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Mexico Caribbean Adventure

Explorer, Play & Connect with Like-Hearted Friends

7 Days ~ Not Yet Scheduled – Shooting for Sometime in 2020

With Kirk Nielsen and Sandra Rolus

Kirk and Sandra in Mexico

“The connections and friendships with other group members was the highlight of my Adventure”

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Come Play with Kirk and Sandra in The Mayan Riviera

  • We love Mexico! The people, the food, the Ocean, the Land… it’s all so Beautiful!
  • This Adventure is all about playing, connecting with others, and raising our vibration. These are as important as anything else we can do.
  • We have an amazing itinerary planned, with an amazing group of people that is sure to open your chakras and light up your life.
  • Let your inner child come out and play with Kirk and Sandra in Magical Mexico.

Beautiful Mexican Caribbean Location

  • The Mayan Riviera, one of the highest energy locations of the Yucatan peninsula vortex. Playa Del Carmen will be our homebase for the week. It is perfectly located between Cancun and Tulum and has yummy healthy restaurants and white sand beaches.
  • Playa del Carmen is 61 min from Cancun and 52 min to Tulum and 45 min ferry to Island of Cozumel.

Exciting Excursions and Immersions

  • Coba Mayan Temple and Cenotes Magical Caves
  • Jungle Zip Lines, Ancient Wall Rock Climbing, Rappelling, and Cenotes
  • Cozumel Catamaran, Snorkeling in Tropical Turquoise Waters and Beach Party (Ferry from Playa Del Carmen)
  • Tulum Mayan Temple Cenotes Water Sinkholes
  • Playa Del Carmen Beach and Sightseeing
  • R&R ~ Rest and Integration is Very Important 🙂

Group Connecting and Sharing

  • You will come to know the unique puzzle piece that you are and how you fit into the world.
  • Participating in group adventures that stretch comfort zones allows you to see yourself from other people’s perspectives that may be different than what you have of yourself.
  • Group reflections and feedback lets you know the energy you are naturally putting out that may otherwise be unaware of.
  • You’ll be able to see the beautiful gifts and value you are giving to others that you may not have seen before.
  • Group Sharing Circles opens the throat chakra and allows for loving supportive communication in ways you may never have imagined.

Personal Awakening and Transformation

  • Participating in adventurous activities awakens your innate gifts and talents.
  • Blockages that prevent you from being your most fully expressed self are removed
  • You will be transformed into who you were born to be.

Delicious Healthy Meals

  • An important part of maintaining a high vibration is to eat high vibrational food that tastes great!
  • We’ll be eating out, as a group, at restaurants that have healthy eating options.
  • When we go on activities we’ll take healthy sack lunches from the health food store to take with us.
  • You’ll be on your own for breakfasts.
  • You’ll be paying for your own Meals. Meals are not included in the price.

Going on an life-changing adventure was never this easy. We’ve put together all the best (often secret) spots, local favorite activities, so you can relax and have an amazing time.

Investment $ Amount

  • Early Bird Special price $1,195 – Per Person. Click here to Pay now!
  • Save $200 if paid in full 4 months before Adventure. Price thereafter $1,395.
  • Deposit $395 reserves your spot. Balance due 45 days before Adventure begins.
  • Note: Other expenses you will need to pay: Airfare $300-$700 from US (Europe 600-900 €), Shared Room, $300-$500, Food $300-$500, and Transfers $100-$150.
  • If you need help setting up your lodging click here or have any other questions feel free to Call-Text 310-633-1777 or Email

Activities and Itinerary

Group Sharing & Connecting will be sprinkled in throughout week: Guided Meditations, Sound Expression & Group Sharing Circles

Day 1: Born Into A New World

  • ARRIVAL – Check In and Get Settled.
  • Welcome Dinner & Opening Circle

Day 2: Explore the Hidden You

  • Lunch at Ki Hanal in Coba and Dinner in Playa Del Carmen

Day 3: Flying on the Wings of Love

  • Lunch in the Jungle (Included) and Dinner in Playa Del Carmen

Day 4: Mayan Master Builders

  • Lunch at Kasta-Kan across from Cenote and Dinner in Playa Del Carmen

Day 5: Sailing to an Island of Love

  • Lunch on the Beach (Included), Dinner in Playa Del Carmen

Day 6: Ancient Heart Connection

  • Lunch at Raw Love Organic Restaurant in Tulum, Dinner in Playa

Day 7: Sharing Love

  • Free Time, Layout on the Beach, Private Sessions
  • Dinner in Playa Del Carmen

