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The Need for the Group to Provide Food and Shelter

Basic Needs of Food Shelter WaterA major hurdle that must be overcome before we can have a higher conscious community/society is the unrestricted availability of food and shelter, the basic needs. It is not enough to provide just the basic needs, we want to be “Self-actualized” and maximize our potential, doing the best that we are capable of. Our goal is to ascend and evolve to 4th density and we’ll need an abundance of free time to contemplate the nature or our existence and the oneness of the creator and we can’t do that if we are spending most of our time focused on survival needs and lower chakra energies.

Having physical bodies/vehicles with basic needs is an important component of 3rd density work. It provides the catalyst for us to work together, be unselfish, and help and love one another.

people raising barn frameThe paradigm of “every man for himself” and “putting others in positions of slavery to you,” because you are higher up in the hierarchy is not the way to a positively oriented service to others 4th density.

We need to work together as efficiently as possible to provide food and shelter for the group, so we have the maximum amount of free time to work on raising our consciousness.

Everyone Contributes to the Group Needs

Everyone in the group contributes a small portion of their time towards providing/maintaining food and shelter for the group. It’s an egalitarian approach based on the idea that we are all equal members of our human family and have the same basic needs and when we work together, with everyone contributing, we can easily provide for all the group. There is no hierarchy when it comes to providing for each others basic needs.

All Experience Must Pass the Survival Need First

Chakra points on a Human FigureThe in-flow of human experience is through the south or negative pole. It comes through the red-ray root chakra or foundation energy center, being the lowest or root energy center of the physical body/vehicle. This means that the root chakra or survival needs are given the first opportunity to react to any experience. If the root chakra energy center is not in balance, it will block the flow of energy to the rest of the chakra’s. This is why it is so important to balance the root energy center first by providing the basic needs of each individual.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s hierarchy of needsPsychologist Abraham Maslow identified the categories of basic needs common to all people. Individuals must meet the needs at the lower levels requirements for food, water, and shelter of the pyramid before they can successfully be motivated to tackle the next levels. People must have food to eat, water to drink, and a place to call home before
they can think about anything else. If any of these physiological necessities is are missing, people are motivated above all else to meet the missing need.

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