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Purpose of Sex

Sex and sensuality are healthy natural parts of life, a way of connecting to more of who you are through an energetic exchange with another person, thereby completing a circuit. Sex is beautiful, expansive and ecstatic when entered into for the purpose of upliftment and joy, with honesty and full transparency between those who are involved and those who will be affected.

Have sex for the purpose of enlightenment, expansion, and becoming more of your true self. Have sex when you choose to, when it synchronistically comes up, with who it synchronistically comes up with.

Transform Limiting Definitions Attached To Sex

Become as conscious and aware as you possibly can about the belief systems you have attached to sex. Our collective consciousness has been deeply engrained with limitations regarding sex. Beliefs that limit and distort natural and free sexual expression are unnecessarily attached to unrelated beliefs such as self worthmoney, and physical appearance. As you awaken to who you truly are these beliefs will surface and need to be transformed.

Sex is often used to feel wanted or “loved.” Love is a state of being that comes from within you and not from another person. Negative energy arises when conditions, expectations, control, manipulation, or coercion are attached to sex. Many of the restrictions and judgments surrounding sex come from fears generated by lack of self-worth, not being enough, and being disconnected from Source rather than from anything to do with sex, and yet these fears get unnecessarily attached to sex in the form of limiting definitions.

The Law of One – RA Material talks of the limiting definitions often attached to sex such as master and slave, desiring possession and desiring to be possessed, dominator and dominated, owner and wanting to be owned, plunderer and object and how these have a polarizing effect towards the negative. As we move away from polarity and towards oneness it becomes more and more obvious that it is essential to release these definitional blockages, usually found in the lower chakras, by letting go of any arbitrary restrictions or judgments about sex, and transforming negative definitions into new positive and expansive definitions.

More Holistic Sex As We Expand

As we evolve into higher realms of consciousness by transforming our limiting beliefs we will experience sexual intercourse in a more holistic, expansive and energetic way that is the complete melding mind, body and spirit rather than just body. It may be described as feeling like a constant orgasm of joy and delight in each other’s beingness.

By: Kirk Nielsen

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