Day 8: Returning With Love

  • Check Out and Fly Home

Activities Photo Gallery

Click on photos to access all 39 Photos of Activities

Your Mayan Adventure Facilitators

Sandra Rolus

“I will be welcoming you with love and support throughout the adventure and assisting you in opening your heart to experience more of your natural self.” Go To Sandra’s Website

Kirk Nielsen

“I love seeing people be their true puzzle piece. I am very enthusiastic about living my joy and assisting you in living your joy, and helping you to expand and be the most you can be in the beautiful Mayan Riviera.” See Kirk’s Website

Fall In Love

Loving Family and Friends

Loving Life!

Sharing Love with Everyone

Individual Expression and Group Sharing

 Be a Part of a Life Changing Week of Unity and Unconditional Love 

Uplifting and Positive Group Sharing

This week is about coming together as a tribe, having fun, and experiencing a unified field of unconditional loving energy, so that you can take that feeling back home and expand it in your day to day lives.

Each member of the group has a unique gift to share with the group or they wouldn’t be part of the group. Everyone will have the chance to share with the other members who they are and what their place is in the group. Unity and Unconditional love is the theme for the week. All the interactions will be positive and expansive.

Group Connection Activities

  • Heart Opening Exercises, Toning & Sound Expression Chakra Opening
  • Mayan Temple Activation and Visualization
  • Group Sharing and connecting Circles. It is always very transformative and integrative to share your experience and hear others experience. It allows you to see more through others eyes.

Explorer, Play & Connect with Like-Hearted Friends

Multi-Colored light showing how You Exist As a Multitude of ExpressionsUse This Adventure to…

  • Recalibrate and realign your personal energy to be ready for the changes happening now and to come.
  • Let go of the old you that you were and find the new path/direction of the new you that is being birthed. Be open and free to see a new direction… Free time to set a new course.
  • Increase your inner strength and prepare yourself for increasing chaos and more craziness as the old systems are exposed and collapse and new systems replace them.
  • Utilize and transform the changes that you have already seen in the world and use it as a catalyst and tool to build a new you and a new world.

Reserve Your Spot Now!

Invest In Yourself

Pricing – Mexico Caribbean Adventure

  • Early Bird Special price $995 – Per Person. Click here to Pay now!
  • Save $200 if paid in full by Dec 5, 2018. Price thereafter $1,195.
  • Deposit $295 reserves your spot. Balance of $700 due 45 days before Adventure begins.
  • Note: Other expenses you will need to pay: Airfare $300-$600 from US (Europe 600-800 €), Shared Room, $300-$400, Food $300-$400, and Transfers $100.
  • If you need help setting up your lodging click here or have any other questions feel free to Call-Text 310-633-1777 or Email

General Details

Air Transportation. You’ll fly into to Cancun (CUN International Airport). Plan to arrive at in Cancun on Jan 19th before 3 PM so you can make it to the welcome dinner at 5:30 PM. Depart anytime from Cancun on Jan 26th.
Transfer from the airport to Playa Del Carmen. It’s an hour drive to Playa Del Carmen. If you don’t rent a car you will need to get a ride with a transfer company. USA Transfers is a good option. They charge from $52 to $75 depending on how many people you have. Prebook before you arrive. You may pay over $100 if you wait until you arrive and go with one of the many companies who will be all over you as you walk out of the airport.
Ground Transportation. Once you are in Playa Del Carmen you’ll need to get yourself to the Playa Del Carmen group meeting location for the activities. Taxis are cheap and easy to catch around Playa Del Carmen and you can always walk. We will provide transportation in vans to the activities. Some of you may want to rent vehicles to explore on your own. We as facilitators will have a car. America Car Rental is a good site to rent a car. It’s who I rent from. They include the insurance in the price, so there are no hidden costs. Other rental companies force you to get their insurance, which when added to their low teaser price ends up being more expensive than the fixed price from American Car Rental.
Meals. We will eat out together as a group at as healthy of restaurants as possible. (with organic, vegan, gluten free options). You will be responsible for paying for your own meals (except for 2 lunches which are included). Plan on spending about $50 per person per day for meals. You can spend more or less, but you don’t need to. You can find good food for reasonable prices in Playa Del Carmen. A day might look like $12 breakfast, $13 lunch, $25 dinner. 100 Pesos equals $5.50 US. For example we eat at organic places like Bio-Natural that has a vegan Super Pasta for 75 Pesos which is $4.11 US. Other healthy restaurants are La Senda and Raw Love in Tulum.
Sharing the cost of Lodging and transportation. If you are interested in sharing the cost of a car or house rental let us know in advance, and we will create a list of others that are attending, so you can get in touch with them and share costs. Let me know if you don’t want to be on the list.
Private Sessions are offered by the facilitators and is not included in the price. Sandra and Kirk. Click on each name to see sessions.
Extend your stay. Feel free to come early and leave later. There are plenty of things to do and see in Mexico, so make the most of it and enjoy!

