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Following Your Excitement

Follow your highest excitement every moment to the best of your ability, with integrity and without expectation or insistence on the outcome. “You” are the experience All That Is is having of itself. When you understand that you are the experience you are having itself, then it becomes obvious to act on your joy in every moment.

“Excitement is your body’s physical translation of the true core nature of who you really are”

The reason we that following your excitement is so important is that excitement is who and what you are. You are made of excitement, joy, bliss, light, passion. So when you follow it, you are being you. You are not being your true self when you don’t follow your excitement. You have been conditioned to believe you are less that you are, a separated human locked in a physical body that is disempowered, confused, and weak, but that is just conditioning.

You are not just “in” a body, you are your body, you are your entire reality, you are energy vibrating at a certain frequency, you are the experience you are having itself, you are the Infinite experiencing itself as a certain perspective. You can lower your frequency, but that is not your natural state of this incarnation. Your natural core signature energetic vibration or frequency is the high vibration of excitement and joy. It would be more accurate to say “be” excitement, or “be” joy, but because of the perspective of believing you are “in” a body, we say follow your excitement, follow your joy. When you shift and realize you are your entire reality you will say be excitement, be joy and not use phrases that create you to be separate from it.

7888887-woman-walking-on-path-in-green-summer-parkYour Higher Self Knows the Way

To be the most natural true self that you can be, follow your joy, bliss, and excitement. Your signature core vibration is the same frequency that you physically experience as excitement, joy, and passion. When you feel these emotions it is your higher self telling you to go in that direction and that is who you truly are. Taking action on your excitement is the way to be the most authentic you that you can be. It is the way to live your life purpose.

Your higher self sees the big picture and “conceives” how the fullest life for you is going to happen. Your physical self only “perceives” what is happening and has no ability to conceive how anything happens. Your brain is the receiver that “receives” the information from the higher self. Your imagination is the conduit your higher self uses to communicate with your physical self. You are in the flow of life when you allow yourself to be guided through your imagination, follow your excitement, and let go of the steering wheel and stop attempting to control physical circumstances and allow the higher self to do the driving.

Life works automatically! You do not need to question it, manipulate it, or control it. You are always completely abundant and have what you need when you need it. If you do not have it, you do not need it. To experience being in the flow and life naturally working on its own, let go of limiting beliefs that are preventing it from flowing and follow your excitement.

When you follow your excitement, you are following your higher self, and you will be synchronistically led in perfect timing to the exact locations, circumstances, and people that are necessary for you to be the most that you can be. Your higher self is doing its utmost to bring you what you need. All you need to do is stop resisting and let go of what is trying to get away from you and let in what is trying to get to you.

Puzzel pieces demostrating that excitement is a complete kitYour Excitement Is A Complete Kit and Will Provide Everything You Need

Following your excitement in each moment can sustain you if you believe that it will and do not place limits on the form in which it does so. You must allow your excitement to be holistic and include everything that is necessary for the expression of your excitement as a whole. Excitement is not limited to just the particular thing that excites you, it also includes all those things that allow you to do what excites you. If what excites you requires transportation, a place to live and food to eat, then getting a car, a house, and food becomes part of the excitement package in addition to being a dancer, an artist, or whatever your particular passion is.

The reason that your excitement will sustain you if you believe it will is because it must follow the law of Creation that states what you put out you get back. This is not just a nice sounding statement, it is physics. When you act on circumstances that contain the highest level of excitement, then you are squarely aligned with your true self, and as your true self you automatically contain everything you need to continue to be your true self. If some function or discipline is required to complete the container that is your true self, then it will automatically be there in whatever form serves you best.

You will function holistically as one event rather than separating yourself into separate compartments with a ‘to do’ list of all the things that need to be done. All that you need will be provided as one complete kit if you follow your joy without expectation and trust that everything you need will be provided. You will be guided to do exactly what needs to be done and nothing more. If something is not provided, then you do not need do it and it may be a sign to go in another direction. If you have taken it as far as you can go and can go no further, then look around for the next most exciting thing to do and do it.

Happy GroupExcitement Includes What is Best for the Group As Well As Yourself

It is not only about what is exciting for you, but what is exciting for all. Even though you are your own universe, there are other beings too and the good of all involved must be considered when following your excitement. Excitement needs to be looked at holistically from the point of view of what would be exciting for the individual “and” what would be exciting for the the group. From a holistic perspective you realize you are the group as well as an individual aspect of the the group.

Why it is So Important to Let Go of Expectations

Tying expectation to excitement nullifies the excitement energy. For the authentic energy of the excitement to stay intact you must follow your excitement for the sake of the excitement and not for what it will bring. Following your excitement is not about getting what you want, achieving a goal, gaining success, or any other means to any end. Those things are outside of you. Following excitement is about doing it for its own sake, just because it is exciting, without leading to anything else. It is about choosing the thing you want to experience and doing it simply because you love it.

Darts missing the target demostrating the need to Let Go of ExpectationsThe actions and behaviors that you take that are connected to your excitement are physicalized reflections and expressions of the excitement’s frequency. The action follows the excitement frequency, the frequency does not come from or follow the actions. Energy first, physicalization second. Actions do not mechanically get you the thing you want. The thing you want comes instantaneously by being the frequency of it and they are manifest physically through your actions and behaviors.

