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Love One AnotherLoving Others (Service to Others)

Others are everyone that you perceive as other than you. You are the Others that you perceive. RA calls others your “Other Self,” because it is all really you. It is important to love others because they are you and you want to experience love and joy and the only way to do it is to be and perceive love and joy in yourself and others.

Loving Others Questions and Answers From the Call

  1. Kirk, Who are the “Others” you are speaking of when you say “Loving Others?”
    Others are everyone that you perceive as other than you.
    You are the Others that you perceive. RA calls others your “Other Self,” because it is all really you.
    You are many things all at once. Everything is here and now.
  2. Kirk, Why is it important to love others?
    Because they are you!
    And you want to experience love and joy and the only way to do it is to be and perceive love and joy in yourself and others.
    “You are the experience you are are having itself.”
  3. Bridget, How important are Relationships in your life?
    This question got put in a strange place as far as the flow of the call so feel free to ask anything new.
  4. Kirk, What is the purpose of relationships with others?
    To become more of yourself.
    Others mirror who you are, so you can see it and decide if that is who you truly want to be or change.
  5. Kirk, What is the top suggested belief to have about relationships?
    You are excited for what They are excited about and they are excited for what You are excited about.
    No expectations… Unconditional love. Support what they are excited about. This means that you may not get it the way You want it. You will get it the way they want it and it may be different than the way you want it. And that means the picture you “expect” may be different than the way it is. Allow it to be the way it is! No Expectations.
  6. Patrick, What are the most challenging things about being unconditional loving in the relationships you have?
    Unconditional strange word, boundaries are important to avoid resentment.
    Communicating boundaries. Unconditional but with discernment and boundaries.There are conditions for being close to me though: Prereq- positive vibe and level of understanding.
  7. Bridget, Working with Judgement in Relationships
    Letting people be who they are.
    See where they’re coming from.
    No comparison and seeing their gifts
  8. Why is it important to have an open heart and see the completeness in everyone?
    Loving Relationships with others are a demonstration that you know you are One with them and that there is really no such thing as a world “out there” beyond you. It’s all inside your own consciousness.
    Awakening is when you realize that you are the reality you previously thought you existed in.
    We are shifting/evolving from 3rd to 4th density, from an individual focus to group focus, and the opening and balancing of the heart chakra is the next step, along with already having integrated your Root, Sacral, and Solar plexus Chakras.
  9. Patrick, How do you balance doing what is exciting to you and supporting others in doing what is exciting for them?
    What is greater good for all put my effort where it will do the most for greater good outside comfort zone but not too much to drag down group.
  10. Bridget, How long should relationships last? and…What part does Attraction and Repulsion play in that?
    No need to make them last longer than needed, just because it is traditionally that way.
    Letting go of relationships that aren’t in alignment by being you.
  11. Kirk, Why can’t relationships always be pleasant and joy filled? Do they have to be challenging?
    Yes and No. Relationships are both rewarding and challenging.
    You are here to experience yourself in all the ways possible.
    You are always motivated by what you believe will bring you the most pleasure and the least pain.
    Seeking pleasure does not mean you should avoid challenges. You want challenges! That’s what keeps life exciting and keeps you expanding. See challenge as a pleasurable thing
  12. Kirk, Why are you attracted to certain people and what part does compatability play in relationships?
    You are attracted to certain relationships and people because you had something to learn/teach each other. You can come together on areas where you both agree and share/enjoy those compatibilities.
    You wouldn’t stay in a relationship if you weren’t attracted to the other person, or in a family, or job situation. These cause you to be committed and learn/teach and grow.
  13. Patrick, Will you share your what you have learned about Communication Listening and Understanding each other?
    It’s… seek first to understand then to be understood.
    Then from there speak from compassion for the other, when they feel heard they will most likely then listen without walls.
    Create opportunities for others to set healthy boundaries for themselves, make the opportunity available to them , make them feel safe to speak .
    Be honest and throw your ego patterns on the table.
  14. Bridget, Do you find that family relationships are different than friend relationships or intimate relationships?
    How to work with family relationships during the holidays
  15. Kirk, Do you need to compromise to be in relationships?
    Compromise isn’t word I would use. I would not suggest that you ever put yourself into place where you “feel” like you are compromising. That would build resentment and eventually blow up.
    It’s about understanding what relationships are for and utilizing a healthy structure for the relationships you are in.
  16. All, What would be a Healthy Structure for Relationships where I don’t need to compromise?
    Don’t compromise your highest excitements, fully express them and allow the others in the relationship to do the same.
    If it is not so important to you then you can allow whoever finds it the most important to decide. I would not call it “compromise,” just a more mature way to work with each other or a healthy relationship belief structure.
    As you evolve, you find that others interests become more and more your own.
  17. All, How do you stand up for who your really, without compromise, or harming the relationship?
    Do it with love. Alway keep the highest vibration possible and do everything with love and kindness and compassion, but not taken to martyrdom.
    You use your higher guidance to know what to do in each instance.
    Don’t compromise being your authentic self and don’t compromise when they are not being their authentic self. Empower yourself and them with advanced knowing that you are both infinite divine beings!
    It is not loving or empowering to support them or yourself in limited beliefs. Go through the steps of healing and transform limiting beliefs into healthy beliefs.
  18. All, What would be a good practice to increase my love for others?
    Still your mind. Balance the polarity in yourself, which is to let go of judgement and see both sides of polarity.
    This is a question that was asked to RA and his answer was: to gaze outward towards the fellow entities that you meet. In each entity there exists completeness. Thus, the ability to understand each balance is necessary. When you view patience, you are responsible for mirroring in your mental understanding, patience/impatience. When you view impatience, it is necessary for your mental configuration of understanding to be impatience/patience. This is a repetition of the first practice which was to see the completeness of yourself.
  19. All, What is Loving Others (Service to Others)?
    Be a good example. To be in service to others is to be yourself as fully as you can be.
    To not interfere with others evolution. Allow free will. The prime directive. Let go of judgement and support them on their path/theme.
  20. All, Why is there such a strong pull to be in relationships?
    What You Are Seeking In Relationships is Actually the Reconnection With Your Higher Self
    The pull is the pull to reconnect Source, to become whole again. When you incarnated it appeared to you that you were cut off from Source/Infinite One Creator/God, so you now feel the urge to reconnect.
  21. All, Are you responsible for others?
    You Are Not Responsible “For” Others — You Are Responsible “To” Others
  22. All, How is it possible to see negative people as divine and how can you love them?
    You don’t need to condone or agree with their behavior.
    They are part of the “One and All that Is.” They are on their path, playing their part in the big picture that needs to be played, which is just a valid as any other part. How good would a story be without a villain?
    The work is to see and appreciate “Their” Divine Nature and “Their” Completeness, which brings you more awareness that you and others are One.
    Practice loving and seeing the value of someone you dislike. (Trump, Clinton) It takes shifting to a higher perspective.
  23. Why is it important to do what is in the Best Interest of yourself and do what is in the best interest of the group or all involved?
  24. Talk about different types of relationships: Family—Marriage, Parents and Children
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