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Everything changes except… your existence, the All being the One and the One being the All, and the law of attraction and repulsion that says what you put out you get back.

You are consciousness and are shifting that consciousness through billions of realities per second, and this is what creates the perspective of movement. You are never the same thing twice. That person from your past was you, but you were never that person. Everything changes when you change anything. Every change is a complete change, including the main characters, stage, backdrop and props. You are literally a new reality every moment… not a new person, but a complete new reality. The thing that is actually changing is your perspective.

“Everything changes except… your existence.”

Everything that exists has always existed and always will exist, so nothing is ever new except your perspective. Each moment is a distinct reality and is frozen and will never change, like a snapshot on a frame of film. What changes is your perspective. Your consciousness shifts across these frozen realities or frames of film to create continuity and linear movement through time and space, just like the projector light that shines through the frames of movie film as it moves through the projector. You are constantly creating the experience you are having. That is reality.

Changing The World

You will never change the world you are onYou will never change the world you are in or anyone else in it. To change your world, change your energetic vibration and take yourself to a simultaneously coexisting world that you prefer, of which there are an infinite number, populated with people who are more representative of that frequency. The other world will still exist; it will never change. All realities exist forever. All you do is shift to the one you choose to experience in the illusion of so-called change. It is not that anything out there has actually changed; it’s that you have taken yourself to another parallel reality and are now getting a reflection of a completely different world.

If Change Does Not Occur

Once you decide to change, nothing in the Universe can stop you and nothing in the Universe would stop you, because you are your Universe. Not for one second is anything ever withheld from you that you decide should not be withheld. There is no reality except for what you define it to be, so when you change your definitions, your reality must change. If you experience something that you say you don’t prefer then you know you have a definition, conscious or unconscious, that says to change would be more painful than what you are experiencing right now, because your only motivation is to move towards what you believe is more pleasurable and away from what you believe is more painful.

Change is Instantaneous

Change is instantaneous. You do not need to “try.” All the trying and process is just the amount of time you believe you need before you are ready to actually change. Process itself does not bring about the change, it is just the time you need before you decide to make an instant change.

By: Kirk Nielsen

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