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Definition of  Energetic Frequency

In this age of awakening we are operating on higher and higher frequencies. In our past we have chosen to have a very limited and focused experience and we did this by establishing limited beliefs that only allowed certain information into our awareness. Now that we are choosing to let more information in, we are letting go of the limiting beliefs that have prevented us from being all we can be.

Everything is EnergyFrequency is the vibrational rate of consciousness. Everything, including matter, is energy vibrating at a certain frequency. Different states or properties of objects are created by their different frequency rates. As the frequency rate rises, more information is made available. The invisible becomes visible. The information has always been there, but now it can be experienced.

To operate at a higher frequency means you have more frames per second moving through your consciousness and there is more information on those frames. Raising your frequency is like upgrading to a computer screen that has more pixels, higher definition, and even multiple channels all at the same time. It’s like watching a high definition movie in 3D virtual reality versus an old flat VHS movie. Operating at a higher frequency allows you to more easily switch between multiple channels on your TV set of life.

Man walking into an energy grid representing that You are your own Holographic UniverseThere is Nothing Outside You

Physical reality is a projection that is being reflected on the mirror of your higher mind. You are your own holographic universe. There really isn’t anything out there…outside of you. It is all inside of you and made of your own energy that you put out. The way you “put out” your energy is by strongly believing in something. You don’t need to learn how to do this; you do it automatically. You just need to get conscious control of it. The trick is becoming aware that this is what is happening and then knowing how to change the channel you are watching by changing your frequency. Each of your beliefs is a specific frequency. You shift your frequency by shifting your beliefs.  To do this you have to be open to it, which requires you to be operating at a higher frequency.

How To Raise Your Frequency

In order to raise your frequency you have to become aware that there are differences in frequencies, which often are your subconscious and unconscious beliefs. For example: When someone walks into a room and you feel dark or negative energy around them, or the opposite when someone enters a room and you feel uplifted by their energy, you are aware of different frequencies. Another example is environmentally or situationally, like when you’re driving in traffic versus walking through nature. Both have very different frequencies of energy, one being chaotic, intense, and serious, and the other being calm, harmonious and uplifting. Becoming aware of how different people and places make you feel is necessary to uncovering the beliefs behind the feelings. You cannot have an emotion without having a belief first. When you feel a certain way, that is the signal that you have a belief that is creating that emotion. Knowing that emotions are always linked to beliefs and that limiting beliefs must be expanded is essential to raising your frequency and shifting your state of being.

1374711_979591793116_548653939_nAnother thing to remember when learning to shift frequency is that all energetic frequencies are equally valid and that the frequency you are presently choosing is just your preference in this now moment. It is just a matter of what you prefer. “Higher frequencies” are literally lighter; check out the attached image. A lower (no worse, just physically different) energy would be one that is more dense physically or slower, which is shown in the image as 1HZ. A higher frequency is faster, making it less physical and more light which is shown in the image as 4HZ.

A holistic approach that includes physical action is needed if you intend to raise your frequency and experience more light. You have to behave in an integrated, expansive, and loving way in addition to feeling it and thinking about it. You are playing the physical reality game here in this incarnation and part of the game is to ground the energy into physical reality so it can complete the circuit. You have to physically stop participating in frequencies like war, manipulation, and segregation which have a polarizing effect towards the negative and are of a lower denser frequency. When you are physically compassionate, kind, work together, see the similarities, and love each other you are operating on a higher frequency.

The best way to raise your frequency is to follow your excitement-joy-bliss to the best of your ability, with integrity, and no expectation of the outcome. Doing this will teach you about the different frequencies you are operating on. Just think about it, if you are doing what you love then you will naturally be operating at the highest frequency in that moment and if you do that then you will be having fun and being happy which is your natural self!

“To be free to expand, define things as positive and negative energy rather the good or bad, so that there is neutrality without judgment or a fixed energetic charge.”

Energy Frequency Swirling Around EarthMatching Only The Frequencies You Agree To

The only way you can experience anything is by agreeing to match that frequency. You will be invisible to frequencies that you do not agree to match and are not your preference even if someone has negative intentions towards you.

You may still be able to naturally observe them, but if you do not agree that it is your prefered reality then you will not mirror or match that vibration and will not take it on. No one can do anything to you. You cannot be a victim. Everything is a free choice.

Frequency/State of Being Matters, Circumstances Do Not Matter

Your frequency is what is creating your experience or circumstances. Nothing in all of existence can contradict this, because you are the consciousness that is creating it all. Circumstances are not creating your state of being, your state of being is creating your circumstances. Put simply circumstances don’t matter, state of being matters. This is a play on words and has a double meaning, because matter is literally created from energetic frequency, not the other way around.

When you define that everything that happens in your life is positive, it does not matter what happens. Why care what happens if you know that whatever happens is going to have a positive effect? If it is all for your own benefit then you can let go of caring about circumstances, relax, and enjoy the journey. What needs to happen will happen in perfect timing. The higher self conceives, the physical self perceives, and the brain receives. Your higher self has the steering wheel and knows what it is doing. Let it drive and let your physical self observe the ride and work together with the higher self doing what it is instructed to do. That is all there is to it.

EnergyLife Has No Meaning, Except For What You Give It

The meaning something has is the meaning you give to it. All circumstances and objects are just neutral props. You give them their meaning. What you put out you get back. Life has no built in meaning, so all the meaning that you place on neutral props is being mirrored back to you and experienced as your life.

If you are not happy with the circumstances you are experiencing, then you will continue to experience unhappiness. The way out is for you to redefine those same circumstances as beneficial and see the value in them. They will then teach you what you need to learn and once the lesson is learned they will never be experienced in that same old negative way again. The same circumstance may occur, but you will not experience it as negative.

Define everything that is happening in your life as positive and as what needs to happen. Say to yourself, “If it is happening then it is meant to happen.” This will change your frequency and you will experience a new image, or the old image in a new way, on your giant holographic big screen TV of life.

Fifth Dimension VisionDimension vs. Density and Shifting Between 3rd and 4th Density

Density is a term used to indicate vibrational frequency. It is defined as being the measurement of mass, consistency, or how dense something is. The word Density is used in a scale to denote the differences of frequencies between realities. Using a 7 density scale model, our world is currently a 3rd density frequency making the shift to 4th density.

A dimension is the measure of spatial extent, especially width, height, or length and implies location. So we are a 4th dimensional reality, which include 3 dimensions of space and 1 dimension of time. We are presently in the process of shifting to a 5th dimensional reality where we include existence beyond space and time. We are shifting from 4th dimension to 5th dimension. 3rd density is equal to 4th dimension and 4th density is equal to 5th dimension.

3rd density reality is designed to be limiting and segregative. Its focus is on individuality and separation from other human beings, nature, Earth, beings beyond Earth, the source of who you are, where you came from, your connection to All That Is, and the fact that we are all the same One thing. In 3rd density change is slow and difficult. Time, space and matter are solid, fixed, and unchanging. The only things that are real are what you take in from your physical senses.

4th density is expansive and integrative. Its focus is on the the harmonious blending of individuality with everyone and everything around you. When you are operating from a 4th density frequency you know that you are a multi-dimensional being, change is fast and easy, time and space are malleable, flexible and fluid. You know you are connected with All That Is and you understand how you are connected with other human beings and at the same time are still an individual entity.

Check out Lyssa Royal for more information on densities.

By: Kirk Nielsen

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