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Addressing Survival Needs First

The Need for the Group to Provide Food and Shelter A major hurdle that must be overcome before we can have a higher conscious community/society is the unrestricted availability of food and shelter, the basic needs. It is not enough to provide just the basic needs, we...

The Benefits of Community

Being In a Group Accelerates Growth You can grow/evolve quicker if you have other people around you to mirror back to you your ideas, beliefs and who you are being. You get constant feedback. You can then make adjustments and test them again. Isolating yourself may be...

Necessary Keys to Ascension

Shift to an Infinite Perspective Ascension requires you to start operating from the premise that physical reality is a reflection that is inside of you and not outside of you. You have to expand the concept of “you” to being an infinite being rather than a human body....

The Benefits of Not Needing Proof

The Purpose of Proof The Idea of physical/scientific proof is just a program/belief that has been taught to us to keep us focused/fixed in the physical reality game. What is true? Everything is true. Nothing is true depending on your perspective. Truth is relative....

How Densities and Chakras are Related

How Densities and Chakras are Related   There is a correlation between the densities and chakras. Unblocking and opening up our chakras in our body is like moving through different densities. On planet Earth we are shifting from 3rd to 4th Density. This is like...

Advanced Perspectives from Higher Density Beings

The Need For More Advanced Perspectives/Beliefs If you are going to shift to 4th density, then you are going to have be the vibration of 4th density. To do that you will need 4th density beliefs. You won't find many 4th density beliefs in 3rd density. How could you?...

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