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Expanding Your Definitions of What is Beautiful

As you awaken you begin to experience your physical world through different eyes… of spirit – positivity – energetic vibration.  As a part of that shifting, your limiting beliefs become more integrated and limiting definitions about physical appearance and beauty become conscious. You realize that these limiting definitions are creating separation from other parts of yourself and need to be transformed if you are to experience yourself as the holistic being that you are. You cannot fulfill your natural instinct to love unconditionally if you believe the person in front of you is odd, ugly, or unattractive, and that includes your own physical appearance.

interracial_relationships_attitudesThe belief of basing whom you associate with on what he or she looks like will need to be transformed if you want to expand and become truly integrated. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. It is simply a definition or a frequency that you are adhering to. Its only reality is what you give it. It is one of the key mechanisms used to keep the 3D idea of separation intact and these are the very definitions that you need to identify and transform as you awaken. When you start seeing the beauty in everything for its own sake you will set yourself free and experience an explosion of conscious expansion.

Personal Chemistry

Applying this idea of redefining what is beautiful at a personal level provides the ultimate release from physical attraction’s rigid walls. What we call having physical “chemistry” with another person is just your set of definitions aligning with other person’s set of definitions. You are the same energetic frequency. Everything is an energetic frequency and what you put out is what you get back. You are always attracting a reflection that is a perfect match to the frequency that you put out, or put another way, you always experience the frequency that you are.

Dove-Real-Beauty-CampaignWho you are physically or sexually attracted to is not fixed. It is based on your definitions/frequency and most of them come from social programming and the media. It is not really who you are, even though you may believe it is. Your definitions of beauty may seem fixed, but they’re not. You can change them. You might ask, “Why it is important to do so?” Because what people really want is to feel loved and valued. If that love and value comes from what you and others look like then it will quickly fade with familiarity and time. When you limit the love coming to you to only a very select set of individuals that look a certain way, then you will always struggle to get the love you desire and you won’t be able to hold onto it. If your definitions of attraction are based on the  love, light, and joy that a person emanates, then you experience more love, light and joy when you are with that person and it will not end because that is who they truly are at their core.

Men in UnderwareRemember that everything changes. People’s looks will change and so will yours. When you tie your identity, your relationships, and what turns you on sexually to a rigid set of physical appearance definitions, you limit yourself, your love, and your joy unnecessarily. I know it is what we have done as a culture for a very long time, but if you want to experience the transformation to higher consciousness that you say you want to have, then you will have to let go of your limiting beliefs surrounding physical appearance.

Approach beauty more like a child. A small child that hasn’t been around long enough to be programmed does not care how fat or what color a person is. He is more than happy to nestle himself into his fat grandmothers bosom. He feels her heart and knows that it is love. He is attuned to energy and does not negatively judge appearance. He might notice that his friend on the playground is a different color and even say so, but there is no judgment and he is excited to feel loved and receive all the joy and companionship that their playful relationship can offer.

You are making first contact with the parts of yourself that you have compartmentalized and separated off and labeled as not you. But everything is you, and now at this time of enlightenment we are waking up to that fact. If you are to be proficient at awakening you will need to drop any judgments of outer appearance and be open to what is in the hearts of other beings. At the core we really are all the same one thing.

urlAcceptance of Extraterrestrials’ Appearance

This idea of beings, human or alien, needing to look like you in order for you to love them has to be let go of if you want to awaken and shift to 4th density (5th dimension). You are going to have to start seeing with your heart rather than your eyes if you want to shift to a harmonious Earth and be ready for contact with your galactic family. To many extraterrestrial beings, we humans look very alien and exotic, yet that doesn’t stop them from completely showering their unconditional love on us and assisting in our awakening.

Higher conscious ETs obviously see the pure desire of our hearts and have no issues with what we look like. We come from them and are returning to them. We are family and they know it. Their motto is: “Though minds may be different, though body forms may be different, it is through the heart that we recognize our spirits are one.” We often talk of making “First Contact” with Extraterrestrials and if we are going to do that we have to become first contact specialists ourselves and open up to the physical differences of the beings on our own planet. As we become more loving to each other and all other life forms on Earth we can then expand that love to our extraterrestrial family and be open to them. It will truly be a wonder-filled family reunion.

By: Kirk Nielsen

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