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The Time Has Come For Us To Govern Ourselves

On a Harmonious Earth we do not need to be governed in the way we did in the past. We now know what we want and take responsibility for ourselves and trust that following our excitement will drive and organize what needs to happen.

We are our government. Government is inside of us, not outside of us. It is a concept we create inside our consciousness which can be transformed to what we prefer by transforming our beliefs about what government is.

We have opened up the unconscious parts of ourselves and have integrated what we have kept hidden. We want full disclosure and transparency. We no longer need to be told what to do or to be protected from ourselves. We want to share and work with each other in a kind and loving way without restriction. We can get along because we now realize we are joined with each other and there is enough for all. We know there is nothing that can harm us if we do not subscribe to the frequency of fear.

letme_a_handFacilitators of Synchronicity are the Replacement for Government

The replacement for what we now call government is an organizing body or group that assist in the facilitation of synchronicity. They make sure that the information that needs to get to people gets to people. They do not govern anything. These facilitators assist in connecting those who have goods and services with those who need them, so there is a smooth back and forth flow. When a need arises, it is filled by those that possess the talent to fill it, with “facilitators of synchronicity” assisting to make sure the connections get made, but not more than that.

There is no competition. There is cooperation. With no profits that need to be maintained, no economy that needs to be upheld or laws that need to be enforced, there is no need for the old style of government. There is the need to keep things flowing smoothly and freely across the network and that is all that is needed. Facilitators do not dictate, they facilitate synchronicity. No one person or group has power over anyone else.

True individual autonomy is recognized. Every person is seen as his own uniques puzzle piece that fits automatically into the whole puzzle picture and the whole puzzle picture therefore automatically supports each individual puzzle piece. Trust that everything is happening for a reason and that you have what you need to have when you need to have it is completely understood and embraced. The shape of each individual determines the structure that needs to be there instantly, automatically, and effortlessly to create the big picture.

This seamless working together only works when each individual is their “true” self. They can’t be operating out of their negative ego. Everyone understands that they are their own reality, fully empowered, and equal to everyone else. All the members of the society are telempathically bonded by believing in the same core common values, while at the same time expressing their individual talents and values by following their highest excitement. The full expression of each individual and each individual’s understanding of their place in the group creates the strongest society that can be created.

“It is understood that ‘beliefs’ are self governing and so when we harmonize our beliefs we are automatically unified and governed.”

Agreement to a Common Set of Values Is the Replacement for Laws

Everyone that is a part of Harmonious Earth agrees to a set of common values. This list contains general core collective values which function as a structure for how the group interacts with each other. The values are based on positivity, expansion, and the laws of existence. They are designed to unify and bind the group, thereby creating a strong foundation that provides individuals with the opportunity for full self expression. The balance of the good of the whole and the good of the individual is paramount. The agreed-to common values describe how individuals interact with others as a group, but they do not describe individual expression. For example: If a group common value is to act as sustainably as possible, then there may be different ways to individually express that. To some the individual expression may mean that cutting down some trees to build houses is okay, while to others it means to never cut down any trees.

Core-ValuesIndividual expression of the common values is left open to each individual. All ways will be tried, so that it can be determined what is best for the group and the individual. Decisions will be based on the group’s common values. It may be found that either way will work or that none of the ways will work and a new way needs to be created. All this discovery is viewed as an exciting adventure and the reason for our existence. Nothing is fixed, but the laws of existence. Everyone’s creativity is fully celebrated with each individual understanding that what is good for the group is good for them, because as we know all too well, if we destroy all the other people, the environment, or the planet, the game is over and no individual expression will be capable of being expressed.

You cannot experience what you do not define.”

Need for Agreed Upon Common Values

A society is formed by the agreement of individuals to a certain set of values (or definitions) that serve as the essential characteristics of the system. The common values of a group determine the common reality that is experienced. The group will not be able to experience what it prefers if it does not establish clear definitions of those preferences and act on them.

Harmonious Earth’s core definitions (values)  serves as a template for what those of us desiring to live on a harmonious earth all agree to as the reality we prefer to experience. These are core definitions that establish the general collective field of play and how we interact with each other. It is up to each individual to establish his or her own personal definitions, which will in turn create his or her personal experience inside that field.

Establishing this template of definitions does not mean we are instantly living them perfectly. We do our best, we follow our excitement, and trust that synchronicity will bring up exactly what we need, to become more of who we prefer to be. The values (or definitions) are not set in stone. The values will evolve and change as we expand and become more aware of all that we truly are. We don’t know what we don’t know, but we are excited to discover what that is!

Holistic Approach

Holistic ApproachIt is not enough to address only part of the system. To transform the system we need to take more of a holistic approach and address all areas, because they affect each other. The following is a condensed list of the major areas that need to be included. The full list would include all the articles on this site and more as it becomes apparent that we need them.