You are already everything and lack nothing, so all that is left is to experience what you already are. You can never really get anything, because you already are everything. All you can really do is set up ways to more fully experience yourself, which is the reason why you put yourself into physical reality. You just have to remember this fact and demonstrate that you do by staying in the moment and living your joy.

The reason that being present in the moment, following your joy, and doing what is fun for its own sake is so important is that it is the only part of the game of life that is real. It keeps you on track, so you do not get lost in the dream. What you are really inspired to do is who you are, not what you think you should do, have been programmed to do, or are doing to fill a false lack inside of yourself.

Following your excitement just for the sake of the experience is the only way to be who you truly are. To live an awakened life it is essential that you remember that you are the creator of your life and that the world around you is a dream made up by you and is being projected onto the mirror of your higher mind and reflected back to you.

If you are doing anything to get something outside of you, then you have subcome to the illusion and are asleep in the dream. The experience you are having is the only thing that is real. What appears to be going on outside of you is really going on inside of you. It is your your own consciousness making up your own movie of smoke and mirrors to give you the experience you are having. It is just a dream you are observing inside yourself. You are the experience you are having itself.

Again, remember that when you do anything out of expectation of achievement, success, security, obligation, or to get something beyond the sheer joy of just doing what you are doing in the present moment, you have slipped back into the illusion of the dream, forgotten that you are the dreamer of the dream, and now become a character inside the dream with all the restrictions of that character. You are asleep and believing the images that you are interacting with are real when infact they are projections by you onto your holographic screen that you call physical reality.

Do not be tricked into thinking that the excitement of the hero of your dream, which is your physical persona and which you might think is you, is the same as the excitement of the creator of the dream, which is your higher self. Your higher self’s excitement is often very different from your physical self’s excitement. The characters you create are necessarily limited, but as the creator you are unlimited. This is one of the tricks of the game you have to be very proficient at identifying in order to wake up from the dream, stay awake, and be a masterful dream creator. As you do your personal work and become more of who you authentically are you will become more proficient at knowing when you are asleep in the dream and awake and what is your true excitement is and excitement of the physical self that is a cover for anxiety. This is the reason you are here, to have the experience of becoming more of who you truly are.

Women showing Excitement or AnxietyDetermining Whether it is Excitement or Anxiety

You have to be honest whether you are actually experiencing excitement or anxiety. Sometimes you may say that this excites me, but in fact what you are doing is running away from your excitement and actually pursuing something out of anxiety. The physical mind may lock itself into negative definitions of lack and “want” things to fill a hole in itself when it really does not “need” those things. It may see what it “wants” as exciting, but it is really just an effort to cover up the lack it feels.

Being relentless about acting on your excitement will reveal hidden definitions in your unconscious that are out of alignment with your natural self, reconnect you with source energy, and open your root chakra. You cannot go in the wrong direction. Even going down the path of fulfilling the anxious desires of the physical mind can be beneficial to you by reveal hidden limiting beliefs of lack and show you that it was anxiety you were pursuing and not true excitement from the higher self. You get better at distinguishing between the two with practice and when you are honest with yourself, you will know the difference, because the two energies feel different. You will come to know that you deserve to exist, stop covering up anxiety, lose all feelings of lack, and become truly self-empowered.

woman-with-open-armsYour Purpose is To Be You As Fully As You Can…And that is Achieved By Following Your Excitement

Your purpose and mission is to be you as fully as you can, and the way to be the most you that you can be is to act on your highest excitement each moment to the best of your ability without any insistence of the outcome. You are unique. This is the only time you will ever be this you, so take advantage of this moment and be the most you that you can be.

Trust that “life works” naturally on its own and have fun living it. You create a Harmonious Earth by following your excitement and living your highest joy. This is of utmost importance because the energy of excitement is your physical body’s representation of your true natural self. Following your excitement is the path to being more of who you naturally are, a path to the new world of the love you desire, a path of ascension.

Stamp saying permission granted which is your permission slip to be who you choose to bePermission Slips

Everything you find that is exciting is a permission slip for you to be your true self. Whatever tool, technique, ritual, or object that you are attracted to is a permission slip that your higher self has designed for you to be more of who you truly are. Permission slips are those things that are aligned with your belief system that you use to allow yourself to be more you. The tool, technique, ritual, or object is not doing anything in and of itself, you are the one who gives it its power. Permission slips let it be alright for you to be more of who you are. It does not matter what the permission slip is, except that you are attracted to use it. It may not work for anyone else, but that does not matter as long as it works for you. The only thing that makes a difference is that you are attracted to it. The reason you are attracted to it is because it is aligned with your belief system.

Women running and smiling demostrating that challenges are ExcitingThere Will Always Be Challenges… And That Is Exciting!

You will always have challenges, because they are an integral part of the game of life and essential for you to experience growth, expansion, and diversity. Rather than using the word like hard or difficult, use the word challenging, because it does not carry with it a negative judgement. It more accurately describes the attitude you desire to approach life with and true nature of experiences that really are exciting and adventurous. With your advanced understanding of the structure of physical reality and the nature of existence you are in the flow and work through challenges joyously.  Challenging issues that come up are discussed openly and resolved with an attitude of win/win for all. It’s easy when you follow our higher guidance.

By: Kirk Nielsen

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