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Being Fully Expressed and Sharing Your Gift 

You are a unique puzzle piece and essential to the whole puzzle picture. There is no one like you and without you All That Is would not be All That Is. You exist and if you were not an essential part of Creation you would not exist.

It is very important that you be fully expressed, so those around you can know who you are, where you fit, how to interact with you, and so that they can be all they can be in relation to you. You being an example of your fully expressed self is the best way to assist everyone else in being the most they can be.

Women with arms open realizing Your Purpose is Achieved By Following Your ExcitementDo not try to be like anyone else and do not compare yourself to anyone else, because you are just too different. Attempting to be like others will cause both you and them pain. What works for others may work for you or not and neither you nor they know what that is. Just be who you are excited to be for its own sake, forget about what anyone else thinks, and allow others to do the same.

Being your most fully expressed self and sharing your innate gifts and talents is a core value of each member of a Harmonious Earth and essential for the group to successfully be all it can be. The group is the sum of its individuals and the more each individual adds, the more the group is. To be united is not about making everyone the same, it is about encouraging everyone’s differences to be expressed, so that the group is enhanced as a whole and it comes with the understanding that personal self expression does not infringe on anothers self expression. Each expression lifts the other up rather than putting them down.

Adults playing in snow with snowmanLet the Child in You Come Out

When we incarnate to Earth we set up a theme to play out in life. Part of the set up was to receive negative limiting programing that we work through as our lives progress. The programming is like layers of an onion that we peel off as we expand and become more aware. When we get to the center we arrive where we began, but wiser and with true understanding from the experience. We never lose who we were before incarnating, we expand the knowledge of who we are by experiencing ourselves in the circumstances we set up for ourselves. We show ourselves how strong, wise and courageous we really are. We are amazing beyond our wildest dreams.

When we arrive at the core of who we are, our childlike inquisitive and enthusiastic nature is released once again. We believe that everything is possible and fun. We dance and sing and play and love life.

Unleashing this childlike nature does not mean we forget what we learned along the way. We balance adult responsibility and childlike freedom. We know it is part of being conscious and mature to take care of ourselves and everyone and everything in our environment. We are responsible for our actions and do our best not to harm anyone or anything else. We do not leave a trail, physically or energetically, for others to clean up. We create and build up rather the destroy and tear down and we do it in a way that is sustainable and for the good of all involved including the animals, plants and the Earth itself.

We live without expectation knowing that “life works” perfectly on its own without us needing to figure everything out. We go through the doors into the circumstances that open to us and leave when the doors close. We are caught up in having so Woman with friends having funmuch fun in the moment, we don’t even think about the future. We understand that worrying is fruitless. Our job, as the physical self, is to perceive what is happening and let our higher self do the conceiving of “how” it is going to happen. We don’t know how anything is going to happen. We trust that everything that is happening is meant to happen and that it is working out perfectly. We have let go and we are free. Free to be the child and the adult that we truly are.

What Happens When You Don’t Share Your Gift

By being a part of a Harmonious Earth you are supported and free to share your gift and speak without fear of retribution or being ostracized for your honesty. Individual differences and non-conformity are celebrated.

“The way to really fit in is to find your gift and fully express it.”

If you don’t express yourself and give your gift, you will not be of the same frequency as those who do and it will likely become uncomfortable to the point where you choose to attract yourself to others with whom your frequency is more aligned. Remember, the very foundation of community is the agreement to its common values which are a certain frequency. If it is not your preference to live the values then synchronicities will occur that attract you to those that are more aligned with your vibration.

Qualities of Individuals Living Harmoniously

Harmonious Earth is an Earth of joy, excitement, unconditional love, full expression, living together in holistic unity and each individual sharing his or her unique gifts.  You are just as excited for others to follow their excitement as you are about following yours. Taking part means you are excited to detach from limiting definitions that do not serve you, to love unconditionally, and to live life as guided by your higher self. You are excited to let go of not being enough, filling the lack inside you with things outside of you, living in fear, and being under the illusion of polarity.

You are excited to shift from this 3rd density reality to 4th density reality which is a very different paradigm. The qualities necessary to make the shift are: Strong Desire and willingness, Dedication to let go of and Detach from Definitions and beliefs that are not in alignment with a 4th density reality and integrate new beliefs that are in alignment with it. We call these the four D’s…

The Four D’s

Desire (Willingness, Openness, Passion) to be the most you that you can be.
Definitions (Beliefs that do not serve you) of limitation replaced with empowering integrated definitions.
Dedication (Determination, Conviction) to be the most you that you can be.
Detachment (Let go, Shift, Transform) from limiting definitions.

An easy way to remember the four D’s is to memorize this mantra, “I’m desirous and dedicated to detach from definitions that do not serve me.”

Finding Your Innate Gift by Letting Go of the Comforts That Cover It 

The Harmonious Earth idea of individuals sharing their gifts and talents is similar to the way it is done in many indigenous and native cultures, where each individual is celebrated for his or her innate talents and he or she is excited to share them for the benefit of the whole group.

Going to the Hill - Vision QuestTo access and share your innate gifts, your chakras must be open and you need to know who you truly are. When an individual is not connected to Source and his chakras are blocked, he may not know what his place is in the group, or what his contribution, gift, or talent is. There are ways to uncover an individual’s core gifts. One way is removing the comforts that numb the senses and exposing oneself to nature. It has proven to be a very effective tool in waking a person up to his connection to Source. Indigenous tribes would do this as initiations when a young man or woman came of age to take his or her place as an adult member of the tribe.

In the Native American cultures an individual would “go to the hill” with no food or water and just a blanket to protect himself and stay for four days encircled in his (or her) prayers and the prayers of his tribe to receive his medicine. If the individual is humble and sincere about offering his gifts for the benefit of the community and carries this attitude over into his daily life, if he takes action in this way, and expresses gratitude and love in the sacred way that is his own, then he will eventually receive the great reward in some form of medicine power (innate gift).

In the new economy that we are moving to, the value of a person are their talents and gifts rather than the assets they own, positions of power they have, or what they control.

Personal Practice

Silhouette of hiking man jumping over the mountainsA regular personal practice is essential to transform fear-based beliefs into positive ones. We have to be very diligent if we are to shift our embedded beliefs.

The past is created from the present. A strong resistance to change comes from believing in linear time. We experience ourselves as having a past that makes things appear unchangeable because we think the past is who we are. We must learn that we are not our past and are a new reality every moment.

It is not enough to have information in your brain about a way you’d like to be. You have to live it to be it. When you learn something new or expand your consciousness and experience yourself as a different frequency, you then know that frequency, but if you continue to go about your life in the same manner as you had been without integrating and becoming the new frequency, then you haven’t adopted it and it has become irrelevant to you. Only if you take a new idea, apply it in your life, and make it who you define yourself to be does it have value to you. It’s not about getting information into your physical mind; it’s about becoming and living the vibration of the information. Information in and of itself has no value if not applied.

A regular personal practice is greatly aided by living in community with other people who are of a similar vibration, because their example constantly reminds you of the vibration that your preferred reality is.

By: Kirk Nielsen

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