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Map showing Western US and Hawaii of Initial Harmonious Earth Community LocationsPlan For Shifting to a Harmonious Earth. The plan is to create a new network of communities along side of the existing network. The new network is built on an entirely new platform and holistic philosophy of valuing people and their talents and the good of the whole Earth. When the old network collapses the new network will take its place.

  • A New Network Inside of the Existing Network
  • Creating a New System Rather Than Fixing the Old One
  • Shifting to the Reality You Prefer by Matching the Frequency of That Reality
  • Following Our Excitement Shows Us the Path
  • Using Bubble Realities to Expand
  • Only a Small Number of Positive People Is Needed to Change the World

A Network of Communities Around The Earth. The network of communities will be in high energy chakra points and vortexes and stretch around the world with people living together and working together living the common values of Harmonious Earth.

  • Communities Around the Entire Earth
  • Initial Community Locations
  • Criteria for Choosing Locations
  • Pristine Environments

Sacred GeometrySustainable Communities – Designed Using Sacred Geometry. The communities are laid out using sacred geometry and build as sustainable and green as possible.

  • Community Layout and Building Design Using Sacred Geometry
  • Structures Built As Green and Sustainable As Possible
  • Living Accommodations Laid Out To Promote Connection With Nature, Other Community Members, and Individual Privacy

World map showing the sacred sites, energy points, major chakras and major vortexes of the world.Earth Chakra Points and Vortices. Chakra & Vortex Points at Earth’s Sacred Sites and other places around the world.

By: Kirk Nielsen

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