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Loving Relationships Playshop

4 Exciting Modules Exploring How to Have Loving Relationships – $88 

With Facilitators Sandra & Kirk and Guest Speakers Bridget & Patrick

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Topics Covered in the Website Modules and on the Recorded Group Calls

4 Core Sections For Healthy Loving Relationships

1 Loving Values

A Solid Foundation of Healthy Beliefs and Tools.

2 Loving Me

A Knowledge of Your Own Divine Nature and Love of Yourself. Have a balanced open Solar Plexus Chakra, along with integrated Root and Sacral Chakra’s

3 Loving Others (Service to Others)

An Understanding of What it is to Love Others and Be in Service to Others. This is the Opening of the Heart Chakra and Key to Ascending to 4th Density

4 Loving Communication

A Mastery of Skills for Loving Communication and Full Self Expression. Opening of the Throat Chakra


What You Will Receive

A Supportive Group To Learn From and New Friends to Interact With

  • 4 – 90 Minute Recorded Group Calls. In the calls Kirk, Sandra, Bridget and Patrick will cover the sessions topics and the group members will share their ideas and ask questions. This makes makes the calls dynamic, motivating, and fun to be involved with and listen to
  • 4 – Content Modules that organize the material in a fun and memorable fashion
  • Exercises in each module that will lead you into more loving relationships
  • Movies Suggestions with topics relevant to each module
  • Supportive Group Members To Learn From and New Friends to Interact With
  • Facebook Group Where Everyone Can Chat, Share and Post
  • Questions Answered by the facilitators and group members
  • Written Content and Numerous Articles relating to the topics covered
  • Videos relevant to the relationship subjects we are covering
  • Awakening and Transformational Experience!

Facebook Group

Interact with other members on our Loving Relationships Playshop Facebook Group. All of the members of the Facebook Group are participants of the Loving Relationships Playshop, so you can interact, ask questions with confidence and feel safe.

“To become a master of love, You have to practice love. The art of relationship is mastery of the self and other self, and the only way to reach mastery is with practice.”

Experience More Love

Did you catch the “Loving Relationships” word-play? Loving Relationships has 2 significant meanings: Being more loving in relationships and loving to be in relationships.

  • Join in on the live group calls or listen to the recorded Group Call. In the calls Sandra, Kirk, Bridget and Patrick go over the sessions topics and the entire group then shares their thoughts, ideas and questions. There is no Guru, just all of us together assisting in each other in the ascension process. The calls are dynamic, motivating, educational, personal, and fun!
  • Do the exercises suggested in the Calls
  • Listen to the different audio recordings
  • Watch the relevant movies and videos
  • Share your thoughts and questions on the live calls and the Facebook Group Page.
  • Interact with other group members through your posts. If you feel drawn to specific members, connect by messaging them. Members learn from each other, so they will be supportive and happy to help. It is great to be friends with those of like-hearts.
  • Message SandraKirk, Bridget or Patrick through Facebook if you have any questions that come up.
  • Read through the modules written material.
  • Approach relationships with an open loving heart and watch them transform!

“We all had many breakthroughs and awakenings while compiling this material, and so will you, if you give yourself over to the concepts and integrate them into your life.”

Invest In Yourself

$88 Click Here to Play now!   Click to Sign Up Now!

Order now. If you really jump in and let yourself get involved this Playshop, it can be one of the most impactful events you will ever experience. It really will open you up to loving relationships in all areas of your life!

If you have paidclick here to enter playshop. If not, pay now and you will receive an email with a password. Once you enter the password, it will remember you and you will not have to enter it again.

Free Bonus! Those participating in the “Loving Relationships Playshop” can deduct the price of the Playshop from the price of the Mayan Riviera Mexico Caribbean Adventure in Jan 2017. If you’ve already paid for the Adventure you can join the Playshop for free.

Playshop Facilitators and Guest Speakers

Sandra Rolus

Sandra will be welcoming you with love and support throughout the Playshop and sharing her wisdom and experience that comes from many years of being in relationships herself. Click to read more.

Kirk Nielsen

I love people and I love relationships. I am excited about living my joy and seeing others live theirs and be the most they can be. I do my best to follow my heart and trust “what is” which has lead me to being with you now… Click for more about Kirk

Patrick & Bridget

Bridget and Patrick will be joining the calls as guest speakers. They will also share their wisdom on relationships and some their their tips on what works for them. Click to read more about Bridget and Patrick.

Gallery of Quotes and Photos

Dive even deeper into loving relationships and join us on our

Mayan Riviera Mexico Caribbean Adventure

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8 Days, All Inclusive in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
Jan 14–21, 2017   Theme – “Loving Relationships”
With Sandra RolusKirk NielsenBridget Nielsen, Patrick Haize

Those participating in the “Loving Relationships Playshop” can deduct the price of the Playshop from the price of the Adventure.

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