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Hands holding soil and green plant demonstrating a new sustainable economy based on equality to all goods an servicesThe New Economy

A Harmonious Earth economy could be defined as follows… The efficient and sustainable use of natural and material resources for the production, equitable distribution and consumption of goods and services, taking into account the benefit of all people, the highest joy of each individual, and the sustainability of the Earth and environment.

The main differences between the old system and the new system are that people, their innate gifts, and their well being, as well as taking care of the Earth, are what is truly valued, rather than profit, ownership, and hierarchical power.

Protect the EarthShifting to a 4th Density Reality

As a civilization we are shifting from our present 3rd density reality based on competition, segregation from other people, compartmentalization, and separation from our Source to a 4th density reality based on joy, integration, expansion, and the good of the whole while at the same time celebrating individuality.

These are very different realities and if you choose 4th density then it will be essential for you to integrate and transform your 3rd density beliefs, because you will not be able to operate successfully in 4th density if you hold onto them.

Each individual creates his or her own economy inside himself or herself based on the strongest beliefs about it. Agreeing on the same set of group definitions or common values with other individuals creates a collective economy. When you unify with others and form collective agreements you shift yourself to a parallel reality that reflects your newly defined economy. The old reality with the old economy still exists, but you, and those in alignment with you, will have shifted to a new reality that is more reflective of your new vibration.

Bridging From the Existing Economic System

Money and The Need to Move to a Moneyless SystemMoney itself is just a neutral symbol of value. When the new system is fully implemented, money will no longer be necessary, because there will be no ownership, and goods and services will be freely distributed. Until then money will still need to be utilized when interacting with the old monetary system, but as the new system becomes more productive and self-sufficient, the need for money to be exchanged with the old network will diminish and the new network will gradually stand on its own. It will be an economy inside of an economy, a network inside of a network. The new economy will work alongside the existing economy and eventually take its place when the old economic system collapses.

“It is not about changing the old system. It is about having the new system in place, so that when the old system collapses the new system will be there to take its place.”

Until the new system is able to fully provide for itself, any surplus we have from what we produce can be sold in the existing economic system so we can buy what we are not yet able to produce ourselves.

Smiling blond girl florist working in greenhouse demostrating The Value of each Individual Living their PassionThe Value of each Individual – Living Your Passion

People and their gifts, talents, and joy, rather than gold, money, and power, are what are valued in the new economy. What is important is who a person is on the inside rather than what he or she has on the outside. Exterior symbols that were once seen as valuable are seen as reflections and as the facades that they actually are. It is a person’s heart that is the greatest value.

It is understood that each individual is a fully empowered infinite being, their own greatest resource, a universe unto themselves and at the same time a unique and essential part of the collective civilization of Earth. Each person can make the following statement with full understanding and conviction: “I support my reality, my reality does not support me; it has no power to support me. I do not look to the thing I ‘do’ to support me.”

Every individual knows that they deserve to exist, that the One is the All and the All are the One, and that they are abundant and lack nothing, so they only take what they need and leave the rest. They are motivated by knowledge that what they put out they get back and by following their excitement everything they need when they need it will be provided. Everyone is excited to express their highest joy without the pressure or fear of how to pay the rent or working at jobs that they do not enjoy. Challenges still exist, but they are seen as adventures, and everyone is excited to experience their own self-empowerment as they overcome their challenges.

People are excited to work, because work is not really work, it is exhilarating and fun. Their work is their passion. The products that are needed are produced from people being excited about what they do and living their highest joy. There is always someone who loves to do what needs to be done. The new model utilizes the natural talents, passions, and highest excitements of the people involved to produce the highest quality products for the benefit of all people and the environment. Cooperation, equality and playfulness replace competition, hierarchies and manipulation.

Freely Shared and Equally Distributed Food For the Benefit of AllEverything is Freely Shared and Equally Distributed For the Benefit of All

All of Earth’s resources, all goods, all services, all technology are freely shared for the benefit of all. The Earth and its resources are for all and are equitably and synchronistically distributed to all as needed. We are all one human family and we share all we are and have. Everyone freely gives all that is produced from their excitement at all times, because they realize that everyone is connected and that they are really just giving to themselves. This is all done with integrity, humility, no expectations, an attitude of gratitude and an attitude of win/win, knowing that there is enough for all.

The responsibilities for the development and distribution of all resources are shared by all. Everything is done, to the best of our ability, in harmony with nature and for the benefit of not only all humans, but all living things. Connection and cooperation, rather than separation and competition, are the order of the day.

Natural synchronicity in conjunction with those who facilitate synchronicity connects those that have goods and services with those that need them. Those who have needs will attract the people, resources, and circumstances from those who have it to give and vice versa. There is complete trust that synchronicity is perfectly orchestrating everything at all times. Synchronicity is the driving force and organizing principle that naturally distributes what needs to be distributed when, where, and to whom it needs to be distributed. If it is happening, it is meant to happen.

