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Julie Bolduc – Harmonious Earth Co-Creator

My Title – Gift – Talent

• Learning Specialist (teacher, facilitator and learning designer): I rejoice in sharing knowledge and wisdom with All to facilitate the expansion of  Consciousness  and the transformation of limiting belief systems to help individuals move out of resistance.

• Skilled communicator and non-violent communication practitioner.

Description of My Gift

• I am a natural born teacher and facilitator.

• I can sense where each individual is resisting their natural Self, and what form of resistance they are offering. I am skilled in transforming resistance in myself and others and supporting others reconnecting to their inner Light. Therefore I help people go from stagnation to movement, or more accurately from slow moving energy to higher frequency; to get back in the flow of life. I love to help people transform some of the resistance and limiting beliefs that prevent them from moving forward.

• I see the broader picture and can help individuals get clarity where there was confusion, so they become aware of their power to choose.

• I am gifted in transforming any «negative» perspective into a positive one, thus changing the dynamic of situations and relationships.

My Life Theme

Some of the themes that I have explored or that I am currently exploring and transforming  in this incarnation are as follows:

• Emotional resistance to the expansion of natural Self.

• Transforming the limiting belief that my True Self cannot support myself in the physical world.

• Exploring the theme of self-worth in the face of other’s judgments.

• In relationships, I would lose touch with my own needs and end up feeling disconnected from myself. I am exploring how to create healthy boundaries, so both people feel whole and honored at all times.

• Transforming the limiting belief that I have to do everything on my own. Starting to accept the support that is being offered, and eventually feel connected and supported at all times.

Interests in My Childhood and Teenage Years That Align With My Life

Theme… I was a charismatic child that would attract many friends. I’ve always shined in front of a group. I loved doing theatrical plays, teaching my peers in study groups, being the host and presenter for conferences, art shows or musical events.

What Really Excites Me

I am excited about an Harmonious Earth where we ALL come together to meet in love, respect and honor of our own truth. What really excites me is to teach and to create workshops, to organize activities where people find themselves immersed in an environment supporting the expansion of their consciousness and the rising of their vibration. I rejoice in helping individuals get clearer, release their resistance and reconnect to their core Self.

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