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Loving Me

A knowledge and love of yourself is essential for you to experience loving relationships. You need to remember your own divine nature for you overcome the energy of separation of this third density reality and shift to a 4th density loving reality where your have balanced your first three chakras and moved into the loving energy of the Heart chakra.


Love YourselfQuestions and Answers

  1. Who is the “Me” you are speaking of when you say “Loving Me?”
    • You are multidimensional. Remember that everything is now, so you are everything all at once.
    • You are your persona, your higher self, your soul, your oversoul, the oversoul of the oversoul on on up all the way to the One.
    • The most important self that you are right now is the one that is incarnated in this reality, but you need to keep an awareness of your other selves out of the corner of your eye to aid you in your journey through this 3rd density reality.
    • Ultimately, love and light is what you are
  2. Why is it important to know who you really are and love yourself?
    • Because you are all there is.
    • You are your own universe. “You are the experience you are having itself.” If you want to feel love you need to be love.
    • You are the All. You are the One. If you don’t love yourself you can never feel love because you are all there is to give it to yourself.
    • What you put out you get back, so it only makes sense to “give yourself love by putting it out.”
  3. How can I get a deeper connection to my divine nature?
    • Clear your mind and meditate on the fact that you exist. Not what you exist as, but that you exist at all. You can’t change the fact that you exist and always will. What you exist as may change, but not your existence.
    • Listen to Bashar’s “You Exist” recording. 
  4. Sandra, how did you work your way towards loving yourself?
    • First by acknowledging I did not have a healthy Self identity… I had low self-esteem and no knowledge of being empowered, so I felt and acted like a victim! At the time I had no clue that we can become conscious creators of our reality and that every person has the power within to surmount anything that happened in their past.  The moment I got my hands on that golden nugget of information, I decided to do everything I could to move as far away from victim land 🙂
  5. Sandra, what would be a way to step out of victim consciousness?  
    • By using the power of your intention and attention to do so…it’s a vow to yourself to do your personal work and take 100% responsibility for all your thoughts, actions and words… being committed to going all the way and doing your personal work is one of life’s biggest challenges, but it also holds the biggest rewards….it’s important to be gentle with yourself… you can imagine that you are like a 5-year old, so treat yourself as if you would treat an innocent child that’s eager to learn…  Drop any judgement towards yourself,  it’s important to be kind and compassionate towards yourself in this process…  Knowing that you can be a new person in every new moment is powerful too… I realized I did not have to define myself based on any past experience… the saying: That person in the past was me, but I was never that person… is a very powerful reminder that we have the ability to shift and change in every now-moment!
  6. How do you stay out of a Martyrdom mentally, and make Healthy Compromises?
    • Know that you are fully empowered sovereign being and recognize that the person you are with is the same. Really set into yourself that you are divine and establish a practice to remind yourself of that everyday until it is your first nature. 
  7. In the RA material RA says you need “acceptance of your completeness. Acceptance smoothes part of the many distortions that the faculty you call judgment engenders.” What part does acceptance play in loving yourself?
    • This is why you are here… to balance distorsions, as RA calls them, that separate you from the One, so to love yourself is you need to accept all parts of who you are and then you can love the “other” selves that appear to be around you.
    • All of everything you do, you are doing it with yourself. Separation is an illusion that gives you the experience that something is outside of you, but there really isn’t anything out there. It is all in your consciousness.
    • You need to relearn that you are All that Is, God.  
  8. What does the purpose of life and loving yourself have to do with each other?
    • The whole point of the planet earth game, which is the purpose of life is; to learn how to release judgment and learn how to be in unconditional love. This is how you love yourself. It starts with you first, and then you extend to others.
    • Self judgement and “other self” judgement. Is one of the biggest obstacles to living a high vibrational life and experiencing love in your life.
    • All relationships are with yourself… and their purpose is to reflect to you more of who you really are.
  9. Love MeSandra, How can someone move into becoming more of their authentic self?
    • It doesn’t matter if you take a big leap of faith or small baby steps…Stepping out of Victim consciousness and being the most you can be,  takes courage…it doesn’t mean you don’t feel fear… fear is not your enemy, it means feeling the fear and doing it anyway… dropping Self judgement, increasing the Self Love, stretching your comfort-zone, sometimes one baby step at a time, other times that big leap of faith… its training you to become comfortable with being uncomfortable 🙂 There can be a deep primal fear inside that triggers the need to protect and shield yourself…and over the course of time you build layer after layer and numb yourself out because feeling is too scary or painful…
      It’s key to look at those fears coming up, and look ‘em straight in the eye….letting go of Fear, fear of rejection, fear of punishment (in whatever form or shape) you will open the door to more Self Love.
  10. If I wanted to love more, what would be a good way to start?
    • Begin with self Inquiry. Ask yourself, what am I feeling, what am I projecting, how am I giving my power away? In which areas do I experience a free flow of energy and where is the energy blocked?
