allow the child to learn by doing, discovery and experience. In this way the child would unveil to himself and the adult what he innately knows

The whole planet is being upgraded to a new higher frequency, and the children coming to Earth at this time are a different species. They are arriving with less forgetfulness of their true nature and therefore can teach themselves many things. If we’re willing to listen to them, they can also remind the rest of us of what we have forgotten.

By: Kirk Nielsen

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