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Building a Network of Virtual and Physical Communities Around the World

Benefits of Building High Vibrational Communities

The Earth and it’s inhabitants are currently in shifting from 3rd to 4th density. A way that has come up to be of service in in this transition is to come together energetically and physically as groups, so as to help each other hold higher and higher energetic frequencies, like being more loving, light, compassionate and kind. Each group acts as a bubble or node on the network that sends signals out to those around them thereby growing the network. This continues grow and grow until the Earth is engulfed in the new vibration.

Silhouette of a Girl with light coming from her heart Shifting To 5th Dimension / 4th DensityHere are some articles that discuss these ideas in more detail.

Plan For Shifting to a Harmonious Earth

A Network of Communities Around The Earth

Sustainable Communities – Designed Using Sacred Geometry


Goal for building Physical Communities accomplished in Three Steps

Step One: Establish community house in Sedona that people can come to stay for a while in order to raise their vibration and expand their knowledge of positively oriented tools for expansion. We’ve had a house here in Sedona for the last few years that has served this purpose for the those that have lived here and visited during our Adventures, but now we want to open that up so it’s available to people all the time, so we are remodeling it to better accommodate guests.

Step Two: Add more houses doing the same thing as described in step one. Once we have a few houses going, we can then get a big enough piece of land to bring it all together in one physical community. The community in Sedona would be a model for living a 4th density type lifestyle. It would showcase green, sustainable, attractive building styles and a new compelling modern designs that supports both high vibrational individual living and connective group living. Click to See Details of Sustainable Communities – Designed Using Sacred Geometry. As a start, the community may consist of maybe a dozen houses that can support 72 people.

One of the main ideas for the community is that it sustains itself financially. This can be done by offering workshops, activities, lodging and food that are in alignment with values and goals of a Harmonious Earth.

Step Three: Build similar communities in Maui Hawaii and Glastonbury England, and continue to expand around the world.

Future Physical Community Sites Around the World

We are getting closer and closer to our dream of having physical communities around the world that are a high vibration and will serve as a sanctuary for the hybrid kids when they come. The gallery below is a few the sites where the communities will be.

Our Virtual Community of Friends Around the World

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