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Unifying Aligns Us with the Structure of Existence

The purpose of unifying is to bring the energy/belief that you are individual and segregated back into to balance with the idea that you are also one and joined together with everything else. It may appear to be paradoxical, but when you are at paradox you are at the core and essence of your being.

The actual structure of existence is that the One is the All and the All are the One. This is the second law of Creation. Acknowledging this and behaving as if you believe it, is essential if you are to experience a Harmonious Earth. You are already joined and unified out of the shear fact that you and everyone else are aspects of All That Is and come from the same One thing, but if you don’t believe it, and don’t behave as if you believe it, you won’t experience it.

Spiral of people and animals represent All Is OneBelieving you are separate creates the experience that you are separate and not joined as one, but that experience is an illusion. You really are made of the same one thing as everything else, but you have to believe it before you will be able to experience it. Believing is seeing. There is only one thing and that one thing is experiencing itself as infinite perspectives and you and everything else is one of those perspectives. You are the One and at the same time an aspect of the One and it is your perspective that determines the aspect you experience yourself to be.

As a collective we are now swinging the pendulum from being heavily focused on the benefit of the self back to the center where the focus is equally on the benefit of the collective and the whole as well as the self, so that both are equally considered in all endeavors. You and everyone else is waking up to the fact that you are not only your individual self, but every other living thing.

The key to moving towards harmony and away from conflict is dropping the judgements and projections of something being wrong. In order to live a harmonious life you cannot have a definition that there is anything wrong with anything. You know there are differences and they are all equal. You may prefer one experience over another, but you do so knowing that any other choice by anyone else is just as valid. There is no you with something outside of you. Everything is just experience.

To be able to do this you have to let go of the belief or need to fit in or be like other people, because everyone is very different. This is a new paradigm where non-conformity is celebrated.

Ants working as a teamThe Purpose of Unifying and Working Together as a Team

Unification is agreeing and acting in accordance with a set of values and a common goals. You might call a unified group a team or a family.

What we are agreeing to is a whole system, not just a few aspects of a system. It is a complete paradigm based on the laws of existence and not on individual preferences. The system is open ended and has change built into it.

You do not lose your individuality when you unify with others. Harmony and unity are not the products of homogenization… Unity is the product of the validation and appreciation of every single difference; it is seeing all differences as equal.

If we don’t come together as a team, we may be able to experience harmony individually, but by definition if we remain individually oriented we will not experience harmony collectively as a unified Earth. We are part of a human civilization and we need to transform our whole reality including the collective part of ourselves if we are to experience a harmonious Earth. Remember, you don’t change the world you are on, it will never change, you just change your vibration and shift to a world that is more in alignment with who you really are.

It only takes a few positive oriented individuals to outway a large number of negative oriented individuals, because positive energy is integrative, geometrically expansive, and accelerative; whereas negative energy is segregative, disconnected, and discordant. With just a few individuals unifying, and agreeing to the Harmonious Earth values, and taking action on them, the world will entirely change and become harmonious. We invite you to join us.

Positive Limitation represented as a Blue Spiral Limitations Are Positive When Used For a Positive Purpose

There is nothing inherently negative about limitation. It is only when you define limitation as negative that you will experience it as negative. If we didn’t have limitations, boundaries and structures our consciousness would not have any experience at all. The only way the One could experience itself was to separate itself into All That Is. From that perspective it could then experience itself in infinite different ways. In that sense limitations are essential and positive.

The reason we, as group at Harmonious Earth, have laid out what we call values, but you could also say are limitations, is so we could have a certain experience that is positive and expansive. We are letting go of what does not work for us and letting in what does work for us through the positive use of limitations/beliefs.

We’ve brought together a collection of values that provide for the most optimal positive experience possible. It’s not for everyone and many will choose other beliefs that will create other experiences, but these values work for us now and we will change them and improve them as we go. Once you understand how physical reality works and that beliefs/limitations create your reality you can use them very creatively and positively.

When you take limitation into certain negative directions, like manipulation and control, you can create very negative experiences such as we have been experiencing for thousands of years on our planet. As a collective we have finally come to this realization and are now in the process relaxing the severe limitations we have imposed on ourselves. We are not letting go of limitation entirely, we are just adjusting the limitations/beliefs and bringing them into balance and alignment with what we prefer and still utilizing them for their positive benefit.

As a human civilization we are in the process of transforming individualized and compartmentalized energy into harmonized and integrated energy. Our civilization is made up of about 400,000 oversouls, expressed as about 7,000,000,000 individualized incarnations. The number of incarnations right now is high because we wanted to experience the transformation in every way possible. As we integrate and move through the transformation the number of incarnations will decline.

Earthship style community

Earthship style community

Athgoa – Earthship Style Community

The Need for Building Physical Communities

If you don’t take physical action and physically unify, and you continue to live your segregated life in your separate house and separate relationships, harmony will just be an intellectual understanding, and you will not experience the unity that you actually are. In this physical paradigm you are mind, body, and spirit and you must physicalize what you believe and know in order to complete the circuit and have the full experience that you came here for.

“If you want to see change in the world, you must be that change.”

To shift to a different reality you must change your belief and then behave as if you really believe it. If your actions do not match your thoughts and words, then you have not really changed. The reason we are physically unifying and physically living the values of harmony that we say we believe in is so we will physically experience that reality.

There is nothing stopping you from experiencing a harmonious Earth but your own self-imposed limitations. If you move from your compartmentalized life and separate houses that isolate you, to integrated lives and communities that bring you together with others, you will transform the reality you only dream of into a reality you actually experience.

A Harmonious Earth is unified, shares common values, shares resources, works together, lives in communities and networks that include all people, is set up for its inhabitants to live their highest joy, play together, have fun, love each other unconditionally and much more.

