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Shift to an Infinite Perspective

Ascension requires you to start operating from the premise that physical reality is a reflection that is inside of you and not outside of you. You have to expand the concept of “you” to being an infinite being rather than a human body. Let go of believing that you are in the world and start believing that the world is in you.

In the old paradigm you operated from a perspective where you had hidden your infinite nature from yourself by descending down through several layers of consciousness limiting yourself more with each layer, but now you are exposing the subconscious, unconscious, automatic individual, and automatic collective layers of your consciousness, so you can operate in the 5th dimensional quasi-physical template reality where nothing is hidden, you are aware of how existence is structured, and you are completely empowered. You are peeling back the layers and waking up to the fact that it is you who is making up this whole 3D holographic movie that you call life.

Quasar Representing Expandng ConsciousnessTake Back Your Power

Take back your power by realizing that all of your reality is you. You are your own multiverse. You are “All That Is” expressing itself as the reality that you previously believed you were in. Life is happening through you, not to you. The world does not control you it reflects you. It has no power to control you, unless you give away that power and then cover up what you did by hiding it from yourself. It is all coming from you and is you whether you choose to believe it or not.

Control is a trick you play on yourself where you give away your power to something outside of yourself, but there is no outside, so it is impossible to be controlled unless you agree to it. When you go to a haunted house or a scary movie it is fun to give yourself over to its tricks and special effects, so you can have a scary experience. It could not affect you unless you agreed to match the energy of it. If you are not the frequency of something, it will not be able affect you or even find you. You cannot perceive what you are not the vibration of.

Earth breaking open with Butterfly coming outAll realities are equally valid and valuable

A frown is no less valuable than a smile. Both frowns and smiles express ideas that are equally valuable and necessary for different purposes. No reality is better or worse than any other. They all serve their purpose and are all essential aspects of Creation or they would not exist. Creation does not make mistakes.

Judging anything as “wrong” will trip you up

Judgments separate you from your power to change your reality by anchoring you to a perspective of separation, which says that the power to change your reality is outside of you. You must give everything in your reality positive meaning in order to stay fully empowered. Trust that your entire reality is being presented to you for you to get what you need to get to go where you need to go.

The question is… what reality do you prefer and how can you get there with realities you do not prefer in your way? You can only let go of and shift away from a reality you don’t prefer by making it as valid as any other, because any judgment would invalidate the actual structure of existence that is providing you the opportunity to have the experience in the first place. If it is happening it is meant to happen.

Negative and fear-based judgments kick the stepping-stone you are standing on right out from underneath your feet. Everything is made of you, so do not invalidate it. You will not be able to move from a spot until you acknowledge it is there for good reason, your reason. The place where you are standing was made by you, so accept it, find its positive purpose and you will see that it was set there to aid you in moving to the next place you need to be. Remember nothing has meaning until you give it its meaning. What you put out you get back.

Face with a flower over it showing Inclusion not exclusionExpansion is the process of inclusion, not exclusion

As you expand you not only become more aware of the positive, but also of the negative. Becoming aware of the negative energies becomes more frequent as you expand and so it is important to get good at neutrally observing them without matching the frequencies of the ones you do not prefer. If you judge them as wrong or invalid, you become the frequency of them and attach yourself to them. Give everything a positive meaning and you will have a positive life.

Remember that nothing can contradict you because you are “it” in your multiverse. You are your own sovereign multiverse and you get to say what your multiverse looks like. Physical reality is only what you define it to be. It is just a mirror reflection of what you put out.

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