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My Purpose For Being On Earth

To bridge “The Gap” – between 3rd Density and 4th Density – between Humans and our extended Star Family –  Between Separation and Oneness. I am an ambassador for the Galactic Family. I am one who has mastered The Duality many times before and now I am here on Earth, to do it all over again. So here I am, with all of my E.T friends right beside, breaking down the illusion….. one “I love you” at a time.

My Life’s Theme

All of the events that have lead me up to this point in time, have been about “giving up control”. From a very young age I found myself getting caught up in the illusion that I needed to be in control of how people perceived my being. I would end up giving up a lot of my own personal power to cater to others (as we tend to do when we are caught up in illusion). This lesson has been a tough one for me to learn and has lead me down some dark and lonely roads in my life. As I progress on my journey back to The One, I am finding that truly NOTHING IS IN CONTROL. The only thing that is remotely in control are the desires you wish to bring from your heart into physical manifestation. Instead of carrying the burden of what is not in my control, I am now finding that If I just simply accept everything as is, then physical reality unfolds around me, exactly how it needs to. As I adopt this mentality, I am able to start to see how everything is truly perfect exactly how it is, nothing more….nothing less.

Photo of Gabriel SalomonChildhood and Teenage Theme’s

One theme that has consistently stuck with me throughout my childhood and teenage years, and still has stuck with me to this day,  has been Music. When I was very young I would sit underneath the piano in the living room, while my mom would be taking lessons, tuning into the vibrations that would travel through the entire room and straight through my body. I would spend hours sitting underneath that piano, in total wonder of what it was, how it worked and why I had such a connection to the sounds that were being produced. This event was probably what started the remembrance of my musicality that I have brought with me here, from many parallel life times. Music became my entire focus throughout my life from that moment on and I have been fortunate enough to have studied music at the university level. Going off to college for music really saved me from being stuck in illusion and for that I am forever grateful. I always say that we are all musicians, for vibration is the very thing holding this whole reality together.

Parallel Simultaneous Incarnations

I feel that I haven’t begun to really even touch on a fraction of my parallel lives, however I do have a strong connection to a couple in particular that seem to be aiding me greatly in this life time. First comes my Pleiadian life, I remember what its like being Pleiadian, making music through movement of the body, creating beautiful vibrations that we then transfer from one individual to another. I like to describe this activity as some form of a Galactic Jam Session. This Pleiadian life seems to be my most powerful cross connection. I also have strong connections to lives in Arcturus and Lyra and many other star systems. Then there is my cross connection to several yogi’s in India, Tibetan monks,  one or two Native American’s, and a being that exists in the early 1900’s who works in the film industry (this life became increasingly more obvious when I studied Film Music in college)

Where I Am Now

Living with my brothers and sisters in the sacred land of Sedona! raising my person vibration as high as it can go! In turn, raising the collective vibration of the planet and Humanity to truly bring us back home. My life style has gotten much simpler since I started on my spiritual journey several years ago. My day to day consists of simply staying in the moment, and enjoying just being HERE in the NOW. What more is there?

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