“It takes an agreement of all involved trusting in synchronicity and abundance for this new system to replace the present economic and monetary system…”

Abundance is knowing that you will have what you need when you need it. Hoarding and fearing that there is not enough for all comes from a belief in scarcity and is only true if you believe it. The belief in abundance will provide all you need just as surely as the belief in lack will reflect a poverty filled reality. There is plenty for everyone when we use sustainable techniques, advanced technologies, and work together. Beliefs in inequality and that others will not share what they have are major reasons for not unifying and working together. Letting go of these limiting beliefs will allow us to come together, create a natural flow, and open the door to enjoying all the fruits that working together brings. We can accomplish many times more when we unify and work together.

industries-greenhouseIndustries and Self Sufficiency

By following our excitement and utilizing synchronicity we attract all the technologies, businesses, and production facilities we need to be self-sustained. We buy, recruit and create the necessary businesses needed to sustain the Harmonious Earth network. Businesses that join are attracted to the new cooperative model. Businesses that are struggling in the existing system will be prime candidates.

Food, shelter and energy are first on the list. We start by building or buying technologically advanced greenhouses that provide year-round food and efficient housing to live in. We utilize the most advanced technologies to create our own free energy. We expand our sustainability by adding industries to provide transportation, computers, communications, construction, and other needed goods and services. We are a self-sustained world inside the world.

Living youir passion Produces the Highest Quality Products like these Fresh VegtablesProduction of the Highest Quality Products

Products are produced using the highest quality materials and designed with the greatest benefit to the user. This is a very different approach from the existing ownership-profit model. Because there is no money there is no cost of materials, no need to keep production costs low to produce a profit, and no need to build-in obsolescence to force a repeat purchase, or to produce what is not needed to feed a consumer economy, or advertising to get a consumer to buy more of what they do not need in order to increase profits.

“The only products that are produced are those that are needed.” 

The new network will eventually provide for itself without utilizing the existing system. It will take some time to get to one hundred percent self-sustainability, but we will get there in perfect timing.

Collapse of the Present Profit Based Economic System

This is a short overview of how the existing economic system works for those that have not studied the subject. It is for informational purposes and provided with no judgments. One system is not better or worse than another. They are just different and produce different experiences.

trading-floorThe current economic system is based on separation, scarcity, and there not being enough to go around. It is a reflection of our core beliefs that we are alone, cut off from Source, have no inherent value, and are not enough ourselves. It is a 3rd density energy. The following are a few of the ideas specific to the economy that have come from the beliefs in separation and scarcity.

Money is a symbol that represents the value of natural resources, goods, and services. The concept of ownership maintains an uneven distribution of assets and money creates a situation where there are those that have and those that have not. The belief in ownership and money holds the entire system up. It gives people power over other people and creates master/slave energy and perpetrator/victim energy.

There is a belief that, “If I do not have money I will starve and die, so I will work/slave to get money to survive. If I get enough money I will be a master and then I will be fulfilled, but even then I know I may lose my money to those that feel they are not enough and become a slave again, so subconsciously I stay in constant fear for my survival. Either way I live in fear.”

Profit and power are more important than anything else including people and the environment. Produce as much profit as possible, secure as much power as possible, use whatever competitive means possible within the legal system (or not) to produce even more profit, and use money and power to change the laws to meet your needs if they interfere with your profit oriented agenda.

This economic model has built-in flaws that will eventually cause it to collapse. It is based on the idea that there is an unlimited supply of people with money to buy products and unlimited resources to produce the products, and yet at the same time it is designed to siphon the money away from the “many,” who are the buyers, to the “few” who own and control the companies and use up the limited natural resources as though they will never run out. As the money shifts from the bottom to the top eventually there will not be enough people with enough money to buy the products or enough resources to produce the products to sustain the growth and profits that the system and those on top rely on. Like the game Monopoly, when only one player has all the money, the game ends and everyone loses. When enough power and money have shifted from the many to the few and enough resources have been depleted, the system will collapse.

The internet is filled with videos of how the current economic and monetary systems work. Examples include Zeitgeist, Money As Debt and Path to WW3. We’re not saying how accurate they are, use your own intuition for that, but if you have never been exposed to them, they can be very informative. The fact that only a handful of private individuals control the world’s money supply is very eye opening. If you have not gotten off the grid and removed yourself from these systems it may be beneficial to understand them. Many of the ideas can be fear-based and I would suggest you watch them for your own information without judgment, so you do not lower your vibration. You might only want to watch them once, just to be informed. If you are attracted to what we have presented here or are clear on a your own preferred economic system, then it may not be helpful to view them. They may be helpful by showing you what you do not want so you can clearly choose what you do want. Always do what works for you and leave the rest.

By: Kirk Nielsen

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