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The Benefit of the One and the All

Acting holistically and harmoniously takes into account what is most exciting for the individual and also what works best for all concerned, because we know the One is the All and the All are the One and that the consequences of our choices serve both the whole and ourselves. Though minds may be different, though body forms may be different, it is through the heart that we recognize our spirits are one. The One is the All and the All are the One.

Being the most you that you can be is your life purpose and the way you be the most you is to follow your excitement. Following your excitement is the way you offer the most to the group, but you do it with a holistic approach that takes into account what is exciting not only for you, but for what is exciting for all involved.

We are all essential and unique pieces in a puzzle picture and by being our true selves we support the whole. Each individual is as creative and fully expressed as he can be without having to hurt or take away from anyone else in the process. This creates joyous and productive individuals and a strong cohesive society. Everyone unconditionally loves each other and his or herself.


Validation of Every Individual

Harmony and unity are not the products of homogenization… Unity is the product of the validation of every single difference; it is seeing all differences as equal. Everything in our society will be automatically syncroness when we allow the creation of unity to come from validating every individual being themselves.

“The agreement to the common value that each individual perspective is valid will create the unity we seek.”

Each individual experiences what he defines himself to be. Agreements between individuals to certain definitions or common values create a collective world experience. Our definitions create a collective experience as well as an individual experience. The idea is to be aware of this and act like we know that we are not “in” a reality, but that we “are” our reality, so we take responsibility for the whole thing individually and collectively and every other being does the same. The people who end up in our reality are the ones who naturally belong there based on our frequency, which is derived from our strongest beliefs or common values.

We realize that each person is a unique individual part of the whole and at the same time each person is the whole. Again, the One is the All and All are the One. There is no “outside.” Each of us is All That Is experiencing itself as a unique aspect. Everyone experiences himself or herself as the whole, just as in a holograph where each of the parts contains the whole.

Follow Your ExcitementThe Groups Excitement is My Excitement 

When you  live in harmonious community you take part not only in following your own personal excitement, but also providing for the needs of the community, because you realize you are the community and the welfare of the community is as exciting as your own personal interests.

You begin to see, think, and behave as “the whole” and not just as an individual. You see everyones interests as yours even when they may not be your preference at the moment. On some level what those around you are expressing is a part of you, because you can only experience your own energy. Everything in existence belongs where it is or it would not exist. It is all a part of All that Is and All that Is is You, so you love it, accept it, knowing it belongs and is essential. If it is not your preference in the “now” your are experiencing you can choose to neutrally observe it without having to becoming the frequency of it.

If things are not happening the way you prefer, it may be because you are taking to much of an individual perspective and shifting to more of a group perspective will get things back on track. The realization that what you prefer to happen may not be a broad enough perspective to benefit of the whole and that you may need to widen that perspective may resolve the issue. The situation is telling you that an adjustment needs to be made. You know and trust that what is happening is exactly what needs to happen for your good and the good of all involved and so you are open to learn what the situation is teaching you and you happily make any needed adjustments. The whole experience is completely positive because you have adopted the definition that you give everything in life a positive meaning and your higher self always has not only your own personal best interest at heart but the whole group as well.

Living harmoniously is not new to us. As indigenous people and native tribes we have been doing it for millennia. It’s time to combine what we have learned from living as individuals with what we know of living together as a group and experience the joy of balancing the two.

By: Kirk Nielsen

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