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Society, Relationships, Communication – Summary

Society, Relationships, Communication – Summary

Individual and Group Interactions

Purpose of Unifying — Purpose of Community — Purpose of Life. We are unifying and physically living the values of harmony that we say we believe in is so we will physically experience that reality.

  • The Purpose of Unifying and Taking Action
  • The Purpose of Community • The Purpose of Life
  • By Unifying With Others You Can Change the World
  • Working Together to Provide Basic Needs

Happy GroupDoing What Works Best For Yourself and For the Group. Acting holistically and harmoniously takes into account what is most exciting for the individual and also what works best for all concerned. This creates joyous and productive individuals and a strong cohesive society.

  • The Benefit of the One and the All
  • Validation of Every Individual
  • The Groups Excitement is My Excitement

Being Fully Expressed and Sharing Your Gifts and Talents. Each individual knows he is an essential and unique piece in the group puzzle picture and by being his (or her) true self he supports the whole.

  • Qualities of Individuals Living Harmoniously
  • Being Fully Expressed and Sharing Your Gift
  • What Happens When You Don’t Share Your Gift
  • Finding Your Innate Gift by Letting Go of the Comforts That Cover It
  • Personal Practice


Unconditional LoveUnconditional Love. Everything you do is an act of love. Ascension is merely remembering how to be in love with All That Is, remembering how to be in love with yourself. To be unconditionally loving is to love without putting any conditions or limitations on others.

  • What is Love?
  • The True Meaning of Unconditional Love
  • Sacrificing in Exchange For Love Is Learned At An Early Age
  • Experience More Love By Becoming An Expert at Working With Energetic Frequency
  • Do What You Love To Do

“Unconditionally loving healthy relationships are achieved by living your highest joy and being excited for all others to live their highest joy.”

RelationshipsRelationships. Allow the natural law of attraction and repulsion to do its job without encumbering it with limiting definitions and enjoy the flow of relationships naturally coming and going to and from you. Marriage, Parents and Children. On a Harmonious Earth everyone treats everyone as family with unconditional love. Everyone is father, mother, son, daughter, husband and wife, and is treated with support, love and respect.

  • The Purpose of Relationships
  • Difference Between 3D and 4D Relationships
  • Monogamy and Other Forms Of Relationships
  • Purpose of Being “In A Relationship As A Couple”
  • What You Are Seeking In Relationships is Actually the Reconnection With Your Higher Self
  • No Need To Place Conditions On Others
  • All Relationships Are With Yourself
  • You Are Not Responsible “For” Others — You Are Responsible “To” Others
  • Family—Marriage, Parents and Children

SexualitySexuality. Sex and sensuality are healthy natural parts of life, a way of connecting to more of who you are through an energetic exchange with another person, thereby completing a circuit. Sex is beautiful, expansive and ecstatic when entered into for the purpose of upliftment and joy, with honesty and full transparency between those who are involved and those who will be affected.

  • Purpose of Sex
  • Transform Limiting Definitions Attached To Sex
  • More Holistic Sex As We Expand

Physical Appearance and Beauty. As you awaken you become more integrated and limiting definitions about physical appearance and beauty are transformed as you experience yourself as the holistic being that you are.

  • Expanding Your Definitions of What is Beautiful
  • Personal Chemistry
  • Acceptance of Extraterrestrials’ Appearance

Hybrid Children CommunityOur Extraterrestrial Connection. A Harmonious Earth is part of a greater system, it is part of a family of civilizations. You are not only connected to everyone on Earth, but you are connected to beings beyond Earth. They are our galactic family and speaking of family… hybrid children have been created by combining the genetic material of the Greys and Humans. They will be joining us soon and for us to be able to receive them we will need to raise our energetic frequency and have a place for them to live. This  is one of the main reasons we created Harmonious Earth. Read more about them on the Hybrid Children Community website.


images-1Healthy Living – Eating and Exercise. We are becoming more conscious, which requires us to operate at higher frequencies. To keep our antennas-bodies-minds tuned up and clean we need to increasingly eat lighter healthier organic fresh plant-based foods, continually detoxify our systems, and stay physically active. What we eat, drink, think, and do create the energetic vibration that we are.

