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Ascended MastersThe Need For More Advanced Perspectives/Beliefs

If you are going to shift to 4th density, then you are going to have be the vibration of 4th density. To do that you will need 4th density beliefs.

You won’t find many 4th density beliefs in 3rd density. How could you? It is not designed that way. If you want to shift to 4th density then you will have to shift your beliefs to 4th density beliefs. If you believe you already have the highest most advanced beliefs possible then you will be stuck there, until you open up to higher ways.

Beliefs are what create your reality, so that is where the work needs to be done. New more advanced beliefs need to be put in place of older 3rd density beliefs.

To get these beliefs I have had to go to where they exist, and that was to the civilizations that are already there.

The Essassani Civilization and the RA beings social memory complex have provided us with channels that have given us the perspectives and beliefs that they have and practice. Essassani has provided 33 years of channeled material through Bashar. The RA beings have given us the Law of One. Other Ascended Masters like Jesus has given us the Bible. The Bible has been altered from his original message but the basic idea of love one another is still there.

Use the tools provided for us to learn how to vibrate higher and shift to higher densities. Civilizations like Essassani are already at where we are going, so look to them for an example of how to do it and where to go.

Below are symbols form higher density civilizations. Essassani, Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus.





















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