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Removing Negativity and Experiencing What You Truly Prefer…  

To truly experience a Harmonious Earth you have to be truly harmonious in yourself, which means you have to have harmonious belief systems, because it is through your beliefs that you derive the images that are presented on your holographic screen of life. To the extent you experience the polarity of right and wrong, good and bad in yourself you will experience it on your Earth. If your Earth is reflecting that it is in conflict, it is serving you by providing a mirror for you to see that you have beliefs of conflict that are generating your conflicted experience.

The work then is to put yourself out there following your excitement, living the fullest life possible, and watching what comes up. When disharmony comes up you know you have an unconscious belief that is out of alignment with your authentic self, which is always naturally harmonious. Identify the belief and change it to one that is harmoniously aligned. If you play it safe and don’t live your highest joy you will not be able to dig out the hidden beliefs that are causing disharmony in your life and you will not evolve and be the most “you” that you can be, which is the reason and purpose you incarnated in the first place.

BeliefsYou may still understand what you are by seeing what you are not in the reflection of others for a while. As you work through your beliefs and become clear about who you truly are, you may experience representations of people who are not fully aligned with what you prefer, but that is because you are not fully aligned with what you prefer and they give you the option of seeing what you are by seeing what you are not, for that is still a common way of understanding who you are. When you no longer need to see the opposite presented and you understand who you are for its own sake, you will no longer experience that polarity.

When you look out and see things you don’t like, you create resistant energy that will have to be removed before you can stop experiencing it in your reality. In order to stop experiencing what you don’t want stop giving it energy by making it wrong, recognize its value, appreciate the purpose it serves, and know it is a valid aspect of Creation. What you resist persists. To release the energetic charge let go of the judgment that it is “wrong” and accept it as just another choice that is as valid as any other.

Focus only on harmony rather than on any disharmony. What you put out you get back, so if you focus on what you do prefer and not on what you don’t prefer, you will experience only what do you prefer. With this approach, for the most part, you will find yourself interacting only with individuals who are similar in vibration to what you prefer.

By adopting the belief that everything is neutral, has a reason for existence, is free to experience what it prefers, and is as valid as anything else, you give yourself those same things, you validate yourself and give yourself the freedom to be whatever you choose to be.

negative-and-positivePolarity – Defining Things as Positive and Negative Rather Than Judging Them As Good and Bad  

Living fully is about freedom and expansion. Limiting beliefs come with a self-perpetuating mechanism that makes them seem as if they cannot be changed: “You will not survive if you attempt to change these beliefs because they are the only things that are true.” This focus is necessary to provide the intended experience that the belief was designed to give you. You know you have uncovered a limiting negative belief when you have judgments of right and wrong, good and bad. Judgments act as locks that keep you and your beliefs fixed in place.

Right and wrong are perspectives, subjective judgments, the meaning that you give to something. If you let go of judgments and realize everything is neutral until you give it meaning, you will be free to easily shift from belief to belief and live a fluid and flowing life that is in harmony with who you prefer to be. You can only get out of something the meaning that you give it, so if you define everything as positive, then you will experience everything as positive.

Positive definitions are oriented towards expansion, growth, inspiration and the freedom to choose other beliefs which flow smoothly from one to another. Only a few beliefs are needed and they are simply structured.

Negative definitions are oriented towards contraction and come with the idea that they can’t be changed, and if you try you will not survive; you will die. They exist in compartments separated from other beliefs in a well-defended honeycomb-like structure of beliefs made up of rationalization, justification, projection, paranoia, rejection and reward. Many beliefs are needed and are complexly structured.

Be clear that you can neutrally observe something without having to align with its frequency and experiencing it as your own. You are your own energy and are always free to choose what the reflections of physical reality mean to you. Life comes with no built-in meaning. You are the one who gives it its meaning.

Motivated by pleasureYou Are Always Motivated By What You Believe Will Bring You More Pleasure

You only have one motivation mechanism (emotional mechanism): You will always move towards what you believe will serve you and bring you more pleasure and away from what you believe will not serve you and bring you more pain.

This is important to understand, because it tells you that all you have to do in order to change something you do not prefer into something you do prefer is to find the definition that you have that is attached to what you say you do not prefer and change it so that you believe it does not serve you, then add a new definition that is in alignment with what you say you prefer and make sure it contains as part of that definition the knowledge that it will serve you and bring you pleasure above and beyond the belief you held onto before.

As soon as you believe that what you say you want will really serve you and bring you more pleasure than what you are experiencing now, then there will be nothing that will stop it from happening.

Change is instantaneous. You do not need to “try.” All the trying and process is just the amount of time you believe you need before you are ready to actually change. Process itself does not bring about the change, it is just the time you need before you decide to make an instant change. You make the instant change by shifting your belief.

By: Kirk Nielsen

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