  • We Are Becoming Lighter and Less Dense
  • Listen To Your Body
  • Eat Healthy Fresh Food and Exercise

Communication. Communication creates a reflection that shows you what needs to be understood to be more of who you are.

  • The Purpose of Communication
  • Keys For Effective and Uplifting Communication
  • The Art of Conscious Conversation
  • Possible Techniques, Topics, and Questions to Use in Conversation
  • Dealing With Communication Issues
  • Other Communication Resources

In Hand with NatureSustainability, Nature, and The Environment. Sustainability is being in harmony with the system you are a part of and doing what is beneficial for the whole system as well as each individual part of that system. Sustainable Organic Clothing is healthy for the body, good for the planet and part of a Harmonious Earth.

  • Sustainability and the Environment
  • Efficiency and Recycling
  • Leave No Trail — Pollution
  • Can the Earth Sustainably Support 7 Billion People Living Like You?
  • The Future and Personal Action You Can Take

Energy, Technology, Media. Energy – Use free sustainable energy as much as possible. Limit consumption of fossil fuels. Get off the grid. Use clean electric vehicles. Technology – Utilize and develop the most advanced technologies, such as free unlimited energy, and remember that technology is a reflection of the evolution of our consciousness.  Media and Entertainment – is used for upliftment, expansion, education and communication.

Education – Life is our school where education happens naturally. The structure of the society “is” the education system for everyone in the society.

  • A Properly Structured Society Naturally Provides Education
  • Experts Share Their Skill with Hands On Training
  • Trust in Synchronicity to Teach Us What We Need
  • Children Know the Way

Those living harmoniously are very busy, very inquisitive, and engaged with their lives, interacting with other members of our society in joyous and playful new ways.

By: Kirk Nielsen

Government, Economy, Money – Summary

Government, Economy, Money – Summary


Government. On a Harmonious Earth we do not need to be governed in the way we did in the past. We now know what we want and take responsibility for ourselves and trust that following our excitement will drive and organize what needs to happen. The replacement for what we now call government are those that assist in the facilitation of the synchronicity. These facilitators assist in connecting of those that have goods and services with those that need them, so there is a smooth back and forth flow.

  • GovernmentThe Time Has Come For Us To Govern Ourselves
  • Facilitators of Synchronicity are the Replacement for Government
  • Agreement to a Common Set of Values Is the Replacement for Laws
  • Need for Agreed Upon Common Values
  • Holistic Approach
  • Deciding Which Model of Decision Making To Use
  • Value Based Decision Making
  • Power – Self Empowerment is the Key

“The idea that you are completely empowered must be a realization by you and not taught to you, because the very essence of self-empowerment is that it comes from you and not from outside of you.”

Real estateOwnership is an idea that creates separation, because when you say you own certain things, then by definition you don’t own anything else that aren’t those things. IOn a Harmonious Earth the concept of “owning” is that you are just using it for that moment and when you are done someone else can use it.

  • Letting Go of Possessions and the Idea of Ownership
  • Ownership is Replaced with Temporarily Using Something
  • Limitation Can Be Used As a Valuable Experiential Focusing Tool


EconomyEconomy. The new economy will work alongside the existing economy and eventually take its place when the old economic system collapses. We will need to utilize money when interacting with the old monetary system while we are bridging from the old system into the new one, but as we become more self-sufficient and produce more and more of what we need, the need for money to be exchanged with the old network will diminish and the new network will stand on its own.

  • The New Economy
  • Shifting to a 4th Density Reality
  • Bridging From the Existing Economic System
  • The Value of each Individual – Living Your Passion
  • Everything is Freely Shared and Equally Distributed For the Benefit of All
  • Industries and Self Sufficiency
  • Production of the Highest Quality Products
  • Collapse of the Present Profit Based Economic System


economy1Money. In the new economic network everything belongs to everyone, there is no private ownership and so there is no need for an arbitrary symbol of value such as money to be placed in the middle of exchange. We realize we are one, so the idea of individual ownership is unnecessary and therefore the need for money is unnecessary.

