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Everything is Here and Now

There is actually only one moment and one place. Everything exists now and everything is here. The structure of everything already exists, always has, and always will, but your perspective and your experience is new, so live in the now moment as though it has never happened before, which from your perspective it has not.

The flow of time is just the same one moment from different linear perspectives and moving through space is also just shifting perspectives. Time and space are the same thing; they are mental constructs created by our consciousness as a part of this particular dimension.

All time is now. The past is created from the present. There is no past and future except what we make them up to be from the present moment. All lives that seem to in the past and future are happening now. When you tune into other lives, you are just cross connecting to simultaneous incarnations.

All space is here. All space is in you; in your consciousness. All locations are in you. When you are moving through space you are moving through your consciousness. An object does not exist in a location. Location is one of the variables of an object and if that object is you then you can change your location by changing you. You change your location by changing your frequency because you are energy at a particular frequency.

Door Opening Into Blue SkyThe Location where you live is important, because it is part of the frequency of the holistic reality that you experience yourself as. You are not just an individual being in a world, you are your complete reality and location is a part of that.

“There is no past and future except what we make them up to be from the present moment.”


Synchronicity is the physical translation of everything happening at once, in perfect timing, as it needs to, and everything being connected. Live here in the present and allow the synchronicities that you experience to demonstrate to you that everything already exists here and now.

Everything Is Perfect

If it is happening it is meant to happen. Creation makes no mistakes. What you are putting out you are getting back. See the benefit of what is happening in each moment and accept it as a perfect creation. What you are experiencing is a perfect creation of what you are putting out. If it is not your preference, then you can change your vibration to create the next perfect moment that is more in alignment with your preference. This approach validates the path you are, the stepping-stone you are on, and allows you to then take the next step in an empowered way knowing it will be another perfect creation. Defining where you are as perfect empowers you to know that you are a perfect creator. From this perspective you are empowered to create what you prefer.

By: Kirk Nielsen

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