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The Purpose of Proof

The Idea of physical/scientific proof is just a program/belief that has been taught to us to keep us focused/fixed in the physical reality game.

What is true? Everything is true. Nothing is true depending on your perspective. Truth is relative. When you start looking beyond what your physical senses are giving you, you open up to all that is in the multiverse. Everything is possible because you are an aspect of “All that Is.”

Einstein Quote Cannot solve problems with the same thinkingIf you ask for proof you are not going to get anything more than what you already have. As Einstein said, “you cannot solve a problem from the same energy that it was created.”

When you ask for proof you are asking for something to fit inside of your limited box of experience inside your limited physical mind. Doing that causes you to walk in a circles where you don’t expand and evolve and you even become more entrenched in the same limited ideas.

Infringing on Free Will

If Extra Terrestrials exposed themselves before you decided to believe in them without proof, it would take away your free will and would take away your opportunity to learn that you are fully connected to Source/God/Creation and have all information at your disposal. It would have the negative effect of making you rely more heavily on your senses and believe that you don’t have the power to do things on your own, which is disempowering.

Free will is deciding who you are and who you want to be without being influenced by others. The game on this planet has been to heavily influence you into believing that you are not free or empowered. But it is not true! No one came take away your power or free will. You have to give it to them. You are always free and fully empowered. This is the big secret that we are all waking up to. All power and freedom comes from within yourself. Jesus did his best to teach us that, even as they killed his body he was still loving, free, and empowered.

Use Your Imagination

If a teacher just shows you how to do it without allowing you to discover it, then you don’t learn that you can discover how to do things on your own and that you can be your own teacher. The purpose of this game of life is to experience moving from being disempowered to empowered. You have come to that truth on your own and learn that you can discover and know something you didn’t already know without using your physical senses. Finding the truth on your own using your internal guidance system teaches you that you have this skill already built in. It empowers you and motivates you to use it more. The more you use it the better you get at it.

Nikola Tesla QuoteTrust your intuition and use your imagination. It’s where all the answers are. Where do you think Einstein and Tesla came up with all their ideas. Your imagination is the conduit to the higher self that is connected to the higher realms where all answers and information are, and everything is different than in this game we are playing on Earth. This is the way to ascend.

So if you want to expand… use your imagination, and if you want to stay the same… keep asking for “proof.”

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