  • The Need to Move to a Moneyless System
  • Weakness of the Monetary System and Its Eventual Collapse
  • Money Is Only One Form of Abundance
  • How We Utilize Money in Harmonious Earth Communities Until We Transition to a Moneyless System

By: Kirk Nielsen

Laws of Creation – Summary

Laws of Creation – Summary

The Laws of Creation

There are 4 laws of Creation/Existence that allow you to experience everything you experience. They give structure to Creation and cannot be broken, unlike regulations or rules that can be made up and changed. They are even beyond the laws of physics, because the laws of physics only apply to the reality they are in and different dimensions are governed by different physical laws. The 4 laws of Creation are the laws that apply to all of Creation and all of Existence.

You Exist. If you take this out to its ultimate logical understanding you realize that if you exist now, you always will, and you always have. You are eternal. You can exist as an infinite range of different ideas, including different beings, times, and places, but you cannot not exist.

  • You Exist Now, You always will, and You Always Have
  • You Exist As a Multitude of Expressions

elite-daily-skydiving-groupThe One is the All and the All are the One. The One (or Creation/God) knows itself as the One and all the pieces. All of the pieces together form the One. Creation is made of the Creator. There is no outside to Creation. Every discrete part and piece is part of the same whole and just like a in hologram every part is the whole.

  • The One Is Made Up From All the Pieces
  • Everything is Made Of One Thing
  • Realizing Your Oneness with Everyone and Everything

What you put out you get back. You attract what you are and repel what you are not. You cannot experience what you are not the vibration of. The beliefs you hold most strongly are the energetic vibrations that create the reality you experience.

  • Your Frequency Determines What You Experience
  • Physical Reality is a Mirror
  • What You Put Out Is Determined By What You Believe

cosmic-spiralEverything Changes. Your consciousness is shifting through billions of realities per second. You are never the same thing twice. Every change is a complete change. You are literally a new reality every moment… not a new person, but a complete new reality.

  • Change
  • Changing The World
  • If Change Does Not Occur
  • Change is Instantaneous

Everything is Here and Now. This is a subset of the 1st law which is that you exist and is added as a 5th law to the other 4 laws for clarification. Time and space is a mental construct created by our consciousness. Everything exists here and now. Traveling in space and time is traveling in you, in your consciousness. Synchronicity is the physical translation of everything happening at once, in perfect timing, as it needs to, and everything being connected.

  • Everything is Here and Now
  • Synchronicity
  • Everything Is Perfect


Mechanics of Physical Reality and The Tools to Master It 

This incarnation as individualized beings is only one small aspect of the greater consciousness that you actually are. It is something you chose to do and being the most you can be while you are here is the purpose of this life. This section explains what physical reality is and provides tools to become masters of the game of life that you are playing.

Physical Reality is your consciousness taking a specific focus. Physical reality is a reflection of the frequency that your consciousness puts out, like an image in a mirror. There is actually nothing out there, outside of you. It is all inside your own consciousness.

  • Physical Reality
  • Levels of Consciousness – That Make Up This Incarnational Experience
  • Physical Self and Higher Self
  • Your Powers in the Physical Reality Game

Follow Your ExcitementFollowing Your Excitement in every moment, to the best of your ability, with integrity, until you can take it no further, without any expectation of the outcome is the most important thing you can do, because excitement is your body’s physical translation of the true core nature of who you really are.

  • Following Your Excitement
  • Your Higher Self Knows the Way
  • Your Excitement Is A Complete Kit and Will Provide Everything You Need
  • Excitement Includes What is Best for the Group As Well As Yourself
  • Why it is So Important to Let Go of Expectations
  • Determining Whether it is Excitement or Anxiety
  • Your Purpose is To Be You As Fully As You Can…And that is Achieved By Following Your Excitement
  • Permission Slips
  • There Will Always Be Challenges… And That Is Exciting!

