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My Title-My Gift-My Talent

Reiki healer, astrophysics student, animal rights activist and rescuer, yogi, spiritual educator and student, hermetic student, and inter-dimensional architect… I show people that heaven on earth is now and is not something that needs to be waited for. We choose our experiences and create our own reality. It is here and it is now.

Photo of Shelley Beth LegrandDescription of My Gift

I am here on this planet to amplify the vibrations of love and freedom. I embrace all of the elements and work with them closely but align most with the vibration of air. Because of this, I have a sense of clarity and a bird’s eye view that helps me to see the best in every situation. By using this clarity I am able to see where someone needs healing the most whether it be physical, emotional, academic, or spiritual. I connect deeply with nature and work closely with elementals in order to heal earth and create more peaceful vibrations. I have currently been working with an air elemental who is teaching me how to dissolve chemtrails and pollution in the air and turn them into water by using quartz point crystals. I practice healing touch for animals and humans, spend my time meditating and channeling, and bring awareness to the fact that everything has a spirit and a unique vibration. I study many topics and utilize my research in order to bring healing and conservation awareness to the people of Earth. Through my experiences as a yogi, I have learned to show compassion to myself and others while teaching others how to be healthy and feel their best. It is truly an honor to be here serving the inhabitants of earth as well as many beings in other dimensions during this amazing transformation of healing and peace in the reality we are co-creating.

Life Themes

My life themes are simple: freedom and love. I grew up in a very constricting environment that did not allow free thinking or at least the expression of free thinking. It was not my favorite way to live but it did teach me that freedom and love are things that are inside of myself. They are always accessible and can never truly be lost. I learned that I am limitless and that I only need to tap into myself and the gifts that flow from the Source in order to be free. Because I was not allowed to speak openly about what I thought of the Universe and our purpose here during my childhood and teenage years, I came up with creative ways to express love to people who only wanted to receive love in a certain way. I’ve learned to communicate to many different personalities and interest groups with a nonjudgmental attitude. My approach is all-embracing and open to the creativity that everyone can express- even if it is a lot different than what I am used to.

Interests in My Childhood years that contributed and gave rise to my Gifts

Shelly with HorseTo put it simply, I loved animals and nature more than I loved anything else. Even now, I can spend hours losing myself in my astronomy and biology studies. One of my favorite things to do is go far out in nature where city lights don’t affect the view and look at the stars through my telescope and binoculars. I was not allowed to go out much as a child due to my parent’s belief systems so I brought the world into my bedroom. I would construct habitats for ant farms, ladybugs, crickets, and anything else that managed to climb through that tiny crack in my bedroom window. They really became my best friends. I suppose most children would have felt lonely with my upbringing but I really had the best company in those great spirits in tiny bodies that came to visit me. When I was four, my mom tried to force me to become a Christian and “accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior so he could keep me out of hell.” After a quick look around the room, I told my mother that there was no need to ask the angels or Jesus to comes save me since bright light beings and guides were already sitting across the table from me. I was punished often and inhumanely quite often as a child, but my greatest joy came at night when my beloved spirit guide Genevieve would come to me visually and tell me that it would all be okay and that I was just learning about certain types of people so I could help heal them in the future. In my dreams, my guides (some of which are extraterrestrials) would tell me to “bridge the gap.” I knew it meant that they wanted me to show people how to bring heaven to earth. I wasn’t sure how to go about this at first, but now I know it is just showing people the beauty and love that is inside of themselves. This often involves helping them connect to the Divine Feminine and Masculine in themselves and teaching them to value all life, even if it is something as small as a seed or a rock.

Experiences and Challenges that Expanded my Gift and Me

I was brought up in an extremely abusive and controlling Christian home. I learned not to view it that way entirely but just in a mere physical sense, it was not a healthy way for a child to grow up. I went to harsh schools that would rape and beat girls for speaking out and showing any form of intelligence. Nonconformity was a punishable crime and made an individual subject to all types of humiliation. This experience did help me to understand what can happen to people when they live in fear and don’t believe in themselves. I don’t purposely put myself in unhealthy places, but it did give me a love for “taking off the blinders” when it comes to showing people that fear and sadness are self-imposed. I still do not receive support from the people I grew up with, including family, but I have realized that I don’t need it. It is very kind when people offer support and encouragement to me, but my experiences have shown me that I don’t have to rely on it because I already have everything I need to thrive in myself. I have tapped into an endless reserve of love and joy that cannot be affected by any outside circumstances. I have been homeless and learned to be very self-sufficient during a time where people who claimed to love “god” constantly turned me away. I made a personal decision to never shut my heart to anyone regardless of who they are. My past experiences made me aware of how free we truly are as individuals and how it is our choice to be creative with our experiences and time. I love to be a pioneer and to be tangible evidence that there is so much more to our experience than what we are taught to believe.

Where I Am Now

I currently live in the beautiful state of Colorado with my husband Chris and our house full of beloved animals. I take every experience as something that is positively working towards my growth and understanding of the Universe. I recognize each moment as a gift from the Universe. If it is something that I could choose to see as negative I get excited because I know it is the Universe having confidence in me to handle the situation properly. We are never handed anything we cannot handle. I spend my time reading and learning, meditating, and exploring the land around me. It has been my dream to move to Colorado for many years now and I attracted it into my reality just a few short weeks ago. The energy here is incredible and I have attracted so many experiences that I have dreamed about for years. I love to explore the mountains and caves in my area and I get to view the stars in an area that isn’t distorted by pollution. I am in a state of ecstatic gratefulness and excitement. I do not become entrapped by old ways of thinking or by undesirable commitments to things I do not want to experience. I am open to receiving healing and love which is one of the greatest acts of compassion and love someone can show to themselves. I live in a limitless and free fashion, unrestricted by traditional shadows that society says I should be chasing. I spend my time creating (through art, music, meditation etc.), acting on my highest excitement, and savoring each incredible moment placed in front of me.

Shelley Beth Legrand channelled Hybrid children pictureWhat Excites Me

It excites me to witness this wave of “waking up” energy that is currently flowing through our planet. I love to be part of the creativity people experience as they “rebirth” themselves into preferable realities. I love to ride horses, be near animals and wild nature, express myself artistically, heal and listen to others, and communicate with the loving beings in other dimensions. My hybrid children excite me more than anything because I just recently became aware of their existence. A few weeks ago, I channeled the drawing you see in this section of how my hybrid children see us and it gave me incredible amounts of excitement and propelled me forward into the Harmonious Earth Community. It excites me to know that in any given moment I can choose to do exactly what I want to do most with only myself to tell me no. It is a joy to be here because just like astronomy teaches me, I can spend lifetimes researching and following my excitement and I will never reach the end of my own bliss.

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