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Letting Go of Possessions and the Idea of Ownership

Ownership is an idea used in 3rd density reality to separate, limit, compartmentalize, manipulate, control, and lock you into a very focused point of view. When you say you own some things, then by definition you do not own other things. It creates the experience of mine and yours. Your self identity is defined by what you own or how you look. In this new age of integration and expansion this old definition of ownership has run its course and is no longer useful.

As you shift to 4th density and come into community and harmonize with other people and the environment, you begin to realize that physical possessions that were once the things that defined you are now the things that are limiting you, tying you down, and covering up who you are truly are. Possessions such as money, car, house, spouse, friends, and career that you placed so much value on and created your self identify are no longer necessary, because you now know you are enough, you lack nothing, and are a fully self-empowered infinite light being. Limiting your self identity to what you own or what you do, no longer makes any sense. You will continue to have some physical needs, but you no longer need or use possessions to represent who you are. You take what you need and leave the rest. You have lightened up and are traveling with a smaller and smaller physical footprint. You are moving from being physical to being quasi-physical, from 3rd density to 4th density.

The new you that you are becoming is literally represented by the real you that has always been inside you, but has been concealed by things outside of you that you thought were you. As you unify and come into community with other fully self-empowered beings, physical possessions and what you look like will make little difference, and the question will be, “What is your gift, your talent, your passion? What do you have to offer? Who were you born to be? What is the energetic frequency that you are putting out? Is it uplifting and expansive or is it limiting and suppressive?” The value of physical things is diminishing and the value of non-physical things is increasing. When you are working together as an integrated group, who you are is what counts.

A good exercise for determining how much your self identity is tied to what you own is to imagine yourself stripped of all your physical possessions and your physical appearance and then ask yourself the question, “Who am I, what do I have to offer the group, how well do I get along with other people, where do I fit into the group, and what is my puzzle piece?”

Woman Letting go of Ownership and Physical PossessionsOwnership is Replaced with Temporarily Using Something

In 4th density and in community, the concept of “owning” something that no one else can use, even when you are not using it, is replaced with the idea that you are just using it for this moment and when you are complete, you let it go, shift to another focus and allow whoever needs to use it to use it, knowing that you are abundant and whatever you need to use next will be available for you. A new fun word that we came up with that encapsulates this idea is “Mybrary.” It means that you are just using something temporarily that you know belongs to all. When you follow your excitement synchronicity will automatically organize and provide everything it takes for what needs to happen. If it is not possible for you to do what you think you need to do, then you know that you really do not need to do it.

Limitation Can Be Used As a Valuable Experiential Focusing Tool

The ability to limit your focus is positive when used in a positive way and essential to experience all that you are. The trick to utilizing limitation in a positive way is to remember that it is not fixed and can be changed anytime you choose. View everything as changing, fluid and flexible. Let go of the definitions that are creating your experience as soon as you are complete with that experience. This goes for relationships with things as well as with people. There is no need to place long term limits on anything now that you realize you are “everything,” you lack nothing, are constantly changing, and are fully empowered to access all that you need when you need it. Because you are everything, you can never lose anything, you are just shifting your consciousness to a different experience.

You are All That Is continually experiencing yourself as a particular perspective by utilizing your vibration as a focusing mechanism. Now, at this timing, you are realizing that you are free to easily change your focus instantly in as large a shift as you desire, to experience your fullness as well as your individuality. You move fluidly from experience to experience in joy with no resistance, knowing everything that is happening is meant to happen.

By: Kirk Nielsen

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