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Experience Full Disclosure Now ~ Online Playshop


Experience Full Disclosure Now

With Kirk and Bridget Nielsen

4-Exciting Modules, 4-90min Recorded Group Calls, Numerous Exercises, Movies Suggestions, Hundreds of Links to Disclosure, Supportive Facebook Group Member Interactions. After paying you will receive an email with a password to access the playshop



Two going up light beam from UFOExperience Full Disclosure Now ~ Online Playshop

Disclosure of ET’s, Hidden Technologies, and Secret Space Programs Are In Full Swing…

With Kirk and Bridget Nielsen

4 Exciting Modules Exploring Disclosure and The Integral Part You Play In It

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What You Will Receive

A New Perspective On Exciting Disclosure Possibilities

  • 4 – 90 Minute Recorded Group Calls, so you can listen anywhere anytime. In the calls Kirk and Bridget cover the sessions topics and the group members share their ideas and ask questions. This makes makes the calls dynamic, motivating, and fun to listen to.
  • 4 – Content Modules that organize the material in a fun and memorable fashion
  • Numerous Exercises in each module that will bring you closer to Full Disclosure
  • Movies Suggestions with topics relevant to each module
  • Shared Google Doc Where Everyone Can Share Lists of Links & Media
  • Supportive Group Members To Learn From and New Friends to Interact With
  • Facebook Group Where Everyone Can Chat, Share and Post
  • Questions Answered by Bridget, Kirk and group members
  • Written Content of topics covered in each module.
  • Transformational Experience!

Disclosure Playshop Topics

Making Disclosure Exhilarating and Uplifting 

1 Amazing Disclosures Happening Now
2 Making Disclosure A Positive Experience
3 Being Prepared for Disclosure
4 Doing Your Part In Accelerating Full Disclosure

Invest In Yourself

Order now. If you really jump in and let yourself get involved this Playshop, it can be one of the most impactful events you will ever experience. It really will open you up to seeing that disclosure is happening now inside of you and all around you. It is who you really are!

Cancellation and Refund Policy

We don’t offer refunds, but you may be able to apply some or all of what you have paid towards another Product or Adventure depending on the amount, which Product or Adventure you apply it to, and other factors. Let us know as soon as possible and we will work out what we can.

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