Refund Policy

We recommend you get travel insurance in case you need to cancel or something unexpected comes up. You can get travel insurance for $50-$100 at CSA Travel Protection

We don’t offer refunds, but you may be able to apply some or all of what you have paid towards another Adventure depending on the amount, which Adventure you apply it to, and other factors. Let us know as soon as possible and we will work out what we can.

Playa Del Carmen Details

Playa Del Carmen – Our Homebase in Mexico. Our home base in Mexico will be the city of Playa Del Carmen, which is 61 min from the Cancun Airport where you will arrive. It is 52 min to Tulum and 45 min ferry to Island of Cozumel. You can buy fresh produce at a store called DAC and healthy meals at BIO-Natural restaurant.
Group Meeting Place will be at 10 Avenida Sur 1, Playa del Carmen, Q.R. Mexico. If you book your lodging near there you can walk. You can always catch a taxi or get a rent a car as well.
Where to Stay-House Rentals and Hotels. You will need to reserve your own lodging in Playa Del Carmen. $100 US per night will get you a nice place for 2 people. You can find places using sites like for as low as $35 per night as well. Accommodations can be reserved anywhere in Playa Del Carmen, but we found that the area called Playacar just south of town is quiet, quaint, an easy walk to town, and has wonderful white sand beaches. We like it there and will be staying in that area. We’ll likely be renting a house with extra rooms, so let me know if you would like to stay with us and share the house rental costs. If there are more that want to share, we can rent more houses, so we can all be close together. The walk to town is about 10-15 minutes. If you book a hotel, it might be a good idea to arrange it so you can cancel, so you will have the option to switch to a shared rental house if some members of the group get one. I’ve found that there are plenty of places to stay at good rates even up until a month or two before. We paid $600 for a week for a private casita 2 blocks from the beach last time we were there. It worked out perfect.
House and Room Rental Websites. You can find vacation houses on sites like, and rooms on Airbnb.
Hotel Options. Here is a list of Hotels in Playa Del Carmen. Price range from $35 to $500. You’ll get the best rooms and prices if you book well in advance. Prices will likely go up as the arrival date gets closer. has a map with prices on it that I find very convenient.
I’m here to Help. If you need help with lodging feel free to call me 310-633-1777.

Use the beautiful setting of the clear blue waters of the Caribbean sea and the high energy of the Yucatan peninsula vortex to wash away old outdated perspectives and see through the eyes of a new higher vibrational world.

What is Included

  • 7 Day Adventure with a group of high vibe like hearted friends and 2 facilitators, going to the best spots in the Mayan Riviera.
  • Adventure Activities Tulum and Coba Mayan Temples, Magical Cenotes, Swimming in Caribbean Turquoise waters, Catamaran, Snorkeling, Jungle Zip Line, Cozumel & Playa del Carmen white sand Beach and Sightseeing
  • Transportation to and from adventure activities.
  • 2 Lunches
  • Group Connection Activities Heart Opening Exercises, Meditation Journeys, Group Sharing, Toning & Sound Expression Chakra Opening

What is Not Included

  • Airfare to Cancun is not included.
  • Meals, Lodging and Airport Transfers are not included.
  • Private Sessions are offered by the facilitators and is not included in the price.

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Casa Bella

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