The Purpose of CommunityThe Purpose of Community

The purpose of unifying and joining together in community is to reflect to each other what needs to be understood to be more of ourselves as a collective.

As a society we are moving away from being mostly focused on individualism to having a balanced relationship between our individual selves and our group selves. The new perspective contains the realization that you are the reality that you previously thought you existed in. It is understood that both your individual self and your collective self make up who you are. The two parts are no longer seen as separated and it is realized that you are consciousness and everything in your reality is taking place inside of your consciousness. In this new paradigm what benefits your community is as important as what benefits you, because your community is in you and just an expanded perspective of you.

We have reached the limits of our expansion acting as separate individuals. We have played out all the scenarios in many lives and come to the point where we will grow more by unifying as a community than maintaining segregated lives. We realize that working together with each other is not only essential to our survival as humans, but the survival of the entire planet.

The Purpose of Life

Your purpose and mission is to be you as fully as you can, and the way to be the most you that you can be is to act on your highest excitement each moment to the best of your ability without any insistence of the outcome. You are unique. This is the only time you will ever be this you, so take advantage of this moment and be the most you that you can be. Trust that “life works” naturally on its own and have fun living it. A Harmonious Earth is you being your truest self. It is living your highest joy, excitement and love. This is of utmost importance because the energy of excitement is your physical body’s representation of your true natural self. Following your excitement is the path to being more of who you naturally are, a path to the new world of the love you desire, and a path of ascension.

One person makes all the differenceBy Unifying With Others You Can Change the World

We have chosen the name Harmonious “Earth” because we desire to experience the entire Earth as Harmonious. We are not calling it harmonious me, harmonious city, or harmonious special interest group. It is about the entire Earth living in harmony.

The belief that you are just one person on a planet of billions of people and that what you do does not make a difference to the overall collective of mankind or the environment is what is creating the experience of a world that is falling apart and being destroyed. This is one of the first beliefs that must be changed to make real progress towards a healthy planet and a harmonious Society.

The way you change the world is by changing yourself. You will never change the world you are on, you change yourself and then shift to a world that is more representative of the world you prefer. The world is not outside of you, it is in you. You are the experience you are having itself.

You make a difference. You are the only one who can make a difference, because you are your own universe. Everything that you are experiencing in your reality is made of your own energy and the same is true for everyone else.

You have all the impact you will ever have. You cannot have more impact, because you are holographic in nature and All That Is is contained in you and expressed through you. The change that seems to occur is becoming more aware of the impact you already have.

You are more than just a person in your reality, you are the entire reality itself. Everything you experience is you. What you are is the experience you are having itself. When you finally realize this you will take full responsibility for everything in your universe and all that you experience. From these statements you can see that believing that you are “a person in a world” is what is causing the disempowerment and feeling that you can’t make a difference. To become empowered and feel truly motivated to change the world you will have to shift your perspective to believing you are not only a person in the world, but that “you are the world and everything you experience in that world.”

Responsibility is the ability to respond. If you put the responsibility onto other people then you have given away your power and can’t respond. If you desire a Harmonious Earth then you must take responsibility for all the parts of it and create the world you prefer. The world experience and society you are experiencing is not outside you, it is in you. It is your Earth and you populate it with the type of people that you believe are in it. The people, the environment, and the Earth around you, are all a reflection of your strongest beliefs. You give everything its meaning.

Define everything in your reality as positive regardless of what you’ve been taught or programmed it is. Stop judging and projecting that things are good and bad and see everything as wonderful and beautiful and beneficial even though in the past you were taught that much of it was wrong and horrible. Nothing has any meaning until you give it meaning, so give everything a positive meaning and you will experience a positive Earth and by doing that you will shift yourself to a parallel reality Earth that reflects that positivity perspective more fully. Everything in physical reality is a mirror. You have the power to define it as positive or negative. You have to smile first for the reflection in the mirror to smile back.

If you are reading this then the game you are playing is the same as many others who are unifying. The game is to put the puzzle pieces back together that you have broken apart and you do that by literally coming together in community with all your different parts – and of course all the others you are joining with are doing the same.

Underground hobbit home Eco Village in switzerlandWorking Together to Provide Basic Needs

To prosper and live abundantly we need a place to sleep, food to eat, fellow beings that love us, and the opportunity to share our passion and joy. It’s simple. It’s been done for thousands of years in the indigenous cultures. Fear of not being able to pay the rent, buy food, or provide the basics of life leads to working at jobs that makes us feel like slaves. There is no reason anyone has to live in any kind of pain or suffering. We can work together to provide for the needs of everyone in a joyous way. We have the resources and can do it if we simply shift from a segregative perspective to an integrative perspective.

Providing for our needs can be done very efficiently with minimum effort by working together as an integrated group and utilizing the best ideas and technologies such as high efficiency sustainable modular living quarters, aeroponic gardening, and free energy. There is no lack in an abundant perspective. Nothing is left out of the complete package of excitement.

Highest Quality ProductsLiving your joy and following your excitement by definition include everything it takes to provide for your basic needs such as shelter, food, water and power. These things are part of the excitement package. If we do not have them we are not living our joy and it would become our top excitement to produce them.

When we say we are excited to provide for the basic needs of humanity, we are not saying that anyone is limited to just having their basic needs met. On the contrary, everyone is encouraged to be fully expressed in all the ways they can possibly be. Working together as a group to make sure basic needs are met provides society with a foundation that allows the focus to be on everyone living their highest joy rather that a place to sleep and food to eat. Everyone is born with this right and we can do by simply shifting our perspective.

By: Kirk Nielsen

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