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Harmonious Earth Summary

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jonlake-1345825408_600What is Harmonious Earth?

The mission of Harmonious Earth is to assist in providing the structure and execution necessary to live in harmony with each other and the environment, to share all Earth’s resources, and for every person to follow their highest joy.

The plan is to shift to a Harmonious Earth by creating a network of communities, along with the necessary industries to sustain them, mini self sustained cities if you will, around the world with people living together and working together in harmony. It is a new network inside of the existing network, built on a holistic integrative philosophy of valuing people, their talents, and the good of the whole Earth, rather than the segregative philosophy of valuing hierarchy, money, and power. The network will expand to include a larger and larger network, until it covers the entire Earth.

It’s not about fixing the old system, but having the new system ready to take its place when the old system collapses.

Elements of a Harmonious Earth

Unconditional Love. Be “in” love with everyone, the entire world, the multiverse, and everything that is. Love is a state of being. Love is unconditional. Love is complete self-worth and creativity. Love is not outside of you. Love is what you are. Love is a state of being that comes from within you and not from another person.


Holistic Approach. To transform the system we need to take a holistic approach and address all areas of life. Leaving out any part will keep us locked in the same old paradigm.

Doing What Works Best For Yourself and For the Group. Acting holistically and harmoniously takes into account what is most exciting for the individual and also what works best for all concerned. This creates joyous and productive individuals and a strong cohesive society.

Qualities of Individuals Living Harmoniously. The vibration of those living harmoniously is one of joy, unconditional love, and full knowledge you are connected to Source. You’ve let go of having any fear of survival, you live your excitement full out, and you are excited for others to live their excitement in the same way. You live the four D’s: “You have the Desire and Dedication to Detach from Definitions that do not serve you.”

Sharing Your Gifts and Talents. Each individual knows he is an essential and unique piece in the group puzzle picture and by being his (or her) true self he supports the whole. He shares his unique gifts for the benefit of himself and the whole group and is celebrated for for them. The strength of the group and the economy itself is based on the value of each and every individual being the fullest he can be.

Needs Being Met Are a Natural Part of Living Our Joy. Living our joy and following our excitement by definition includes taking care of our basic needs such as shelter, food, water and power. We will always have challenges, but we see that as exciting because they allow us to grow and they add diversity. Issues that come up are discussed openly and resolved so it is win/win for all. It’s easy when we all follow our higher guidance.

Harmonious Earth Economy

Bridging From the Existing System. The new economy will work alongside the existing economy and eventually take its place when the old economic system collapses. We will need to utilize money when interacting with the old monetary system while we are bridging from the old system into the new one, but as we become more self-sufficient and produce more and more of what we need the need for money to be exchanged with the old network will diminish and the new network will stand on its own.

Harmonious Earth economy is based the value of people rather than symbols of value like money. It is about cooperation rather than competition and complete trust that synchronicity is perfectly orchestrating everything at all times. Everything is done in harmony with nature, with integrity, humility, gratitude, no expectations, and an attitude of win/win. Everything is Freely Shared For the Benefit of All. All resources are equitably and synchronistically distributed freely to all who need them. We realize we are one family and we share all we are and have. Abundance is having what you need when you need it. We know that there is enough for all.

New Economic System

“It takes an agreement of all involved trusting in synchronicity and abundance for this new system to replace the present economic and monetary system…”

The Harmonious Earth Network Will Provide For Itself. The idea is for the New Way network to provide all the goods and services it needs to sustain itself without utilizing the existing monetary system.  The New Way network will buy, recruit, and create the necessary technologies, businesses, and production facilities needed to be fully self-sustained. First on the list are technologically advanced greenhouses that provide year-round food, efficient housing to live in, and utilization of the most advanced technologies to create our own free energy. We will expand our sustainability by adding industries to provide transportation, computers, communications, construction, and other needed goods. We will be a self-sustained world inside the world.

Produce the Highest Quality Products & Synchronistically Distribute Them. There is no money, so the mindset completely changes. Products are produced to last, using the highest quality materials and designed with the greatest benefit to the user.  There is no cost of material or price that needs to be kept low to produce a profit. There is no need to advertise to get the consumer to buy more to increase profits, build in obsolescence to force a repeat purchase, or produce what is not needed to feed a consumer economy.

