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A Harmonious Earth is part of a greater system, part of a family of civilizations. You are not only connected to everyone on Earth, but you are connected to everyone beyond Earth, the beings we call extraterrestrials. They are the galactic family that we have come from and are reconnecting with. We intuitively know this as we gaze out into space, which is really just looking inside ourselves, because space and time are inside our consciousness and there really is no “out there.” When you begin to awaken to the fact that you are not separate, and that the all are the one and the one is the all, then it stands to reason that there are many other civilizations like us and infinitely more that are nothing like us. Expansion or ascension is an integrative processes of including more and more of ourselves, which naturally leads to the parts of ourselves that are beyond this Earth, which are our extraterrestrial family.

The story we have told ourselves about how we came to be can now be retold. It is time for a different story. You create the past from the present, so you can shift to the parallel reality that is in more alignment with the expanded being you choose to be and have a history that includes your extraterrestrial heritage. Remember that believing is seeing, not seeing is believing, which is the same as to say, what you put out you get back. You’re making this stuff up! There is no reality, aside from what you define it to be. Physicists are finding that empirically, inherently, there is no reality. That nothing is “out there” is the foundation of many of their theories of reality. Your view of what you think your reality can be is what reality is. You are responsible for its creation.

As a society we are accepting each other more and more. Nations, religions and cultures are joining together and now we are very close to openly joining with our extraterrestrial family. Our need to have our governments protect us from our fears has diminished and we are ready to disclose to ourselves that there is more to us than just what is here on Earth.

Extraterrestrials understand oneness and live harmoniously and are ready to join with us, but we must meet them halfway. We need to raise our frequency and become more harmonious, so we can be in their presence without going into psychic shock. Meeting them would instantly cause all that we have kept hidden to rush to the surface before we are ready, so for our sake they hold off until we have done our personal work and integrated enough of our compartmentalized beliefs that we can meet them in an uplifting joyous way without fear.

Creating a network of high vibrational communities not only serves the purpose of providing us with sanctuaries that are more aligned with who we truly are so we can raise our vibration high enough to interact with extraterrestrials, but also the communities will be first contact locations where extraterrestrials, and in particular our hybrid children who have been created from the “Grey” and Human hybridization (abduction) program, can join with us, live amongst us, safely interact, and acclimatize to us, and we can acclimatize to them. The hybrid children will act as step-up transformers to raise our frequency. Read more about the hybrid program and about hybrid children on the Hybrid Children Community website.

See Kirk’s story of how he met his hybrid kids.

Hybrid Children Community

 By: Kirk Nielsen

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