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You Exist Now, You Always Will, and You Always Have

You exist. You cannot not exist. If you take this out to its ultimate logical understanding you realize that if you exist now you always will and you always have. You are eternal.

You are consciousness. Everyone and everything is made of consciousness and exists forever. You are “is-ness.” To be is the only quality you have. Is-ness does not know how to become non-existence and there is no room in non-existence for existence.

“You exist, and if you do exist, you always will and always have.”

Multi-Colored light showing how You Exist As a Multitude of ExpressionsYou Exist As a Multitude of Expressions

You can exist as an infinite range of different ideas, including different beings, times, and places, but you cannot not exist. You are a freewill entity and you operate as various perspectives on various levels.

This Physical incarnation is an example of just one of the possible expressions out of an infinite sea of possible expressions that you can choose to exist as. The idea that you are a mind in a body is a limited perspective that you have temporarily chosen to take on for your own specific reasons. Even in this incarnation, you are far more than a mind and body, you are actually the complete reality that you are experiencing.

Yes, it is true that this physical incarnation will end and that is called death, but that does not mean your consciousness that you really are dies. Physical death is the transition from the limited focus of this particular physical incarnation to a broader focus of the oversoul that you also are. Being born is a transition into a narrower focus that you achieve by incarnating into an individual soul from the oversoul. Either way you always exist, you are just looking through different filters that provide different perspectives. As you go through the process of shifting your perspectives and expanding, all that you will ever uncover is more of yourself. This is the purpose of existence, to know yourself.

By: Kirk Nielsen

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