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Title – Gift – Talent

Harmonious Earth Communifier, Social Dynamics Facilitator, Event Coordinator, Network Developer, Community Unifier, People Unifier

Description of My Gift

There is nothing more exciting to me than to bring people together and make sure that their voice is heard. I know that every person has a rich background and a gift to share to the general group and I believe that creating the space for everyone to share their thoughts, emotions and beliefs can bring them together and give birth to amazing projects and ideas.

When communicating, it’s important to recognize the cues that lead to Wisdom and those that lead to Folly. I naturally feel the energy of the group and can help direct the conversation in the right direction. I love to see people communicate from the heart and continuously expand my knowledge and energetic attunement to help others create a sacred space.

My Life Theme

I have often found myself going out of my way to please others and making sure that everyone is happy, which would often come at the expense of my own happiness. The idea was that by making others feel happy, I would be accepted. I have since transmuted that belief and accepted myself as part of All that Is.

Inequality has always bothered me and I spent years in quiet rebellion, thinking that it would be impossible for things to change and that there was nothing I could do. Deciding that there was nothing better for me to do with my life, I implicated myself in projects that provided solutions for a more beautiful world. The process of taking action, with a strong dedication to making it happen, transformed my beliefs of disempowerment and made me understand that reality is a mirror.

Since then, I’ve found the dedication in myself to face all my fears head on and discovering who I truly am. Nothing is more exciting to me than to expand my own consciousness by discovering all the blocks in me and transforming them.

Interests In My Childhood and Teenage Years That Align With My Life Theme

At a young age, I would constantly be the one who called my friends to hang out. I called every single one of them and had to convince everyone to come out and play. Most of the time, I was the first one to arrive at the “Rendez-vous” point and helped decide what activity we were gonna play that day. This habit of bringing people together continued all the way to college, where I would skip classes to organize school activities because of how fun I thought it was.

Experiences and Challenges that Have Expanded My Gift and Me

After dropping out of school because I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do, I found myself working as a customer service representative on the phone. I really enjoyed turning angry customers into happy customers, and gave me many tricks to calm people down and making sure they felt heard. However, I would get really frustrated with the organizations I worked for when I realized how unfair the work environment was, so I would often quit and join a new company.

A friend suggested I looked into Public Relations, and I fell in love with the subject. I quickly realized that I had been planning events all my life; with my friends, in school, at my Muslim community and I had found my calling. After half of my first semester, one of my teachers accepted for me to work for him, I only realized on my first day that I was working as an event coordinator for a lobbyist association (everything I stood against). I told myself that I had found myself there for a reason and spent the next 6 months learning everything I needed to know about event planning.  and quit both school and work to join The Valhalla Movement.

The Valhalla Movement was the beginning of my current life, my spiritual journey began and I met some of the most inspiring people in my life. I found a dedication in me to take action in what I believe in. Initially I was working on changing the world, but I quickly applied that dedication towards personal transformation.  The Movement also connected me to various networks, projects and intentional communities all around the world and showed me the direction our planet was headed towards. It finally lead me to connect with Harmonious Earth, and once I understood the values of the community and how it will be run, I knew I had to be involved.

Where I Am Now

After a year of self-discovery and living in community, I am ready to open my heart to the world and be service to mankind. I find myself in a position where I am connected with various organizations and networks promoting the values of Harmonious Earth, and with the tools and knowledge to help bring them together.

As I am now living in Sedona, I am allowing myself to apply the values in my life, allow them to become me, and me become them. As I learn to let go of all the limiting beliefs I hold in me, I am actively working on creating local and global events, and gather as many as possible to help us all see how unified we already are 🙂

What Really Excites Me

I love to bring people together and share their stories. Creating that space allows all of us to see where we all fit in this GIANT puzzle and inspires us to co-create the beautiful world we know in our hearts is possible.

I am excited to organize local workshops to give room for us to learn the various skills to live out the values of Harmonious Earth, as well as the bigger events that will gather the various organizations and create the network of communities all around the world.

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