Manifesting the reality you preferAbundance and Manifesting. Abundance is the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it. Abundance is knowing who you are, that you are enough, and that you are perfectly manifesting the vibration you are putting out.

  • You Are Already Abundant
  • Manifestation is Making the Invisible Visible
  • Manifesting by Visualizing and Behaving As If
  • Learn To Do More With Less

Fifth Dimension VisionEnergetic Frequency, Density, and Dimension.  Frequency is the vibrational rate of consciousness. Everything, including matter, is energy vibrating at a certain frequency. Different states or properties of objects are created by their different frequency rates. As the frequency rate rises, more information is made available. The invisible becomes visible. The information has always been there, but now it can be experienced.

  • Definition of  Energetic Frequency
  • There is Nothing Outside of You
  • How To Raise Your Frequency
  • Matching Only The Frequencies You Agree To
  • Frequency/State of Being Matters, Circumstances Do Not Matter
  • Life Has No Meaning, Except For What You Give It
  • Dimension vs. Density and Shifting Between 3rd and 4th Density

Removing Negativity – Judgement of Good and Bad – Motivation. Beliefs in right and wrong, good and bad create judgements that lock beliefs into place, they are subjective ideas that relate to a person’s own perspectives. Define Things as Positive and Negative Rather Than Good and Bad. Positive energy integrates, expands and opens. Negative energy segregates, contracts and closes.

  • Removing Negativity and Experiencing What You Truly Prefer
  • You Are Always Motivated By What You Believe Will Bring You More Pleasure
  • Polarity – Defining Things as Positive and Negative Rather Than Good and Bad

Molecular ThoughtsBeliefs and Definitions. Your beliefs and definitions create your reality. New beliefs are necessary to create new and different realities or experiences. Believing is seeing, not seeing is believing. There is no reality except your definition of it. You only experience what you believe you experience.

  • Beliefs Create Your Reality
  • Believing Is Seeing
  • Transform Beliefs Instantly
  • Beliefs Swept Under The Rug Will Still Be Experienced
  • New Definitions Are Needed To Create a New World
  • Transforming the Belief in Separation and Lack to Self Empowerment is the Key
  • The Surrender of Beliefs That Do Not Serve You
  • 7 Steps To Transform Beliefs

“Living as a Harmonious Earth is really about realizing your connection with All That Is. Everything is really one thing being expressed as many things, what you put out you get back, you are constantly changing and every moment is an entirely new reality. A harmonious society is set up based on these concepts.”

By: Kirk Nielsen

Plan for Shifting to a Harmonious Earth – Summary

Plan for Shifting to a Harmonious Earth – Summary

Map showing Western US and Hawaii of Initial Harmonious Earth Community LocationsPlan For Shifting to a Harmonious Earth. The plan is to create a new network of communities along side of the existing network. The new network is built on an entirely new platform and holistic philosophy of valuing people and their talents and the good of the whole Earth. When the old network collapses the new network will take its place.

  • A New Network Inside of the Existing Network
  • Creating a New System Rather Than Fixing the Old One
  • Shifting to the Reality You Prefer by Matching the Frequency of That Reality
  • Following Our Excitement Shows Us the Path
  • Using Bubble Realities to Expand
  • Only a Small Number of Positive People Is Needed to Change the World

A Network of Communities Around The Earth. The network of communities will be in high energy chakra points and vortexes and stretch around the world with people living together and working together living the common values of Harmonious Earth.

  • Communities Around the Entire Earth
  • Initial Community Locations
  • Criteria for Choosing Locations
  • Pristine Environments

Sacred GeometrySustainable Communities – Designed Using Sacred Geometry. The communities are laid out using sacred geometry and build as sustainable and green as possible.

  • Community Layout and Building Design Using Sacred Geometry
  • Structures Built As Green and Sustainable As Possible
  • Living Accommodations Laid Out To Promote Connection With Nature, Other Community Members, and Individual Privacy

World map showing the sacred sites, energy points, major chakras and major vortexes of the world.Earth Chakra Points and Vortices. Chakra & Vortex Points at Earth’s Sacred Sites and other places around the world.

By: Kirk Nielsen

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