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Irish Celtic native guide drumming on the coastBy: MaRa LuaSa Sacred Site Guide, New Earth StewardKeeper of Emerald MagicSacred Sound Alchemist & Elemental Medium.  

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Photography by: Illup Gravengaard

~An ancient planetary portal of light ~

I have been divinely nudged to write this article, before the onset of increased attention, through the much hyped “Stars Wars VII ~ The Force Awakens” film, about to release worldwide soon. Skellig Michael, a sacred site off the west coast of Ireland, is believed to be prominently featured in some of the scenes.

I first heard of the filming on Skellig Michael11238269_10207562860576083_8174019013549706924_n last summer; I have to admit my heart was conflicted by what felt like possible disrespect on some level, of a very sacred place. I am Irish native going back many generations on both sides of my ancestry. Though I am not currently residing there, I am very connected to the land as this is part of my own planetary mission as an earth grid keeper and energetic steward.

I, and many other spiritual pilgrims seeking connection with God/source, have held this ancient island in reverence through the ages and I am passionate about honoring the sanctity of our planet’s holy place & spaces. My heart is compelled to share some of it’s spiritual legacy & history to enable a deeper connection and understanding of the power (force) that in encoded in the land there.

Skellig Michael is the larger of two ancient towering majestic sea crags, that are pyramidal in their structure. “Little Skellig”, is the adjacent smaller peak. The islands are situated 12km off the south west coast of Ireland in the wilds of the Atlantic Ocean.
Many believe they are mountain peaks from the atlantean era, still carrying the energies of those times both dark & light. It is a natural temple where two intersecting earth leylines cross, creating a node of energy that is very powerful.

11667543_10207563127222749_7696956022402365931_nThe island was the chosen home of a small group of ascetic monks back in the 6th – 13th Century, who sought deeper communion with God in isolation from the outside world. The remains of this monastery are still intact; the stone beehive geometric structures are alive with spirit evoking energies imprinted in the stones from these devout hermits. You can definitely imagine the “force awakening” within you here!

The islands are designated as a world Unesco heritage site, so there is a limit to daily visits due to the delicate nature of the archaeology, protected sea birds and plant life.


Through many tumultuous journeys there myself, I know it is not an easy task to get there! Often the boats that leave the nearby villages of Portmagee & Valencia in the Iveragh peninsula, Co. Kerry, are challenged in the choppy waters and large swells. It almost seems that the island chooses who it wishes to allow step onto it’s timeless rocky landing. Sometimes they are cancelled altogether when mother nature sings her wild songs. If you are called to go, definitely check in on the weather and surrender to divine flow.

When Visiting Skellig Michael: I invite you to tune into this powerful place and ask why you are drawn to it. Here are some tips to prepare for a journey to a sacred site that I find useful:

  • Align with your heart centre, higher self and team of guides.
  • Ask permission of the guardian of the land, the ancestral spirits and cosmic guardians to come and visit.
  • Give them a clear heart intention of why you wish to come, i.e. to experience greater unity in yourself, or to heal your ancestral lineages.
  • These places are encoded with layers of energies; ensure you are healthy, grounded, and well rested to be open to physical shifts within you before/during and after the visit!
  • Offer a soul song, tobacco, sage or prayer at the site to honor the energies.
  • Give thanks upon leaving!

beautiful Little Skellig in ireland

Skellig Michael is on the western edge of the european landmass. It is the first sacred site along a long line (leyline) of ancient pilgrimage places running from the entry point or pinnacle point of the leyline in Ireland through the UK (Glastonbury, St.Michaels Mount), France, Italy, Greece then onto Mt.Carmel in Israel.

This line is known as the “Michael” Leyline through it’s alignment with ArchAngel Michael who the guardian and overseer of this energy line. It was known for thousands of years before the advent of Christianity, and linked many holy places of earth and cosmic power.

It was known as the “Atlas Line” in Atlantis, Much of the energetics of this ancient leyline are said to have been largely kept in tact by the work of the druids and key grid keepers since the fall of Atlantis.

On a planetary level, this island, as a multi-dimensional portal, is pivotal to the integration of the divine masculine codes for humanity’s evolution. 11692581_10207563130782838_5011611887254574778_nThe energy that emits from this portal extends in all directions for hundreds of miles. It is a point of cosmic energy and earth merging as one. As such it can be a place of merging the polarities in oneself ~ male/female rebalance. The colour rays that emanate, for those attuned, are the violet, emerald & blue rays.

The moment I caught my first glimpse of these spectacular pinnacle points from the land on the Iveragh peninsula, I was mesmerized. The sheer power and sharp angles of these dramatic peaks took my breath away and tuned me into an ancient place within me. I felt compelled to get my feet on that holy ground. It is in the sanctuary of these natural high, spiritual energy places that we can access the inner sanctum of our being and open to more of our divine potential. These physical locations can act as a cosmic trigger to awaken and activate us to the remembrance of who we are and we are here.

My first journey was steeped in ancient remembrance every step of the way; these dramatic peaks took my breath away, my inner eye seeing blazes of light of violet and emerald hues on the approach. 11112455_10207562964938692_3821098515001509070_nThe boat ride out was an initiation in itself and shook out the cobwebs (literally in feeling sick and nauseous)! I was then taken into a deep silence as I felt my heart and mind merge as one with the landscape. I remembered this place. I felt at home. The consciousness of the whales, dolphins and seals added to a very transcendent experience.

George Bernard Shaw, a famous Irish playwright, described Skellig as “incredible, impossible, mad place” and as “part of our dream world”. I definitely concur on all of those descriptions.

The stone guardians are abundant on the island, with some aptly named by their lifelike appearance. The “Wailing woman” , who sits on the first incline up the nearly 700 stone steps to the top of the crag, drew me into council with her. My energy body receiving the information of the island I needed to navigate it’s spaces with care and gentleness.

You then come to “Christ’s saddle”, a flat area between the two peaks; here is another good place to connect in with the spirit of the island. The south peak is closed to visitors due to the steep climb. 11144985_10207563143143147_5759596932513282550_nThe north slope above the monastery is where I connected most, bridging the inner and outer of my being, as well as in some of the beehive cells in the monastery, due to the domed beehive geometry lending itself well to divine introspection!

There is a vast array of energy available here, through all the seen and unseen. I would simply be open and listen to where you are personally drawn.

Helpful Sites for Visiting Skellig Michael:

A lovely B & B, near the harbor in Portmagee. I would suggest coming the evening


One of many boat companies I recommend: ~ Season is 1st April – 31st Oct.

It is here I shall conclude, yet there is an infinite well of cosmic story still to be written about this beautiful celestial earth temple.

It is my prayer that the forces of light, through all time and space, continue to safeguard this holy place; that all who feel called to visit, come with love and reverent intention, receiving and awakening to their own cosmic connections ~ To their own sacred force of light within!


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