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Title – Gift – Talent

Intergalactic Ambassador – Energetic Cornerstone –Vibrational Artist – Student of the Cosmos

Description of My Gift

I love sensing the energies all around me and maneuvering in such a way to raise it as much as I can! That’s part of my gift: to raise the collective vibration of a group or area by standing in my own energy like one would stand beneath a waterfall. It is a beautiful feeling. I am able to move the energies within myself to align with the Pleiadians, an inter-dimensional race of beings from the Pleiades star cluster. Embodying a channel for this group of beings brings me such joy and serves to strengthen my fluid movements through energy spaces. Music is a vibrational art; one that I love to partake in. Anything that feels good attracts me in the musical world. I see music as a vehicle for personal upliftment and energetic alteration. I also see it as a realm unto itself where certain consciousness reside that can greatly help mankind. I endeavor to coax these consciousnesses through that realm and express ourselves in this 3rd density.

Kevin GueretteMy Life Theme

I can akin my life theme to the life of the musician or artist. The main theme I’ve experienced is that of Unworthiness. I have struggled for a long time with feeling worthy or love, worthy of praise, of success, of the things that I say I want. As such, I developed a complex which dreams big but doesn’t ‘go for it’. The phrase: what’s the point, comes to mind. This struggle lead to a multitude of negative challenges such as lack of trust of myself, a refusal to experience and express anger and sadness, and a general unhappiness. Since I have begun recognizing my own patterns and decided that I didn’t want to be like that anymore, my life has taken a dramatic turn for the better. I am confident, together, lovely, and truthful and in the times that I’m not: I am honest with myself. I am gentle with myself. I am in love with myself!

Interests In My Childhood and Teenage Years That Align With My Life Theme

When I was younger I experienced so many things that no one could explain at the time. I had the typical childhood: 2 brothers, mom, dad, catholic school. I could see spirits, hear sounds from the other realms, and was a part of the hybridization program. Needless to say: my childhood was full of terror! I knew many things intuitively. I could communicate on a great many levels to a great many beings. I could see auras and feelings manifest as colours and shapes around people. This was all in conflict with how I was being told the world works. Between my parents and my education, I saw only fear and confusion in my abilities and so shut them away. This only stemmed the flow of my intuitive gifts over my teenage years. I realize now that magic kept finding me. I began lucid dreaming, I was always interested in fantasy and magic, I knew there were ET’s out there, the world was exciting. The catch was: I didn’t feel like I belonged in it! Once I joined college, I began openning up spiritually. I attended local spiritual meeting groups (on a whim I might add) and tried meditation for the first time. A new me was born in that space! And through all of this I had music as my constant companion. I have grown to be very expressive with music and find it a wonderful, joyful outlet for my own magic!

Where I Am Now

I am comfortable. I am who I am. I am embodying the energy of the Pleiades and our entire galactic heritage. I have a fire under me and I am moving. It is a wonderful feeling to be focused and connected. I am writing music that resonates with me. I am doing Chi Gong. I am trusting myself. I am one with All.

What Really Excites Me

Uncovering more of myself is incredibly exciting to me! I am learning more of my own potential. It excites me to explore new realms of consciousness! There is so much more out there than we/I realize. Music is a huge excitement in my life. To express myself with my guitar or piano, creating new songs, breathing new life into the world is a wonderful thing for me to do! There are some newly discovered excitements that I have uncovered: generating efficiency, connecting the dots, hiking, being honest. I’m also really excited to find more excitements!

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