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My description has been time-stamped in Earthly terms with various titles. The following literary signifiers were collected from ‘Earthly Creation Archive’…… under ‘Fluctuating Linear Code-scripts’ Section 9,

Entitled ‘Self Creating Transformational Archetypes, Humanoid English Translation’

P3 L1 States as follows;

Various perspective interpretations have been listed here representing approximate harmonically resonant frequency translations as they were measured from specific time-space coordinates.

The purpose for this listing is not to define but rather to assist the inquirer in strengthening their ability to anticipate transformative frequency modulation and manifestation rhythms from within a general Earthly context.  Following is a list of some helpful conceptualized translations:

Transformation Specialist/Experientalist/Researcher/Harmonic Translator/Creationist/Shamanic Hip Hop Activation Catalyst/Writer/Songwriter/Psychonaut/Galactivation Portal/Future Planetary Mirror/ Presentologist/Old Paradigm Code Buster/ Connector/Bliss Gradient Connoisseur/Natural World Student with a fluorescent color infatuation, etc.

One of the more encompassing metaphors that has been found to be useful in describing this phenomenon is that of the ‘intuitively upgrading transdimensional Space Cab’, synchronistically providing portal openings across creation as it dances its ever changing expression.

The Fuel – A passion for Love

The Navigator – Heart Resonance

The Route – Synchronicity

The Driver – Creativity Conceived

The Vehicle – Creativity Expressed

The Trip – The Experience Itself

Destination – Here and Now

This ‘Space Cab’ is a self-creating and self-transforming energy. Pickups will be at the perfect space-time coordinates for all parties involved. Giggle drips 😉

To put it simply, for all the Shirley Temple drinkers, I love to find and explore new Ideas/States of Consciousness/Vibrations/Energies, etc. and create fun and innovative ways of sharing them with others whilst remaining an ever curious and awe-inspired student. Some of my expressions are Music, Videos, Creative Writing, and strange humor.

Life Theme 

Theme seems to be transformation, ‘the only thing that stays the same is change’, so much change it looks like I robbed a homeless dude…. actually that homeless dude was me before I changed into a non-homeless dude. Funny thing is I probably look more homeless now than I did when I was homeless. Anyway before the theme changed to a theme of change, it was a theme of stagnation. Luckily I changed from unlucky to lucky in time to wander onto this Harmonious Earth, and It all started with a dream about dogs and spaceships. Maybe I’ll tell you about it sometime. 😉

Interests in my childhood that align with my life theme

I have memories of losing myself in music production/songwriting and dancing. It’s a cool trick, this losing yourself thing, it’s cool cuz by losing yourself you create the opportunity to find yourself again and every time you find yourself you find out that you aren’t even the same you you were when you got lost, so I guess the question is who did you really find? Or is the real question who were you really looking for? Or maybe the question is, who is the you that is doing the looking, or maybe there is no question but only a choice of answers. Oooooh I like choices, or maybe……. uh…. Never mind I lost my train of thought…….

Experiences and challenges that have expanded my gift

I learned about being an American Citizen and about Television, and about McDonalds and Burger King and I learned about banks and War and competitive business and alcohol and drugs (the really bad ones like heroin and tap water) and disconnected sex. I learned about greed and lack and many other corrosive emotions as well as limiting belief structures. I found all those lessons very very challenging. All of these lessons simply showed me which direction to go in, that being the opposite direction. I also learned to love them for being so blatantly unresonant with me. If they were more sneaky about it I might still be confused about a lot more stuff so thank you 3D douche paradigm, thank you for sucking at concealing your inner douchery. I will always love you for that.

Influences from other incarnations

Well, these influences seem to keep a steady stream of visions coming in. I’m not sure really where to start so I will just puke out whatever comes to me in the next 60 sec, okay….. ready go

Um- white haired dude playing the piano in like the 16th? Century

-a higher consciousness form of fire/water that communicates thru different algorithms and fluctuations of fire/water movement.

-stars….bright ones #3

-the expression of certain universal colors in their myriad forms of consciousness

– you know what,  actually,  this is a cool one, I think I have a part to play in the inter-dimensional mechanics of giggles and laughs, something to do with balancing the channels of laugh energy as it courses through dimensions to ensure that the energy moves clean through to whatever alternate energy expression it takes form in without degrading in the process.

Also I was definitely a gypsy recently… that’s for sure

Time’s up

Where I am now

I am in an awesome place now, I feel like I am advancing exponentially and have the perfect environment for me to keep unraveling, I feel inspired and enthusiastic to quickly address any blocks or issues that may come up for me with the knowing that it is nothing but an exciting opportunity for expansion. My favorite way of explaining where I am at is through music and art and I look forward to sharing with y’all. 😉

What really excites me

Here is a list of excitements:


-New ideas/energies/experiences, etc.


-Living in Sedona community (every time I pinch myself I get excited that it hurts!!)

-super foods

-spring water


-funny ideas/expressions


-metaphysical studies


-fringe science



-barefoot hiking


-deepening my connection to the planet and the sun/stars

-envisioning the communities’ future manifestations

-creating new forms of learning and teaching


-learning from my community/family

-shapes and colors



okay I could probably go on forever so I will just stop there 😉


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