People Are Excited To Work… It Is Their Joy. In The New Way it is a person’s joy to do what they do. Their work is their passion. There is always someone who loves to do what needs to be done. The New Way model will utilize the natural talents, passions, and highest excitements of the people involved to produce the highest quality products for the benefit of all people and the environment. Cooperation, equality and playfulness will replace competition, hierarchies and manipulation.


Money. In the new economic network everything belongs to everyone, there is no private ownership and so there is no need for an arbitrary symbol of value such as money to be placed in the middle of exchange. We realize we are one, so the idea of individual ownership is unnecessary and therefore the need for money is unnecessary.

Old Economic System. In the old economy the idea is to produce as much profit and gain as much power as possible using whatever competitive means you can. This shifts the money to fewer and fewer people and eventually there won’t be enough people with money to sustain the system and the system will collapse.

Ownership is an idea that creates separation, because when you say you own certain things, then by definition you don’t own anything else that aren’t those things. In The New Way the concept of “owning” is that you are just using it for that moment and when you are done someone else can use it.

Government. We are our government. The replacement for what we now call government are those that assist in the facilitation of the synchronicity. These facilitators assist in connecting of those that have goods and services with those that need them, so there is a smooth back and forth flow.

“The idea that you are completely empowered must be a realization by you and not taught to you, because the very essence of self-empowerment is that it comes from you and not from outside of you.”

Power. Knowing that you are “All That Is” allows you to also know that you are completely empowered. Life is easy when you know it is just you that you are changing rather than something outside of you. This is how you utilize the power of the illusion rather than being under the illusion of power. The greatest power requires the lightest touch.


Relationships, Health, and Society on a Harmonious Earth

Marriage, Parents and Children—Archetypes. In The New Way everyone treats everyone as family with unconditional love. Everyone is father, mother, son, daughter, husband and wife, and is treated with support, love and respect.


Relationships. Allow the natural law of attraction and repulsion to do its job without encumbering it with limiting definitions and enjoy the flow of relationships naturally coming and going to and from you.

“Unconditionally loving healthy relationships are achieved by living your highest joy and being excited for everyone else to live their highest joy.”

Sexuality. Sex and sensuality are healthy natural parts of life, a way of connecting to more of who you are through an energetic exchange with another person, thereby completing a circuit. Sex is beautiful, expansive and ecstatic when entered into for the purpose of upliftment and joy, with honesty and full transparency between those who are involved and those who will be affected.

Healthy Living – Eating and Exercise

Healthy Living – Eating and Exercise. We are becoming more conscious, which requires us to operate at higher frequencies. To keep our antennas-bodies-minds tuned up and clean we need to increasingly eat lighter healthier organic fresh plant-based foods, continually detoxify our systems, and stay physically active. What we eat, drink, think, and do create the energetic vibration that we are.

Communication. Communicate from the heart in a positive, loving and empowered way. Speak up and be bold. Be precise and clear with your words. Be transparent and remove your negative ego as much as possible from the process.

Energy, Nature, Technology, Media. Energy – Use free sustainable energy as much as possible. Limit consumption of fossil fuels. Get off the grid. Use clean electric vehicles. Nature – Live in harmony with the earth in as green and sustainable a way as possible, making as low an impact as possible, and leaving it the way you found it as much as possible. Leave no trail. Technology – Utilize and develop the most advanced technologies, such as free unlimited energy, and remember that technology is a reflection of the evolution of our consciousness.  Media and entertainment – is used for upliftment, expansion, education and communication.

Education – Life is our school where education happens naturally. The structure of the community “is” the education system for everyone in the community.

Extraterrestrials. A Harmonious Earth is part of a greater system, it is part of a family of civilizations. You are not only connected to everyone on Earth, but you are connected to beings beyond Earth. They are our galactic family and speaking of family… hybrid children have been created by combining the genetic material of the Greys and Humans. Read more about them on the Hybrid Children Community website.

Those living harmoniously are very busy, very inquisitive, and engaged with their lives, interacting with other members of our society in joyous and playful new ways.

Sustainable Organic Clothing is healthy for the body, good for the planet and part of a Harmonious Earth.

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