    • Some of the chakras, the energy points can be severely blocked and fully armored…this prevents the energy from moving naturally.. If there is a major blockage you will have to De-armoring yourself, de-construct the walls and barriers that prevent the free flow…. For example your First chakra: Security, safety, Survival, your Basic needs… especially the first 5 chakras would benefit from de-armoring techniques and I will share more about those techniques on our private FB group because this could be a Playshop on it’s own 😉
    • True Unconditional Love Comes With No Judgement or Expectation: We all have some example of unconditional love in our lives… for me, Sandra, it was my great grandmother, for some it might be a pet… whoever of whatever, that feeling of being loved no matter what is the best feeling in the world and it allows the recipient to be fully expressed and open-hearted.   When I was growing up, most of the love I received was tied to expectation, I needed to be a certain persona before I could receive love…. and there was severe judgement and sometimes punishment when I did not meet certain expectations… It took me many years to break free from that programming…Up until a certain age you are indeed at the mercy of your caretakers, but once you reach a certain age, you are free to choose…unfortunately most of us forget that important piece of information by the time that choice is available 🙂
  11. How does focusing on myself help the community, group, or partner I am with? I thought I needed to be selfless and give to everyone. 
    • Being your most authentic fully expressed self is the best way to help others. It gives them an example to follow, if they choose.
    • One of the most important things to get a hold of is allowing others to choose their own paths…Freedom. Allow all to use their free will, to make their own decisions. This is the way to self actualization. If you do it for someone they won’t know they can do it for themselves.
    • The group is the strongest when each member is the most fully expressed they can be. It is the sum of the members that makes the group.
  12. How can you be your Authentic Natural Self in a Relationship?
    • Follow your excitement, your joy. That feeling… that energy is the closest thing to your true nature. Follow it and you will be the best you that you can be. 
    • Utilize the power of the illusion, rather than being under the illusion of power…remember who you are. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking anything outside of you is the true reality. There is reality, except for what you believe it to be. 
  13. What part does inner trust play in being your true self?
    • One of the key components to living an authentic life, to be fully expressed, is developing inner trust…as within, so without… if you do not trust yourself, how can you trust others? Getting to a point where you are in tune, in harmony with your intuitive power…and trusting your intuition to guide you, so you can truly hear the messages from your Higher Self and follow your excitement
    • Inner trust allows you to make healthy decisions and have healthy boundaries.
  14. Do you need to change yourself to be in a Relationship?
    • No and Yes. No, because you you will always be the most you that you can be. Yes, because you work together with your partner or group and do what is in the highest interest of the group and yourself. Healthy compromise is okay when you and those you are working together with are all better off in the end, it doesn’t have any negative affects on you.
  15. How do you let go of judgements?
    • To clear a charge, which means to release judgment of an issue or fear, all you have to do is see why you created it or how it was of service to you in the first place. And when you do that you shift your perspective on it and you are releasing judgment.
  16. Why do you need to love yourself, before you love others? Why does loving me come before loving others in order you are presenting the calls and modules?
    • Because the way the game life and of evolving through the densities is designed is that you work through them in order and “love of the self,” the third chakra ”comes before “loving others,” the fourth chakra.
    • 3rd density is represented in the body as the the solar Plexus and 3rd chakra. 4th density is the heart  and 4th chakra.
    • In the RA material RA says, “Identifying both those things of which you approve and those things of which you disapprove within yourself, and then balance each and every positive and negative charge with its equal. (Section 5) What does this have to do with loving yourself?
    • This is his suggested technique to evolve and ascent. It’s very powerful.
    • What he is saying is that you need to have work on yourself and develop a balanced healthy self identity…”love yourself” and then you can go onto doing the same thing with others or your “other selves.” So loving yourself comes before loving others.
    • We are working through 3rd Density, learning about self identity and empowerment and now blending that with 4th density and loving others and opening the heart chakra.
  17. How do you love yourself?
    • Quiet the mind.
    • Meditate on the fact that you exist. This will reawaken you.
    • Know who you are.
    • Connect with Source, All that is, God, Yourself!
    • Be Yourself. Remind yourself moment to moment who you truly are. This is what is meant when Jesus said pray always.
  18. What are some things that prevent us from Unconditionally Loving ourselves?
    • I Love Me Written inside a Heart Drawn in SandIn essence it’s the limiting Belief that we are not enough and that we are separated from Source. From a young age we were programed that love is tied to conditions and we learned all about love through a system of reward and punishment.
    • Conditional Love comes from the Belief in Lack, with this belief you are always on the hunt to GET something outside of yourself. Once you realize you have all the love inside yourself, you can drop that energy of neediness… you enter relationships for the purpose of giving and sharing, not getting.
  19. What are the benefits of being 100% yourself?
    • It will automatically attract people of like-minded frequency into your life.
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