  1. Physical: Physical needs for all individuals are provided: comfortable living spaces, food, energy, and utilization of the most advanced technologies that are in harmony with nature and as environmentally sustainable as possible.
  2. Spiritual: Realization of our infinite nature and alignment with the laws of Creation.
  3. Mental: Free flowing knowledge from all to all. Constantly expanding our conscious awareness of our oneness with each other and All That Is.
  4. Social: Unified and in harmony with each other as put forth by our common values which are agreement to by consensus. These are the highest ideals that we can conceive of at this time, and we are always open to change. Government and money are replaced with an economy based on trust in synchronicity that is relied on to connect those who have goods and services with those that need them.
  5. Joy: Free to love, play, be happy, and have fun. Free to be excited, inspired, and pursue our passion.
  6. Creative Purpose: Express and contribute our talents and gifts in a purposeful, industrious, creative and expansive way, realizing there will be challenges and facing them as an exciting adventure.

Deciding Which Model of Decision Making To Use

With hierarchical, majority, or dictator models whomever has the power gets to make the decisions, whether it is the president of a company, the majority, or a dictator. The problem is that power can be amassed, manipulated, and bought and then one or a few individuals end up making the decisions that may or may not match the values of the group.

At first glance the “Consensus” model to decision making appears to be ideal, but loses its practicality with large groups and it is often difficult to reach consensus on a proposal because of the many differences in people. Where consensus does make sense and is utilized is in establishing a group’s common values and then utilizing those values to guide the decision making process. Group values tend to be general, and less specific, and take into account and balance the full expression and good of the individual and the group. This is decision making based on common values rather than on who has the power. This is Value based decision making.

Group ValuesValue Based Decision Making

With value based decision making decisions are made by identifying whether proposals are aligned with the groups common values regardless of whether one individual or the whole group wants to do it.

An experienced  facilitator, who knows the groups values, assists in the process to make sure decisions are aligned as much s possible with the groups values without taking a particular position. He or she makes sure everything that needs to be said is spoken and everything that needs to happen to happens. The facilitator’s job is to be in a high frequency state of being, tune into higher guidance and allow the natural synchronicity that is always present in the course of living life to run its course.

The way it works is when a decision needs to be made the values implicit in the proposal are identified and if they match the established common values of the group then the proposal is allowed to move forward, even if only one person wants to do it, because it matches the groups common values. If a proposal doesn’t match the common values of the group then proposal wouldn’t be allowed even if everyone in the group wanted to do it. In this case the group may want to make adjustments to its common values and can do so by utilizing the consensus model.

If a proposal is in alignment with the group’s common values and there is more than one way to execute the proposal, then the different ways are tried. One way may rise to the top as the best, or it may be determined that the continued use of multiple ways is best, or a whole new way may arise. This allows for full expression of each individual and at the same time take into account what is best for the group.

In group discussions alternate ideas are seen as positive and encouraged rather than discouraged. If individuals have new ideas or concerns then they are heard and addressed. It may be found that one individual’s idea will change the entire groups direction. Communicating clearly, compassionately, and from the heart is essential.

Find more information on consensus from authors like CT Butler who has a PDF on Consensus and Wikipedia’s Consensus Decision Making.

Woman soaring with arms thrown back demonstrating self empowermentPower – Self Empowerment is the Key

Knowing that you are “All That Is” allows you to also know that you are completely empowered and can move things with the lightest touch, with just a thought. You are the power of infinite Creation itself. Life is easy when you know it is just you that you are changing rather than something outside of you. You create the new reality or system you prefer by shifting your frequency rather than attempting to fix things outside of you. This is how you utilize the power of the illusion rather than being under the illusion of power. The greatest power requires the lightest touch.

The idea that you are completely empowered must be a realization by you and not taught to you, because the very essence of self-empowerment is that it comes from you and not from outside of you. Extraterrestrial civilizations understand that for humanity to realize its power, humans must wake up to the idea that they are self-empowered. If the extraterrestrials landed right now and told us that we are just as empowered as they are, we wouldn’t believe them. We would think they are Gods, the same way we have made Gods out of many of the great leaders and teachers.

 “The very essence of self-empowerment is that it comes from you and not from outside of you.”

When you are empowered you have no need to control or impose your ideas on anyone, because you realize there is no us and them except as an illusion you have created. When you force your ideas on someone you are actually saying you don’t believe in the power of what you say you believe in. Control and domination are signs of powerlessness and are attempts to reconnect in the only way a disempowered individual knows how–negatively, because he has no positive tools. These individuals simply don’t know how to connect positively and if they can be shown that they are loved and as valid a piece of creation as anyone, then maybe they will be able to let go of the fear and the domination, and transform the negative energy into positive energy.

Each of us is consciousness expressing itself as a unique individual. A collective consciousness is created from the definitions we all agree to. We no longer agree to define ourselves as separate, victims, fearful, and lacking. We know that there is no reality aside from what we define it to be. We are fully empowered.

Tell Your New Story – You Are Empowered! 

You’re a beautiful, intelligent, powerful human being! There is nothing holding you back, but your “old” story. Forget your old story. Write down your new story and jump into it. There is only “now.” No past or future. Just do what you dream of now. Quit making decisions based on the future or past.

Be the state of being you want to be, “now” and live it. Live it without regard to what is going to happen tomorrow or what happened yesterday. Stay present. Be who you want to be now to the best of your ability and don’t tie it to any expectation of what being that way now will get you in the future. Just be it because that is the you you are excited to be now! Yay! My deepest unconditional love to you my dear friend as you go to be the most you you can be!

By: Kirk Nielsen

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