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Your Frequency Determines What You Experience

Your strongest beliefs are what you are putting out. You beliefs make you who you are and create the experiences you have. The beliefs you hold most strongly generate the energetic frequency that you are. Your thoughts, emotions and behaviors, are what you believe about yourself and determine the kind of reality you experience, because there is no reality aside from your definition of it. What you put out you get back. You cannot experience what you are not the vibration of. Your vibration is the “TV” channel you are tuned to. You shift by changing your frequency and your frequency comes from what you believe.

“You attract what you are and repel what you are not.”

Physical Reality is a Mirror

What you put out is what you get backPhysical reality is literally like a mirror.  It does not exist except as a reflection of what you most strongly believe is true. If you look into a mirror and see a frown, you know that it would be senseless to reach out and attempt to change the frown in the mirror. You know you must smile first for the frown to change in the mirror. The image in the mirror will never change unless you change first and conversely if you change, the image in the mirror must also change to match what you put out. The same is true for physical reality, because it does not have a mind of its own. It is just a reflection of you.

What You Put Out Is Determined By Your Core Vibration and What You Believe

What you believe is what you put out, so the way to change your experience is to change what you believe.

If you have a belief then you will choose experiences that prove to you that your belief is true. You reinforce your beliefs by choosing experiences that validate them and then say, “see, I told you so, that proves that what I believe is true.” The belief came first and then you setup the situations and circumstances that supported it.

You are a neutral being and are free to choose to experience circumstances any way you want. From all the possible experiences you could choose, you will choose the ones that validate your beliefs. You cannot have an experience without a belief. The key to remember is that beliefs come first and then you choose experiences that match them. Believing is seeing, not see is believing.

Mans head creating the world with his thoughts demostrating What You Put Out Is Determined By What You Believe

The beliefs that generate your experience may be unconscious as well as conscious, which is why you may experience something that doesn’t seem to be generated by something that you believe. You may think that you do not have a belief that is generating that experience, when in fact you do and it is just hidden in your unconscious.

You can transform the belief or definition that is causing you pain by simply identifying it. Negative definitions and judgments can be released the moment you realize you have them, if you believe they can. When you realize you have them and they no longer make sense to you, believe that they are gone and they will be. See more on shifting beliefs in the section on Beliefs and Definitions.

You have a core signature vibration that is who you truly are. It is the vibration of joy, happiness, and excitement. When you feel these emotions, you know you are being your natural self. If something is not working in your life, it means that what you are putting out is out of alignment with your signature vibration. If you experience pain, it is because you are resisting who you really are. All pain is resistance to the natural self.

Your core vibration is always putting out the frequency of what you truly are and thereby attracting to you frequencies that are similar and repelling frequencies that are  opposite. If you didn’t “do” anything you would have everything you need come to you and everything you don’t need go away from you. In fact that best thing you could do would be to stop holding onto what wants to get away from you and stop pushing away what wants to come to you. It is your programming and limiting beliefs that get in the road of a perfect flowing happy life. Life works. Let it work. Let it flow.

Life in and of itself is neutral and comes with no built-in meaning. You give life its meaning with your definitions. Your experience of any person, situation, or thing is determined by your definitions. You are the experience you are having itself. There is only one mechanism for motivation and that is your belief that your behavior will bring you more pleasure and less pain.

By: Kirk Nielsen

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