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Government. On a Harmonious Earth we do not need to be governed in the way we did in the past. We now know what we want and take responsibility for ourselves and trust that following our excitement will drive and organize what needs to happen. The replacement for what we now call government are those that assist in the facilitation of the synchronicity. These facilitators assist in connecting of those that have goods and services with those that need them, so there is a smooth back and forth flow.

  • GovernmentThe Time Has Come For Us To Govern Ourselves
  • Facilitators of Synchronicity are the Replacement for Government
  • Agreement to a Common Set of Values Is the Replacement for Laws
  • Need for Agreed Upon Common Values
  • Holistic Approach
  • Deciding Which Model of Decision Making To Use
  • Value Based Decision Making
  • Power – Self Empowerment is the Key

“The idea that you are completely empowered must be a realization by you and not taught to you, because the very essence of self-empowerment is that it comes from you and not from outside of you.”

Real estateOwnership is an idea that creates separation, because when you say you own certain things, then by definition you don’t own anything else that aren’t those things. IOn a Harmonious Earth the concept of “owning” is that you are just using it for that moment and when you are done someone else can use it.

  • Letting Go of Possessions and the Idea of Ownership
  • Ownership is Replaced with Temporarily Using Something
  • Limitation Can Be Used As a Valuable Experiential Focusing Tool


EconomyEconomy. The new economy will work alongside the existing economy and eventually take its place when the old economic system collapses. We will need to utilize money when interacting with the old monetary system while we are bridging from the old system into the new one, but as we become more self-sufficient and produce more and more of what we need, the need for money to be exchanged with the old network will diminish and the new network will stand on its own.

  • The New Economy
  • Shifting to a 4th Density Reality
  • Bridging From the Existing Economic System
  • The Value of each Individual – Living Your Passion
  • Everything is Freely Shared and Equally Distributed For the Benefit of All
  • Industries and Self Sufficiency
  • Production of the Highest Quality Products
  • Collapse of the Present Profit Based Economic System


economy1Money. In the new economic network everything belongs to everyone, there is no private ownership and so there is no need for an arbitrary symbol of value such as money to be placed in the middle of exchange. We realize we are one, so the idea of individual ownership is unnecessary and therefore the need for money is unnecessary.

  • The Need to Move to a Moneyless System
  • Weakness of the Monetary System and Its Eventual Collapse
  • Money Is Only One Form of Abundance
  • How We Utilize Money in Harmonious Earth Communities Until We Transition to a Moneyless System

By: Kirk Nielsen

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