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My Gift – Talent – Title

I am guide. I move people to the sacred place of their heart and lock their higher-self with them to become their whole true self. I love to learn and grow and see love moving from heart to heart. Connecting heart to heart reminds us that we are one and the same spirit. I am a facilitator of workshops do this work.

Interests In My Childhood and Teenage Years That Align With My Life Theme

I remember in school the teacher asked us how we visualized our future.  I was so excited about that topic that I went to her and explained the way I saw my future. She flipped out and said ”you are dreaming kid”.  I know it was the way I saw it without any doubt. My vision was that everybody was doing what they like to do but without any money exchange, they just did what they like to do…..example I fix cars because I like doing it, so I don’t charge anything because it’s my passion and if I need food I will go to the grocery store and take the food I need for free because people work there for the same reason. That’s the way I saw my future; based on people’s heart knowledge …..She was not impressed.

Experiences and Challenges That Have Expanded My Gift and Me

These words come from my heart, if you move to your heart center, you will feel them the way I write them down. Who knew that one morning my life was going to change forever?

To tell you my story, I must go back about 7 years in time when I first became a father.  A beautiful baby girl with bright blue eyes came into my life.  When our eyes met without really understanding, the doors of my heart opened for the first time.  I tried to reopen these doors but without success.

So I began to understand those incredible moments of richness through meditation, however still without the feeling that the doors of my heart were easily opening. I went to a 10 day retreat of silence to help me find the key that would help me reopen these doors. I finally achieved it but for seconds only.

Back home I continued to meditate every day at 4 o’clock in the morning before leaving for work.  Finally it’s during one very ordinary morning without any expectation that I felt a similar connection with my heart without really knowing why.

When I left for work with a great surprise everything seemed different outside, everything felt so alive like never before and as the day went by all the people that I met vibrated with such unconditional love and an incredible lightness!

All life that there is; people, children, trees, flowers, in fact all that lives produce so much love , such a vibration that I never felt before. For the first time in my life I felt a sphere all around me that lasted 3 days. When I finally emerged, I will now call it “mental”; I told myself that it was heaven on earth right here right now WOW.

Where I Am Now

My focus now is to travel to Sedona with my family and dream the dream with the people who connect with harmonious earth community that also brings new ideas to co-create the new system without judging the old one that makes me grow by reflecting what I don’t want in my future. At this moment in time I am also about to start new workshop with a star sister with wild dolphins in Hawaii to facilitate contact with galactic families.

What Really Excites Me

I am so excited about every breath I take, every breath is a new reality for me. Excited to wake-up in the dream that we are all dreaming about. Excited to bring the invisible visible.

I love you very much. More to come…



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